Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas From Baby

Whether your baby daddy is a new dad or this isn’t his first rodeo, he’s excited to provide all the support necessary. However, in the midst of all the pregnancy and new baby activities, the new dad can be a little forgotten. Give him a memorable and touching first Father’s Day with some unique Father’s Day gifts from the baby.

It may be hard to shop for a new dad, but these Father’s Day ideas from baby will blow him away and show him who’s the real boss of gift-giving in the family. Whatever his passions and hobbies are, there’s definitely a personalized or DIY Father’s Day gift out there for him, something that will encourage him to share his interests and favorite activities with his new child. To show an involved dad that he is valued and loved by a newborn that can’t express those feelings verbally yet, check out our list of personalized Father’s Day gifts from baby.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas From Baby

Although taking care of a baby is hard work and requires long hours, it’s incredibly rewarding and Dad will want to remember those beautiful moments. He’ll never forget the first step, first word, and the first time his child said that delightful word: “Dada.” Ensure that those memories are never forgotten with a customized Father’s Day gift from baby that features Dad’s favorite family photo or baby’s first word.

1. Father’s Day Photo Book

Photo book with dad and infant pictures.

For his first Father’s Day, store all the amazing baby memories in a personalized Father’s Day photo book. Make sure you include all the important photos of the baby: delivery day, baby coming home, meeting the siblings (including any furry ones), baby’s favorite activities (probably just eating and sleeping for a while), and baby’s firsts. Immortalize the first few months to a year of your baby’s life in an adorable photo book that Dad will love to look at forever, and incorporate it into your home decor as a coffee table book.

2. Gorgeous Framed Prints

This is a great way to help your baby daddy decorate his office at home or at work. A nice framed print of all of you together as a family would be perfect to hang over the mantlepiece in the living room, whereas a large print of the baby would be great wall art in your bedroom. Find a picture frame that matches the design of your house, be it a wooden photo frame for a more modern look or dark metal for a contemporary aesthetic.

3. Unique Travel Mug

When Dad is constantly driving around and needs to keep his coffee hot, a custom travel mug is the perfect solution. Personalize it with just his initials for a sleek, aesthetic look, or include some family photos to give him that constant reminder of his loved ones. He’ll be able to enjoy his favorite coffee or tea while traveling to work, baby’s doctor appointments, or a baby exercise class.

4. Custom Tote Bag

Photo tote bags.

For a new dad, a tote bag could be an incredibly useful and convenient diaper bag or a place to store any of baby’s belongings while on the go. Ditch the boring and bland diaper bags and backpacks of the past, and move into the 21st Century with multi-purpose totes. You can even get a custom tote that reflects Dad’s favorite pictures of the baby, fun vacations you’ve taken as a family, or a fun quote you know he’ll love to show off on his new diaper bag.

5. Personalized Fleece Blanket

Encourage your man to get some cuddle time with an adorable custom fleece blanket showcasing fun family photos. Pick his favorite color as the background for the blanket and then choose the most adorable baby photos to create a keepsake collage. Dad will love something to keep him warm and let him look at enlarged pictures of his favorite little one.

6. Desk Plaque

A customized desk plaque can be a fantastic addition to Dad’s home office or his work desk. This way, he’ll always have cute photos of the baby to brighten his day whether he’s working from home or in-office. Get him a rustic-looking wood grain plaque or a metal one of his favorite color, and pick the best photos of the baby and everyone together as a family. Now, he can show off the pictures of his new baby to his coworkers and boss.

7. Fun Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle with picture of family.

Taking care of a baby can be stressful and absolutely exhausting. If Dad needs something to take his mind off of everything and relax, a custom jigsaw puzzle is a great gift. It’s a fun activity to do with your hands, and you can make it easy for him with a collage of multiple family photos or by selecting larger puzzle pieces. Plus, as the baby grows, this can be a fun activity for Dad to do with his child and help them develop valuable motor skills.

8. Special Water Bottle

A busy new dad might struggle to remember to take care of himself as well as he should. After all, the baby becomes the only thing that matters after they’re born. Encourage Dad to stay hydrated and feel his best even if he’s on the go with a customized water bottle or tumbler he can bring anywhere. Help him stay environmentally conscious and stylish with a sleek stainless steel water bottle featuring some adorable baby photos.

9. Personalized Father’s Day Mug

Compile some of the cutest baby photos you have to add to a stylish coffee mug or a fancy latte mug. Whenever Dad is sipping his morning coffee after being up with the baby all night, he’ll have cute photos to look at and remind him why it’s all worth it. Get him a photo mug he’ll reach for every morning and use until it’s completely worn down. Be careful not to let the actual baby near it though—you don’t want to risk breaking Dad’s favorite mug!

10. Monogrammed Wine Glasses

Monogrammed wine glasses.

Sometimes Dad just needs to relax and unwind after a long day of taking care of the baby. A glass of wine after putting the baby to bed will become his favorite part of the day, especially when he has some personalized wine glasses to complete his drinkware collection. Monogram his initials or etch “Best Dad” on the wine glass so he can take it easy.

11. Unique iPhone Case

A phone case is an absolute necessity for a new dad. Whether the baby tries to grab his phone or spills something on it, he can be prepared for any phone-related emergency with a sturdy case to protect all those adorable baby photos saved to his camera roll. Choose a sweet family photo to print on a custom iPhone case so he can always be reminded of what’s important.

12. Personalized Journals

If your man loves to write, a personalized journal is the perfect Father’s Day gift from the baby. A cute journal with your newborn’s initials or photo on the cover will be a great place for Dad to keep track of the baby’s development and milestones, like their first word. He can write down funny stories about the baby, all the quirks and cute moments that only he notices. Years later, the whole family will love to hear all the things Dad wrote down when his little one was a tiny baby.

13. Custom Pilsner Glass

Silver growler, mason jar glass and pilsner glass.

If he’s a beer lover, Dad will sometimes just need to relax with a cold one at the end of a long day. Fuel his love for beer with a monogrammed Pilsner glass that he can use during his next guys’ night or just stay in after a busy day at home. He’ll love this gift from the baby that allows him to take a little time off and just be one of the boys for the evening.

Additional Thoughts

Celebrate the new dad in your life with the perfect gift from his bundle of joy—something to help him in his new parent role and brighten his day, so personalization is key. Make his day even more special with a unique Father’s Day card with a photo of the baby on the front or of their little handprint inside. Inside, write about his impressive achievements as a dad and thank him for everything he does to ensure his child has the best possible future. He deserves a memorable first Father’s Day, so make sure baby’s custom gift and card truly say “I love you.”