Wedding Invitation Ideas To Inspire Unique Designs

With so many options out there, choosing the right wedding invitation can be just as hard as choosing the perfect dress. You’ll have to choose the right combination of wedding fonts, design, and embellishments that represent your style as a couple and give a nod to your wedding’s theme. To help you find the perfect personalized wedding invitation for you, we put together both popular and unique wedding invitation ideas for every type of wedding, budget, and style.

Read our tips on how to hone in on the right details and put together beautiful stationery that you and your partner will love for your special day.

How To Choose The Right Colors

table setting at a wedding with rich red shades.

Always use your wedding’s color scheme as inspiration but keep in mind that your stationary, including invitations, wedding menu cards and personalized place cards, can be used as accent pieces. Therefore, don’t be afraid to play with color. For example, if your wedding mostly consists of neutral shades, bold accents in gold, silver or rich earthy colors will give it just the right amount of pop while keeping your invitation balanced. 

If your wedding consists of a few bright or seasonal shades like coral, mint green, burgundy or burnt orange, add a few touches of these colors throughout your stationery. Whether you use your main color as the background of your invite or for your embellishments, make sure you balance your design with neutral shades like whites, browns or even black for a moodier look.

How To Choose The Right Design

wedding stationery.

Unless you’re opting for a specific wedding theme, going for a simple design will guarantee a beautiful invite that stands the test of time. Be sure to brainstorm a few ways to subtly incorporate your theme throughout your invitation. Whether it’s an engraved floral design, laser-cut seashells or just applying accents in your chosen color scheme, give your guests a glimpse of what’s to be seen at your wedding.

Once you’ve chosen a general design, apply it to the rest of your stationery, including RSVP cards, menus, place cards and wedding thank you notes. Feel free to play around with your use of color and accents in your stationery suite. If your invites are white with green accents and an emerald green envelope, choose an emerald green thank you card with a white envelope––branded stationery will always guarantee a cohesive and polished look.

When To Mail Your Wedding Invitations

wedding invitations and envelopes.

For those of you who have a 12-month timeline, we recommend mailing your invitations two months prior. If you’ll be having a destination wedding or many of your guests will be coming from out of town, be sure to send save the dates eight to 12 months before your wedding. 

If you’re planning a short engagement, send out your invitations as soon as possible. Even with short engagements, it’s usually possible to send out your invites two months prior if you have your color scheme and design ready to go. 

Wedding Invitation Ideas

Shutterfly wedding invitations.

Get inspired by the many wedding invitation ideas below and put together the perfect design to invite your loved ones to your special day.

1. Bright Florals

bohemian garden invitation.

Vivid pops of color really make any wedding invitation stand out. If you’re going for a bright color scheme and a summer or spring wedding, opt for some bold colors and beautiful floral illustrations of some seasonal blooms. 

2. Lush Greenery

greenery wedding invitation.

An overabundance of greenery has been a rising trend in wedding decor. If you’re opting for lush greenery over florals, include this theme in your invites by bordering your design with an array of green leaves and matching fonts. 

3. Minimalist Wreath Detail

wreath wedding invitation.

For a minimal yet striking look, choose one eye-catching detail to apply on your invitations. A wreath around your names and an aged treatment to the borders of your invite is sure to leave an impression without overdoing it on the design. 

4. Geometric Shapes

geometric border wedding invitation.

For a unique design, use geometric shapes to create a border around your invitation’s text. We recommend choosing a foiled print in gold, silver or rose gold to make the border stand out. Treat with a few illustrations of your wedding’s florals in the background or corners.

5. Dark And Moody Florals

burgundy wedding invitation.

Dark and moody wedding accents are perfect for a fall or winter wedding. Apply these details by choosing illustrations of delicate florals in darker colors like teal, burgundy and plum to give your invites a moodier aesthetic. Combine it with foil accents and a dark background to really bring your theme across your stationery. 

6. Art Deco Frame

Art deco we do wedding invitation card with white and gold lettering on a black background

For a 1920s or Great Gatsby themed wedding, something as simple as adding a bold golden frame will do the trick for your invitations. Apply diamond shapes and lines in gold over a black or plum background and white flourish fonts to convey the feeling of overindulgence of that era. 

7. Coral Illustrations

sea-themed wedding invitation.

If you’re having a beach wedding, corals and shells will make beautiful details on your invites. It’s easy to overdo it when it comes to ocean-themed stationery so for an elegant take on this theme, choose a combination of two or three shades in your color scheme over a white background. Using these shades, apply a few corals at the corners to make them stand out without being over the top. 

8.Glittered Foliage

glitter wedding invitation.

Make a statement with delicately highlighted florals. For your blooms, go for muted shades like grey, dusty blue or pale pink and select a few strands to cover in gold, silver or rose gold glitter. A dark, textured background will complete your rich and edgy design.    

9. Rustic Wildflowers

rustic floral wedding invitation.

Add some feminine details to your rustic chic theme by combining wildflowers and a textured background on your invitations. Go for a neutral background like grey, white or beige and single out the text by applying a simple border at the center of your invite. 

10. Destination Photo

photo wedding invitation.

Whether it’s the place you met, got engaged or the location of your wedding, using a photo of you and your partner at a special spot will add a personal touch to your invites. The higher the quality of your images, the better your invitations will look, so be sure to choose a professional photographer to take these photos. 

11. Abstract Florals

abstract wedding invitation.

If you and your partner are the creative and artsy types, an abstract floral design for your invitations will help convey your personality. Use a combination of watercolor and abstract lines to bring your ideas together and embellish with foil accents. 

12. Watercolor Effects

watercolor wedding invitation.

Watercolor is great for when you want to give your invitations a one-of-a-kind look. With your color scheme in mind, choose one or two shades to apply over a white background for an understated, yet gorgeous look. For a more realistic feel, choose textured paper or cardstock. 

13. Chalkboard Design

chalkboard wedding invitation.

Chalked invitations are great for outdoor, rustic or fall weddings. If you’re planning a backyard wedding, chalked stationery and signs throughout your wedding really help tie in an outdoorsy feel. Let your guests know that you’re planning a casual wedding by using a floral chalked design on your invitations. 

14. Regal Fonts

elegant foiled wedding invitation.

To throw a grand, classic ballroom wedding, it’s essential to include romantic and ornate details in your invitations. An elaborate font will give your stationery a royal look so be sure to use it for the larger text of your invites. Go for en elegant border or trim to tie it all in. 

15. Fairy Lights Tri-Fold

trifold wedding invitation.

Switch up traditional invitations with an impressive tri-fold cut. For an outdoor evening wedding, go for a design with some shimmer. Whether it’s glitter or an illustration of hanging twinkle lights, your invitations will look stunning while matching your wedding’s dreamy atmosphere. 

16. Intricate Borders

floral wedding invitation.

A lush border of petals intertwined with foil lines will go great with a princess or fairytale wedding. Cherry blossoms against a soft blue or beige background will take your invitations to the next level. Be sure to combine with a shimmery envelope in the same color scheme. 

17. Simple Design With A Bold Font

simple wedding invitation.

Invitations with the simplest of designs can make the biggest impact. Go for a plain background in your wedding’s color scheme on textured cardstock. Use a bold, straight font in a shimmery or reflective shade to make the most important aspects of your invite pop. 

18. A Touch Of Sparkle

sparkle wedding invitation.

A subtle border of reflective shapes, whether dots, stars or flowers, will create a beautiful yet timeless invitation. For an added detail, go for a unique trim with a matching wrap or overlay. Play around with colors, fonts and foil touches to complete your design.  

19. Vintage Florals

Always lovely floral wedding invitation vintage floral

Achieve the perfect balance of contemporary and traditional by opting for a bold design with soft vintage florals. Go for a simple, straight font within a clean white space and surround it with oversized blooms of your favorite flowers. For a personal touch, use your wedding’s signature bloom. 

20. Striking Calligraphy

bold calligraphy wedding invitation.

Add an air of sophistication to your design with some artistic lettering. Prominent text, whether it’s your names or a phrase, in bold calligraphy makes an elegant embellishment. Keep the rest of the details simple and clean for a balanced look. 

21. Metallic Accents

metallic wreath wedding invitation.

Illuminate your invitations with a metallic motif in the center of your design. If you’re planning a winter wedding, a lace pattern or ornate wreath will help set the tone for your special day. Embellish with a fancy script font and create balance by going for a white or plain background. 

22. Diamond Center

diamond center wedding invitation.

A reflective diamond shape surrounding your invitation’s text will make your wedding details the center of attention. It will also allow you to put together an eye-catching background without creating an overwhelming design. Feel free to get creative with florals, fun shapes and bold colors.  

23. Modern Chic Brushstrokes

modern brushstrokes wedding invitation.

Modern brushstrokes on your invitations set a casual vibe while whimsical fonts add a romantic touch. Use one color from your wedding’s color scheme to create a brushstroke effect in the background and play around with curly script font for your text.

24. Tropical Prints

tropical green wedding invitation.

For a tropical destination wedding, an elegant, lush green background with golden details will really bring your invite together. Create an ombre effect by starting with a softer green at the top of your design and subtly transitioning into a deeper shade of green. For such a rich colored background, we recommend gold or white for your text. 

25. Modern Minimalist

Modern Minimalist wedding invitation with couple posing in the background

This simple modern minimalist design is perfect for any couples who want to have a casual spin on their wedding invitations. In addition, couples who’ve taken their engagement photos can choose a personalized photo as a part of the background of their invitation cards.


couple at beach wedding.

Based on the needs and nature of your wedding, think about adding a few fun extras to your invitations. Check out some of the ideas below and put together some beautiful stationery to add to your suite. 

1. Itinerary

For a destination or weekend-long wedding, including an overview of any planned activities and events will keep your guests informed and help them better plan their travels and schedule. The itinerary does not have to be too detailed or final, but an overall schedule will keep things running along smoothly. 

2. Directions And Parking Instructions

Another great tip to avoid any delays or hiccups throughout your event is to provide your guests with clear instructions on how to get to your venue and where to park. Whether there’s a designated parking lot or your guests will need to look for street parking, a small card with directions will help them plan accordingly.

3. Song Request Card

couple dancing at their wedding.

A fun detail that’s becoming quite popular is to include a song request card along with your invitations. Your guests will fill out the card and place it in a bowl or box for your DJ to pick from and play their requests. It’s a great way to get the party going and make your guests feel included. 

4. RSVP Cards

Whether you send physical cards or type the link to your wedding’s website, a place to RSVP is essential to any party planning. It will not only help you better plan for the day, but your vendors will also benefit. If you’ll be sending out physical cards, go for a design that complements your invitations for a uniform look. 

Wedding invitation card with matching rsvp card

5. Envelope 

Nowadays, the envelope is nearly as important as your invitation. You want a design that complements your invite. When choosing the color of your envelopes, we recommend going for the boldest shade in your wedding’s color scheme. Include embellishments like ribbon, wax seals or laser-cut shapes for an eye-catching design. 

When it comes to wedding invitations, the possibilities are endless. Choosing the right one will depend on your theme, color scheme and the overall aesthetic you envision for your wedding. With these ideas, you’re sure to find the right inspiration to help you come up with the perfect design.