The Top 8 Must-See Wedding Invitation Trends For 2023

With planning for 2023 and 2024 weddings upon us, we’ve assembled a list of the top wedding invitation trends—each of these 8 representing the most compelling design options right now and represented by cards our team of independent designers have imbued with style and love.

Monogrammed Wedding Invitations

Monogrammed wedding invitation card in black and white Is there anything more timeless on wedding invitations than monograms? They add an unmistakable touch of elegance and sophistication to the occasion, somehow formal and informal at once. But even with their timeless street cred, monogrammed wedding invitations are, in the hands of our incredible designers, made new and, yes—quintessentially 2023—with stunning typography, daring color choices, and, as well, by often being writ large on these invites. Take a look at our Timeless Toast, Big Letters (pictured above), and Gracious Gathering—the latter for those intrigued by gatefold wedding invites.

Boho Wedding Invitations

Boho wedding invitation with foil and arch Boho-themed weddings are increasingly popular and here to stay. Our 2023 designs plumb this earthy color palette, with its rich, saturated colors in tones of red and orange and pampas grass. And while handwritten fonts are considered sympathetic choices for boho-styled wedding invitations, our new assortment makes compelling use of modern fonts and layouts and, notably, luxurious gold foil—an irresistible match for the warm colors featured on these cards. Explore our Always Modern (pictured above), Golden Grace, Wonderful Weave, and Newlywed Nouveau, among other standout boho designs.

Botanical Wedding Invitations

Botanical wedding invitation with maximalist design A key 2023 trend in wedding circles, botanical wedding invitations highlight illustrations of plants, leaves, and flowers in a color palette that can range from muted pastels to bold and vibrant hues. While these designs frequently feature green botanicals, our fresh assortment gives you a bounty of other ways to embrace the form, including beautiful browns, whites, and, in particular, metallics, with foil in gold, rose gold, and iridescent tones. That several of our paper choices are made with responsibly-forested materials and renewable power adds to the allure of these floral and botanical beauties, like Tropic Fauna (pictured above) and Sweet Leaf.

Wedding Invitations With Ampersands

Wedding invitation with large gold ampersand It’s on the wedding card that the humble ampersand (the “&” symbol) finds its most potent, transportive expression, and these designs represent a compelling trend for wedding invitations in 2023. Ampersands on wedding invitations are employed to connect the couple’s names or initials and, in this way, its use can be considered functional. But in the hands of our independent designers, and through the inspired use of fonts, color, foil, and sizing, the ampersand takes on symbolic value, capturing the essence of the marriage ceremony—this joining of two hearts for an eternity. Take a look at our Splendid Spruce (pictured above), Always Modern, and Timeless Toast designs.

Foil and Glitter Wedding Invitations

Gold foil wedding invitation with black and white Perfect for couples who want to add a dash of glamour to their special day, our 2023 personalized foil wedding invitations and foil-stamped wedding invites allow you to put your names and other design elements in gold, rose gold, or iridescent foil. You’ll find new foil designs that add a fancy metallic touch to botanics, ampersands, monograms, and important, expressive wording on your cards. Likewise, our 2023 glitter wedding invitations add some serious pomp and circumstance to one’s wedding planning. Check out new designs like Refined Rings, Dazzling Duet (pictured above), and Sparkling Lace.

Monochromatic Wedding Invitations

Monochromatic wedding invitation in black and white For those interested in more traditional, black tie look, our 2023 assortment delivers in the form of stylish, sophisticated designs in black and white. You’ll find both simple and ornate designs with fonts both bold and delicate—all representing a timeless elegance. Explore classic-feeling templates like Fanciful Flair (pictured above), Ampersand Accent, and Modern Milestone (a trifold card) and go with our luxe, double-thick cardstock to add to the sense of sophistication. Accompany with similar black and white envelopes to complete the package.

Wedding Invites On Luxury Cardstock

Example card for the best paper for wedding invitations Adding a literal and emotional heft to one’s wedding cards, our luxe, double-thick wedding invitations are at the top of the how-to-add-distinction list. There’s a presence to these cards that can’t be found elsewhere and one that conveys, instantly, a sense of significance to one’s wedding. We’re talking about our thickest cardstock, at 280 lb. and 35pt, made in America by Mohawk Fine Papers using responsibly-forested materials and eco-friendly, renewable wind power. If you’re looking for the best paper for wedding invitations, you’ve found it here.

Oval Wedding Invitation Designs

Wedding invitation with oval design motif Last, but not least—a signal trend for 2023 wedding invitations is the incorporation of oval design elements into one’s cards. The oval shape adds a modern twist to the rectangular form factor of a wedding card design, adding a sense of enchantment and grace. Our designers have frequently used them to frame a photo of the happy couple, creating a charming picture window quality to these designs, but they can also be found in no-photo templates, forming elegant, curved borders and eye-catching visual elements. Look for our Artful Arches and Ornate Oval (pictured above) designs, among others.

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