75 Creative White Bedroom Ideas & Photos

A white color scheme adds a light and airy feel to any room. White furniture and decor work beautifully in a minimalistic design and they can also be paired with colorful accents. From rustic to modern bedrooms, white is the perfect color scheme for any style.

If you need help designing your ideal bedroom, take a look through our white bedroom ideas. We have ideas for rooms featuring chic modern decor, pieces with global flair and beautiful classic furniture. Use the filters to find styles that you love. Then, make your white bedroom truly your own by checking out our personalized home decor to add to the room.

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Choose Another Color

Use pops of color on your bedside table to add personality to the room! Fresh flowers and personalized easel calendars are a great way to alternate colors as the seasons change.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

If you're looking to add color to your white room, design your own custom bedding! You can add your favorite picture, quote or design.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Take advantage of natural light by using sheer white curtains. Add even more brightness to your room by decorating with white flowers.

Photo credit: 12th and White

Include artistic lamps that work as statement pieces in your white bedroom. Pair these bold lamps with decor in a matching style.

Photo credit: Amy Elbaum Designs

Get creative with the headboard in your white bedroom. Use a lovely patterned headboard that matches with the theme of your room.

Photo credit: Andrea Posadas

Make a small bedroom feel light and airy by using all-white decor and furniture. Place a mirror above your bed to help make the room feel larger.

Photo credit: Carmella Rayone

Lighten up your bedroom by using light pink as an accent color. Include pink in your decorative pillows and throw blankets and tie the look together with a bouquet of fresh pink roses.

Photo credit: Crazy Chic Design

If your drapes are letting too much light in, add a bamboo shade to your window for a stylish way to block out sunlight.

Photo credit: Crazy Wonderful

Pair a classic white desk with an eclectic chair in matching colors for a fun and unique look.

Photo credit: Crazy Wonderful

Attach pom-poms to a simple white throw blanket to easily add texture to your bed.

Photo credit: Delineate Your Dwelling

Hang a banner featuring patterned pieces of fabric across your headboard for a fun rustic decoration.

Photo credit: Emma Fiala

Add depth to an all-white bedroom by using a ruffled bedspread and unique artwork as a statement piece.

Photo credit: Fairytale Pretty Picture

Hang monochrome photos above your bed to fit with an your white and gray color scheme.

Photo credit: Fantabulosity

Decorate your bed with bright white pillows that feature a subtle pop of color. Add more color to your bed by attaching a cute green wreath.

Photo credit: Farmhouse 40

Put together a gallery wall that features similar images that all work well together. Use images that have the same color scheme as your bedroom.

Photo credit: Good Life For Less

Go modern with a low bed frame. Decorate the space around your bed with eclectic and colorful pieces of decor.

Photo credit: Hachaby Designs

Pair a neutral colored bedspread with fun patterned pillows that all match. Add a rustic feel to the bed by using a distressed bed frame.

Photo credit: Home By Heidi

Give new life to an old dresser by painting it. Add colorful knobs to the dresser and decorate with bright pieces.

Photo credit: I Heart Organizing

Simple decorations can make your classic white bedroom stand out. Use one or two patterned pillows and include a piece of art that you love.

Photo credit: Indigo and Honey

Place an eclectic trunk at the end of your bed for a great storage space that looks perfect in your white bedroom.

Photo credit: Jacqueline Marque

For a balanced look, include small pieces of colorful decor in a room with a white color scheme.

Photo credit: Jenny Steffens

Attach cute golden knobs to your white nightstand for a fun bit of color. Pair the knobs with golden decor.

Photo credit: JJ Horton Photography

Match your lamps with the trim around your mirrors for a wonderful unified look in your white bedroom.

Photo credit: Kaela Rodehorst

Place decorative pillows against a white bedspread to add color to the bed. Include a mix of patterned and solid-colored pillows for contrast.

Photo credit: Keep Home Simple

White wash your dresser to give it a rustic feel. To achieve this look, paint your dresser white and then gently wipe off some of the paint with a damp cloth.

Photo credit: Kim Power Style

Give your white bedroom an all-natural feel by decorating with a cute white cotton wreath

Photo credit: Kim Power Style

Lay two different patterned blankets at the foot of your bed to add color to your white bed.

Photo credit: Kimberley Demmy Design

Fit a desk into a small bedroom by using it in place of a nightstand on one side of your bed.

Photo credit: KL Interiors

When you're putting together the design for your bedroom, don't forget to look up. Hang a cute light fixture from the ceiling that fits your room's unique style.

Photo credit: Laura Butler Madden

Highlight a piece of art that features your favorite saying by placing it on its own above your bed.

Photo credit: Lauren Kolyn

Transform your white bedroom into a cozy Bohemian retreat by decorating with unique white rugs and hanging rope decorations.

Photo credit: Leanne Ford Interiors

Include a subtle bit of color on your bed by using a white bedspread with thin stripes.

Photo credit: Lemon Stripes

Add a modern touch to your white desk by using a Lucite chair. Pair the clear chair with a colorful decorative pillow.

Photo credit: Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss

Light up your white bedroom with a mixture of classic candles and a modern neon sign.

Photo credit: Little Beanies

Decorate a white dresser with patterned vases and plants in colorful pots to add depth to your white bedroom.

Photo credit: Making It Lovely

Use different colored frames for your wall's artwork to add pops of color to your white bedroom.

Photo credit: Marisa Vitale For Apartment Therapy

Give your white bedroom a sparkling touch by decorating your walls with shining silver decorations. Use matching nightstands for a cohesive look.

Photo credit: Randi Garrett Design

Turn your white bed into a Bohemian masterpiece by simply decorating with a colorful patterned pillow.

Photo credit: Reality and Retrospect

Get more storage space in a small bedroom by using matching nightstands that feature a large amount of drawers.

Photo credit: Rosa Beltran Design

Hang up a shelf above your bed and fill it with white flowers to add a bright and natural element to your bedroom.

Photo credit: Rustic and Woven

Showcase your favorite pieces of jewelry by attaching them to a cork board next to your dresser. Frame the corkboard to add another dimension to it.

Photo credit: Simplicity In the South

Transform white nightstands into statement pieces by attaching bold brass knobs. Decorate with pieces that have brass accents to tie the look together.

Photo credit: Studio McGee

Embellish a simple white dresser with bright and bold pieces of decor that are meaningful to you.

Photo credit: Ten June

Match a white bedspread with colorful navy and gold accents. Include one more accent color in your pillows to make your room truly stand out.

Photo credit: The Chronicles of Home

Decorate a white bed with a colorful tray to add contrast. Include a tray that matches with your nightstand for a balanced look.

Photo credit: The Dash of Darling

Get the perfect rustic look in your white bedroom by using a stained headboard, vintage nightstands and classic brass lamps.

Photo credit: The Happier Homemaker

Open up a small bedroom by painting your walls and bookshelves white and decorating with a few simple pieces of decor.

Photo credit: The McMullin Design Group

Place a patterned blanket on the ottoman or bench at the end of your bed for the perfect finishing touch in a Bohemian bedroom.

Photo credit: The Wicker House

Create a minimalistic rustic design by decorating a simple white nightstand with just one or two pieces of vintage decor. Include one colorful piece, like this room's jar of lavender.

Photo credit: Tidbits

Paint an antique dresser white to make it the perfect fit for your white bedroom. Spray paint the dresser knobs black to contrast with your new white dresser.

Photo credit: What Rose Knows

Make your floor the star of your white bedroom by decorating with a bright striped rug. Pair the bold rug with a simple white bedspread.

Photo credit: White and Gold Design

Get a clean and modern look on your nightstand by simply decorating with a few pieces of industrial-style decor.

Photo credit: Yesterday's Sweetheart

If you have a small bedroom, include just a few prints in your gallery wall to keep from overwhelming the space. Make the gallery wall pop by using bright pieces.

Photo credit: Scotch and Nonsense

Paint your favorite rustic nightstand white to make it the perfect addition to your bedroom. Decorate your nightstand with your favorite pieces of vintage decor.

Photo credit: Our Vintage Nest

Make your own rustic headboard using long pieces of stained wood. Pair the headboard with pieces of antique decor, like this room's galvanized tub.

Photo credit: Buckets of Burlap