75 Gray Bedroom Ideas and Photos

Gray is a gorgeous addition to any room. It can be used in everything from modern Scandinavian-style rooms to a rustic room with country cottage decor. If you want sophistication in your bedroom’s color scheme, these gray room ideas are just what you need.

We’ve gathered 75 gray bedroom ideas that feature all different colors and styles of decor and furniture. Use the filters to search through our modern, global, rustic and classic ideas. After you have your ideas in mind, head over to our home decor section to put together lovely personalized pieces for your gray bedroom.

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Choose Another Color

Painting your bedroom gray leaves plenty of room to add colorful decor! use framed prints, customized pillows and personalized wall art to spice up the space.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Customize your decor to match your bedroom color! You can even add your favorite quote to a pillow or duvet cover.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Hang a large silver decoration above your bed to add brightness to your gray bedroom.

Photo credit: A Blissful Nest

Design a lovely sitting area next to your windows that features a gray armchair. Place a bright decorative pillow on the chair to make it pop.

Photo credit: A Little of This, A Little of That

Create a cozy reading nook in your gray bedroom featuring a plush armchair and a soft throw blanket. Use your favorite books as table decorations to complete the look.

Photo credit: Aedriel Moxley

Include symmetry in your bedroom by decorating the nightstands on both sides of your bed with the same style lamps.

Photo credit: Alaina Kaczmarski

A minimalistic design is a great choice for your gray bedroom. Use a few pieces of art that go well together and add texture with a unique chandelier.

Photo credit: Alexis Hamilton

Make your gray bedroom pop by decorating with patterned wallpaper on your accent wall. Match this wallpaper with simple solid-colored decor for a balanced look.

Photo credit: At Home With Nikki

Go rustic in your gray bedroom by using wood paneled walls and a classic ceramic animal head decoration.

Photo credit: Chelsea Sachs

Design a gallery wall that stands out in your gray bedroom by placing your images in gold and white frames.

Photo credit: Chris Loves Julia

Brighten up your bedroom with a mirrored silver vanity. Balance the bright vanity with simple decor and furniture.

Photo credit: Chronicles of Frivolity

Put together a clean and cohesive design for your bedroom by decorating with matching gray pillows, lamps and wallpaper.

Photo credit: Cory Connor Designs

Make a large light fixture the focal point of your gray bedroom. Use a light fixture that contrasts with the rest of your room to make it stand out.

Designer: Dalia Canora Design

Photo credit: Jane Beiles Photography

Brighten the dresser in your gray bedroom by decorating with flowers and plants. Add a rustic touch to this dresser by using a distressed wood framed mirror.

Photo credit: Dear Lillie

Decorate your gray bedroom with a beautiful painting that matches the color scheme on your bed.

Photo credit: Dear Lillie

Blue is the perfect accent color for a gray bedroom. Use different shades of blue in your wall decorations and in your decorative pillows.

Photo credit: Decorating Cents

Go Scandinavian in your bedroom design by decorating with minimalistic gray photos. Add texture to your bed by using a chunky knit blanket.

Photo credit: Anu Tammiste

Use the space above your bed as a canvas to display your favorite piece of art. Include three-dimensional art that stand out, like this room's geometric piece.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Krueger Design

Attach gold handles to a gray dresser for the perfect bit of color. Decorate your dresser with bright pieces for a balanced look.

Photo credit: Feeling Lovesome

Include texture in your bed by using a tufted gray headboard. Match the solid-colored headboard with a patterned bedspread that features similar colors.

Photo credit: Hey There Home

Lighten up a bedroom with gray walls by using a white bedspread and mirrors as decorations.

Photo credit: Honey We're Home

Give your bedroom a farmhouse feel with a shiplap wall. Contrast the bright white wall with pops of gray in your bedspread and decor.

Photo credit: Hoosier Homemade

Add a moody feel to your vanity by painting it gray. Decorate with plants to lighten up the dark furniture.

Photo credit: House of Valentina

Attach copper handles to a classic gray dresser to make the piece sparkle. Create these fun handles by spray painting metal pipes and attaching them to copper bell hangers.

Photo credit: IKEA Hackers

Give your bedroom a modern feel by using a shiny silver nightstand. Complete the look with a matching silver rug.

Photo credit: Jamie Herzlinger

Create a beautifully symmetrical bedroom by using the same nightstands, decorative pillows and curtains on both sides of your bed.

Designer: Michelle Wenitsky Interiors

Photo credit: Jeffrey Totaro

Brighten up a gray bedroom by using white as an accent color. Include a white nightstand and attach white trims to your windows.

Photo credit: Kapito Muller

Use a bench at the end of your bed as a place to display some of your favorite decor.

Photo credit: Karen B. Wolf Interiors

Make a statement with a gorgeous chandelier that features an interesting shape and unique accessories, like this lovely tree branch light fixture.

Photo credit: Kate Riley

Looking for ways to fit more seating into a small bedroom? Add a couple of fun patterned armchairs to the foot of your bed.

Photo credit: Kathryn Ivey

Give your bedroom a glamorous touch by using gold accents. Use gold decor throughout your room and include gold wall decorations to tie the look together.

Photo credit: Kathryn McDonald Photography

Place a shelf above your bed to create the perfect place to display your favorite photos. Use a shelf in the same color as your wall for a cohesive look.

Photo credit: Kristofer Johnsson

Give your gray bedroom a rustic feel by decorating your dresser with ceramic pitchers, metal wicker baskets and other vintage pieces.

Photo credit: Farm Fresh Homestead

Decorate your walls with a mixture of large statement pieces and smaller pieces to create a balanced look.

Photo credit: Life By Lee

Get creative with the wallpaper in your gray bedroom. Use fun patterned paper and combine it with small decor that adds a pop of color to your room.

Photo credit: Life with Munchers

Give your dresser a unique steely look by painting it in a cast iron color. Include a few bright decorations to make the dresser pop.

Photo credit: Lilyfield Furniture

If you're going for a rustic look in your gray bedroom, use a nightstand that features wood paneling and vintage decor.

Photo credit: Love Create Celebrate

Include a pop of coral to keep your gray bedroom from feeling too monotone. Place a coral decorative pillow on your bed and complete the look with gray patterned pillows.

Photo credit: Marty's Musings

Create a clean and minimalistic design using classic gray, white and black decor and furniture. Add color by including a few fresh flowers on your nightstand.

Photo credit: Melissa Oholendt for The Everygirl

Include little whimsical details in your gray bedroom to show off your unique style. Decorate your walls with quirky prints and incorporate fun hanging light fixtures.

Photo credit: Nostalgie Cat

If you're worried that your bed is too monotone, use a sparkly patterned pillow to add contrast to the design.

Photo credit: Number Fifty-Three

Create the perfect blue and gray color scheme by using a mixture of pillows in these colors. You can also include gray illustrations on your walls.

Photo credit: Rosyscription

If you're looking for gray room ideas that feature colorful decor, consider using purple as an accent color. Include bright pieces of purple furniture like these fun plush stools.

Photo credit: RTG Designs

Attach white knobs to your gray dresser for great contrast. Decorate with colorful pieces like these fresh flowers.

Photo credit: Saw Nail and Paint

Pair dark gray walls with bright gold decorations for a balanced look in your gray bedroom.

Photo credit: SF Girl by Bay

Enhance your gray bedroom's windows by using striped curtains that are the same shade as your walls.

Photo credit: Styled with Lace

Paint white stripes around the edges of your dresser's drawers to add another dimension to the furniture. Pair the stripes with matching handles.

Photo credit: Suburbs Mama

Pair your gray bedspread with bright yellow nightstands for the perfect pop of color in your gray bedroom.

Photo credit: Tatertots and Jello

Hang a chalkboard above your dresser for a fun decoration that's endlessly customizable. Add color to this decoration by attaching a wreath to it.

Photo credit: The Funky Junk Shop

Add texture to an armchair in your bedroom by decorating with a lace throw pillow. For contrast, use a pillow in a different color than your chair.

Photo credit: The Hamby Home

Frame small chalkboards to create a fun customizable decoration. Pair these chalkboards with a light gray dresser for contrast.

Photo credit: This Little Estate

Hang up little pieces of gold decor to add contrast to your gray bedroom. Get inspired by this bedroom's bright gold bedside lamp.

Photo credit: Veneer Designs

Design a lovely symmetrical sitting area featuring two of the same armchairs and decorative pillows. Place a colorful table between the chairs to add brightness.

Photo credit: View From 5 Ft. 2

Show off your unique personality with eclectic wallpaper. Balance the bold wallpaper with simple decor, like glass lamps.

Photo credit: Waterleaf Interiors

Add another dimension to your bed by decorating with a throw blanket. Use a blanket featuring colors that complement your room's color scheme.

Photo credit: Wendy Word Design

Create a rustic look for your bed by using a wrought iron bed frame and decorating with stained wood nightstands.

Photo credit: MisDIY Blog

Include all different shades of gray in your bedroom to make the room pop. Include fun and bright silver details like this room's three-dimensional artwork.

Photo credit: A Beautiful Heart Designs

Make your favorite picture frames the stars of your gray bedroom by decorating the wall next to your bed with bright frames in contrasting colors.

Photo credit: Designed Decor

Match your bedroom's artwork, lamp and decorative pillows for the perfect cohesive look in your gray bedroom.

Photo credit: Libby Langdon Interiors

Combine antique works of art with bright modern pillows and decor for a wonderful eclectic look.

Photo credit: Carolina Mariana Via Rue Magazine