Who Pays for a Baby Shower?

Good news travels fast and after mom-to-be announces her pregnancy, you and the rest of her inner-circle will be eager to start the planning! One of the first steps in baby shower planning is to determine a budget for the big day as well as the number of guests in attendance. Be prepared with a budget for the baby shower invitations as well as the baby shower gifts for this special occasion. Find out what budget you’re working with and if its okay to ask your guests to pitch in for the baby shower.

who pays for a baby shower

Follow our proper etiquette guidelines below to determine who pays for a baby shower:

Who Traditionally Pays for a Baby Shower?

The hostess traditionally pays for the baby shower and its associated costs. However, the hostess can divide up the responsibility and costs by asking a few close family members or friends to co-host. This helps to reduce the overall expense and alleviates some of the financial obligation of hosting a baby shower. Remember to be tactful when asking for money. You can also set up a private online fund for the baby shower if family and friends would like to only contribute money to the baby shower, instead of helping to host. When it comes to baby shower etiquette, never ask the mom-to-be to help pay for the baby shower.

star baby shower invitation with gold writing

Now that you’ve got proper etiquette for determining the finances of the shower, you can get started on the rest of your to-do’s. Between picking a baby shower theme and figuring out how to address baby shower invitations, you are sure to have your hands full.

Once all the planning is finished and the big day arrives, don’t forget to enjoy the shower and celebrate with mom-to-be. Use our guide for what to write in a baby shower card to create a personalized message without all the stress.