80 Yearbook Cover Ideas

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A yearbook cover is a blank canvas waiting for you to get creative. Setting the stage for the rest of the pages, a yearbook cover oftentimes reflects the overarching theme of the school year. You can opt for classic school spirit, a spin off a piece of popular culture, a celebration of the past year and many more. But how to distill that idea into one image can be a challenge. To help, we created 80 yearbook cover ideas with varying designs that you make yourself and can adapt to your school. It includes spirited graphics and quirky quotes that relate to you students all the way to more traditional designs that will allow your photos to shine.

We even included helpful filters for elementary, middle and high school yearbooks to find something that fits the personality of your student body. What will you pick as the “wow” factor for your yearbook? There isn’t a wrong answer, so with your design in hand get a yearbook quote and start building memories.

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Young kids will love this bright yearbook cover that features adorable cat and alligator illustrations.

Kids will love flipping through a yearbook that features a bright cover with the classic ‘ABCs.’

Go green with your yearbook by using this bright green cover that features a class hard at work learning about science.

Celebrate the best year ever with this brightly colored yearbook cover idea for high school students.

Show off highlights from your high school with this yearbook cover design, featuring space for a photo and a brightly colored background.

Whether you want to show happy students at prom or a class hard at work, this cover is the perfect way to display your photo.

This brightly colored cover is perfect for elementary schoolers – they’ll love the polka dot design.

If you’re looking for colorful yearbook cover ideas, take a look at this cover featuring bright orange, red and blue stripes.

Display a photo of your students having one of their best days ever on this colorful yearbook cover.

Your students will love this yearbook cover that features a bright blue patterned background and plenty of space for a photo.

If you want to make a photo of your students the focal point of your yearbook cover, check out this creative design.

Show off your students’ smiling faces with this yearbook design, featuring the saying ‘A Year about Us.’

Yearbooks are all about collecting the memories of the past school year, and this bright cover celebrates that tradition.

If you want to use multiple photos on your yearbook covers, check out this School Year Memories cover with space for two photos.

Brighten up your students’ day with this colorful yearbook cover, featuring a gold spine and blue and white polka dotted.

If you’re looking for modern yearbook cover ideas, check out this bold ‘Go Big or Go Home’ design.

Encourage your students to ‘go big or go home’ with their school ambitions with this yearbook cover design.

The ‘Go Big or Go Home’ yearbook cover design pairs perfectly with a photo of a smiling student in their graduation robe.

With its cute illustrated school bus, this cover is an adorable idea for elementary schoolers.

This School Memories cover is the perfect place to display one of your favorite class photos.

A school bus illustration adds a cute touch to this yearbook cover that also features two fun class photos.

Your students will smile when they see this ‘Everyday Happiness’ cover – the sweet phrase will remind them of how much joy school brings.

A funny photo of the whole class is a great addition to this "Everyday Happiness" yearbook cover.

If you want to use a photo collage for your yearbook cover, take inspiration from this cover that shows scenes from throughout the school year.

Celebrate the entire school year, from the first day to the last, with this fun ‘From A to Z’ yearbook cover.

The saying ‘From A to Z’ looks wonderful next to a photo of the whole class lined up and ready to begin school.

A silly class photo is a great choice for a yearbook cover – it will remind students how much fun they have at school.

A classic black and white yearbook cover is an elegant choice for a high school yearbook.

To add a pop of color to a black and white yearbook cover photo, try surrounding the photo with a gold frame.

A graduation photo is a great choice for senior yearbook covers – they’re a wonderful way to show the graduating class’s accomplishment.

Commemorate a great school year with this bright yearbook cover that has plenty space for the perfect photo.

Display a photo of your students having an absolutely great school year with this yearbook cover design.

Remind your students about all the joy that can be found in the little things in life with this yearbook cover.

This ‘Joy in the Little Things’ yearbook cover works perfectly with a sweet photo of two friends smiling.

Show how much fun your students have together with this ‘Joy in the Little Things’ yearbook cover.

If you’re looking for simple yearbook cover ideas, take a look at this cover featuring the school name and a photograph.

A picture says a thousand words on this lovely yearbook cover that simply says the school’s name.

The fun ‘Life is Awesome’ saying works perfectly with the brightly colored stripes on this cover.

With this yearbook cover design, you can display a collage of photos that truly prove that ‘Life is Awesome.’

The saying ‘Life is Awesome’ goes perfectly with all sorts of yearbook cover photos, including a lovely image of a student reading.

Life is always good when you have a beautiful yearbook cover displaying a fun photo of your students.

For a unique yearbook cover idea, use two different patterns, like this cover does with stripes and polka dots.

Bright purple, dark blue and light blue stripes add a whimsical element to this yearbook cover.

Your students will definitely laugh out loud when they see this cover featuring the famous texting acronym.

If you’re looking for modern yearbook cover ideas, try adding a phrase with a hashtag to your cover.

Make your yearbook covers truly LOL-worthy by using a funny photo of your students on the cover.

This yearbook cover is the perfect place to display a photo of one of your most cherished memories.

A yearbook is filled with some of your students’ most cherished memories of the school year, and this cover celebrates that.

Display three of your most cherished memories from the school year with this yearbook cover design.

This fun yearbook cover features a modern font that looks perfect with the bright gold spine.

With a modern font and room for a large photograph, this yearbook cover design definitely gets an A+.

Elementary schoolers will love the bright colors and fun font on this yearbook cover.

Use all of the colors of the rainbow on your yearbook cover with this fun design.

A funky chevron design is a great background for this yearbook cover that’s perfect for all ages.

With its creative design, large photograph and bright colors, this yearbook cover definitely rules.

Measure out a successful school year with this yearbook cover featuring a ruler design.

Teachers and students alike will love a yearbook cover design that features an illustrated apple.

Show your love for your school with this modern yearbook cover that has plenty of space for a great photo.

Give friends and family a taste of life at your school with this cover that has a cute apple illustration.

Show how much your students have played, laughed, learned and grown with this yearbook cover idea.

Remind your students how much fun they have at school with School Rules’ yearbook covers that have a bright striped pattern.

This fun ‘School Rules’ cover will inspire students to practice their cursive. They’ll also love the bright stripes behind the photograph.

Show how much school rules by placing a photograph of your class having fun together on this yearbook cover.

The bright yellow and white polka dot background catches the eye on this yearbook cover. The meaningful phrase ‘Little Moments, Big Memories’ is also a sweet touch.

This yearbook cover is the perfect place to display a photo of a moment or event that was significant to you and your students.

The blue filter over the photograph adds a cool effect that kids are sure to love. The ‘Little Moments, Big Memories’ saying adds a meaningful touch to the cover.

Share a sweet photograph of your students “just hanging out” on this yearbook cover.

This sweet yearbook cover shows that sometimes the smallest moments in the school day are the most meaningful.

If you’re thinking of using a casual photo of your students on the yearbook cover, take inspiration from this ‘Just Hanging Out’ cover.

This yearbook cover design has plenty of space for all of the best photos of your students from throughout the year.

This ‘School Days’ cover is as cute as a button. The gold stars and stripes also add a fun touch to the cover design.

This classic School Days cover has lovely and subtle stripes on the side that works nicely next to a class photo.

Show one of your favorite school days on this cute cover that has a fun column of stripes down the middle.

Showcase some of your students’ favorite memories from senior year with this yearbook cover design.

If you’re trying to find yearbook cover designs for seniors, check out this fun cover with cute diagonal stripes.

Celebrate a banner year with this yearbook cover, featuring space for a full page photo.

A funny photo of students laughing together goes perfectly with the saying ‘Fun Times.’

Have your students pose in their coolest sunglasses for a cute yearbook cover idea.

Whether you’re using a photo of multiple students or just one student, the ‘Fun Times’ saying works perfectly on a yearbook cover.

Celebrate the accomplishments of your school’s football team with this yearbook cover design featuring the team’s name.

Head out to the football field for a great yearbook cover photo that shows one of your school’s football players decked out in their letterman jacket.

This yearbook cover design is a nice way to thank your school’s football players for a great season.

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