50 Creative Yearbook Layouts for K – 12

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You don’t need to be an expert to build pages that look professional. With the 50 yearbook layout ideas in this guide, you can easily compose a book that matches your school’s spirit and personality. By using cohesive pages, complementary colors and catchy titles, you can create a yearbook that will be treasured forever.

We’ve included filters so you can view yearbook layouts for elementary, middle school and high school. We’ve also categorized them as contemporary or traditional for easy searching. And whether you have a sport, theater or class page to put together, you can find something that will bring your photos and stories to life.

Get started by selecting your layout designs and getting a yearbook quote. We’ll help you showcase these special moments and memories in a way that’s fun, easy and stress-free.

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Showcase seniors or incoming freshmen on a vibrant two-page spread. Choose a light and dark background—and include captions and quotes. This spread also works for superlatives when highlighting just a few students at a time.

Commemorate the joys of graduation by highlighting the seniors. Select small and large photo sizes for a well-rounded feature page.

Position your title across the center of the spread to create cohesion. Add several photos from special events like homecoming, prom, pep rallies and spirit week.

Use the backdrop color of a photo—like the one on the left—to guide the color scheme of the both pages. Add simple borders for an elegant feel, perfect for capturing dance nights and outdoor events.

Put seniors in the spotlight. Organize a tribute to the graduating class by choosing favorite moments from school trips, sports banquets and award ceremonies. This yearbook layout can also be used for groups like school newspaper and chess club.

Feature a pinnacle sports moment or season with this layout. Using a thick photo border on one side, and no borders on the other, this creates an eye-catching format. Choose photos that highlight touchdowns, finish lines and exciting action shots.

Choose a cornerstone photo for the spread’s background and layer the page with bordered photos. Tie the sports, band or choir theme together with a bright title and clear captions that motivate the student body.

Polaroid frames give a classic, timeless feel to your photos. Contrast with a large photo on the opposite page and add fun captions. This yearbook layout works well for pages about clubs, theatre and community service days.

Compose a fun layout with stenciled background patterns and shapes. Display photos from a senior trip or friends hanging together in the hallway. Add flair with colorful caption bubbles.

Capture peak moments and action shots on a varsity sport page. Incorporate photos with senior players, coaches and memorable matches. Did your coach give a uplifting half time pep talk? Add it as a special quote!

Highlight the accomplishment and journey of the graduating class or the up-and-coming juniors. With this yearbook layout, you can include large photos that capture the spirit of the moment, like the first day of school or the annual pep rally.

Enlarge a favorite photo from the year and give it a center spread. Tag the photo with a caption to incorporate important emotions and memories from a trivia club victory, science Olympiad competition or choir concert.

Gather snapshots with diverse friend groups to encompass the spirit of your school’s students and classmates. Position them with quotes or captions so candid moments can be kept forever.

Arrange a spread of slightly varying photo sizes across two pages. Use different backgrounds for contrast. This yearbook layout is perfect for featuring a special day like a charity fundraising event, spring play production or cheerleading competition.

Organize a handful of photos in a freestyle collage on one side and an enlarged photo on the other. A two-toned backdrop adds personality that highlight the colors in the photos. This yearbook layout is ideal for sharing many group-related photos like the annual class field trip.

Include fun facts and old photos to tell a meaningful story. Keep the color scheme coordinated for a cohesive spread about the student council’s after-prom event or the surprising senior prank.

Vary your layout with different sized photos and unique fonts, but make sure the page still flows together. Use this technique to feature special days, foreign exchange programs or sports teams.

Spread your background design onto the second page. Give photographs the attention they deserve by choosing only three or four to feature. Pick large group events like the book drive or field day.

Piece together photos of different sizes on a clean background. Use the other page for contrast and color. Choose photos from class, band performances or special outings like visiting a farm or historical site.

Make this eye-popping page with various photos and borders. Pick photos from students having fun in the classroom like prepping for the Science Fair or class presentations.

Utilize the full page with enlarged horizontal and vertical photos. Select a light-colored background so the photos take the center stage. Capture the emotions of a spelling bee or art club meeting.

Design a color scheme that compliments the marquee photo, like the one on the left. Contrast it with a simple background on the opposite page. Use this layout for your class spreads or sports rosters.

Place one-line borders on the edges of your spread to let the photos pop. Organize group and individual photos for a diverse design. This layout works well for class lists and feature stories about outstanding students or teachers.

Caption your page with catchy phrases and add captivating photos. With a white background, you have flexibility for fun fonts and vibrant colors while showcasing after school programs or club gatherings.

Spice up your yearbook with big titles and unforgettable captions. Keep the colors simple so the focus stays on the faces and photographs. Include school spirit days, bowling outings or excursions with the nature club.

Overlay photos with captions and titles on a pastel backdrop. Size your photos so they vary and give the page contrast. Use this layout to feature a geography or history class project.

Arrange photos to fit the page neatly—as seen on the right. Add a pastel background and captions to bring the story to life. Utilize this layout for images with less action, like study groups or reading time.

Jazz up a class, sports or teacher roster page with a colorful background and layered photos. Choose fonts that are easy on the eyes and complement the style of the page.

Compile moments from a festive day—like a school carnival or charity event—to create a cohesive spread across the pages. Include group and individual shots to round out the photo display—and be sure to caption it for memory’s sake.

Notice how this page captures your attention with its color contrast and differently shaped photos. Feature students of the month, seventh graders on the swim team or members of the diversity club. When designing this layout, choose a few colors to keep a coordinated look.

Contrast an enlarged photo with smaller photos on the adjacent page. Perfect for a comprehensive look at the year, this layout can also be used for a soccer season or school musical.

Using circular photos alongside a rectangular shape allows the eyes to easily travel to each photo. Showcase a class field trip or crowning moment of this year’s student council.

Select classroom highlights from the year and place them side by side. Design a title and graphic to bring the page to life—and don’t be shy to contrast large photos with smaller ones.

This unique yearbook layout allows you to showcase a range of important memories, such as a spelling bee, ceramic art project or afternoon fitness program. Choose a design theme, like color or letters, to bring the page together.

Have fun with your layout by featuring bigger, brighter photos. Add a border line and captions to complete this festive look. This layout is perfect for capturing moments like spirit week or a holiday party.

Create a special look with layered photos and simple border colors. Feature one subject like language class or a science fair—or encompass the whole year. Don’t forget to add captions and feature photos of smiling faces.

Perfect for recognizing a teacher or coach, this layout incorporates a colorful background with simple borders. Leave open space on the pages to let the background shine through and the photos come to life.

Choose different page borders to mix things up. Ensure the colors are complementary and easy on the eyes. Incorporate photos from math class or a special history lesson.

Design a running border down the side and add a page title. Keep photos big for a look that’s larger than life. Use outdoor photos from a nature center trip or spring baseball game to brighten the page.

Tell your story with a dynamic background and ribbon running across the center. Arrange photos of different sizes to highlight the fun of learning, recess or a trail hike.

Give variation to your layout with two different backgrounds and styles. Leave open space, like the title area in this example, so the eyes aren’t overwhelmed. Encapsulate school memories with photos from field days, the library and acting in the school play.

Build your page with a background theme like this notebook imagery. If it’s a page about learning, include photos from events such as music recitals, book reports and Spanish presentations.

A pastel color theme with shapes and letters gives your photographs the spotlight. Tilt photos and try different borders in order to get this layout just right. Incorporate a mix of memories like reading advanced books, writing for the school newspaper and playing with new friends.

Fill a page with photos from the soccer season, band concert or fourth grade school year. Use different sizes and be sure to contrast the spread with a large photo and title page.

Compose your layout with a vibrant background and place photos in white borders. Perfect for showcasing laughter and dress-up days, use this layout for school spirit week, Earth Day projects or Halloween activities. Keep the page in line with your theme by adding a catchy title.

With different colored backgrounds, this yearbook layout grabs your attention. To tie it together, ensure the photos across the pages are of the same theme or event. Feature volunteer parents, teachers, coaches, lunch staff or school administration.

Design a layout with two contrasting colors so the pages pop. Rulers, stencils and animal shapes make for great accent pieces and can tie your theme together. Consider a theme like learning about the environment, animals or diversity.

Display a group class image along with individual photos for a well-rounded design. Light background colors allow the photos to take the spotlight. Design one for each grade, alternating title placement and color themes.

Capture the stories of each class with a group shot and individual photographs. A large title adds zest to the page—and makes it stand out as a feature spread. On following pages, be sure to sprinkle in favorite photos from the class’s outdoor excursions, talent shows and playground laughter.

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