The Crystal Anniversary: 37 Gifts To Celebrate 15 Years Of Marriage

Midway through two decades of marriage, break out the crystal to celebrate both the triumphs and challenges of the past 15 years. Traditional 15th anniversary gifts mark the passage of time with beautiful cut glass. Watches and clocks are the modern anniversary gift for this milestone, as well as all presents that celebrate and mark the year ahead. Fill a desk calendar with family photos, transform household items into eye-catching clocks or even crochet your own wrist watch band.

Whether you go with a traditional or modern 15th anniversary gift, personalize your present to your partner’s style. Personalization opens up endless possibilities for handmade presents, whether you’re toasting to a new year with monogrammed wine glasses or working agate stones into your home design. Check out our list of handmade gifts to celebrate a decade and a half joined in marriage.

1. Floral Wine Glass

15th wedding anniversary gifts personalized stemless glasses

Source: Shutterfly

This glass-themed anniversary wouldn’t be complete without some excellent drinkware. Etch each glass with a poinsettia, personalized message, name and date and pair with your favorite vintage wine.

2. Heart-Stitch Photo

15th wedding anniversary embroidered photo

Source: Lost Mom

Looking for a last-minute gift you can make on your own or with the kids? Reprint your favorite photo and punch small heart-shaped hole. Delicately weave red thread along the heart and mount the photo in a matching frame.

3. A Year Of Love

15th wedding anniversary gifts custom calendar

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Hand-designed calendars combine professional quality with personalized care. Choose from a traditional wall calendar, an easel calendar or even print the year on a mousepad. Customize each month with a favorite photo from your 15 years together.

4. Gold Gemstone Box

Ferrero Rocher boxes transform into delicate jewelry holders when lined with gold tape and topped with a gemstone or faux crystal. Fill the box with a handmade crystal necklace to complete the 15th anniversary gift set.

5. Couples Pint Glasses

15th wedding anniversary gifts custom pint glasses

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All about the craft beer craze? Toast your favorite brew in these personalized couple’s pint glasses. Add your name, wedding date or monogram and pair with DIY gifts for your beer lover.

6. Cozy Home Firestarters

15th wedding anniversary wax fire starters

Source: Hello Nest

Perfect for a fall anniversary, melt wax into a bundle of seasonal herbs and spices to throw into the fireplace. Package in a decorative mason jar to stick with the glass theme of the 15th year and pair with an anniversary card.

7. Curved Glass Photo Print

15th wedding anniversary gifts watercolor frame

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Print a translucent photo onto a piece of curved glass surrounded by a delicate blue watercolor design. The frame stands on its own and offers a unique option for displaying wedding or family images in your home.

8. DIY Marble Dishware

Nail polish is a useful tool for redesigning glass and ceramic dishes. Swirl two colors of metallic nail polish in water and dip glass bowls into the paint-filled solution. Create a set of two chargers, dinner plates, bowls or even mugs!

9. Crystal Photo Charm

15th wedding anniversary gifts custom photo charm

Source: Shutterfly

Surround your favorite photo with stunning crystals and 12-karat rose gold in a delicate charm. Each charm design comes in a large range of styles. Add the charm to a bracelet or necklace chain.

10. DIY Fairy Light Lamp

Repurpose a glass lantern into a whimsical lamp for your living room or bedroom. Fill the base of the lantern with white decorative stones and loosely bunch battery-powered twinkle lights in the top area. Tuck the battery pack beneath the stones and leave easy access to the switch.

11. Crocheted Watch Strap

Customize a plain wrist watch to completely personalize your partner’s style by crocheting a strap just for them. Ideal for beginner crocheters, follow the pattern and customize with your choice of thread and clasp or button.

12. Quartz Pendant Necklace

15th wedding anniversary quartz necklace

Source: Brit + Co

Celebrate your 15th anniversary with not just one crystal, but nine! String a collection of asymmetrical crystal beads onto a gold wire and attach to a necklace chain. Accent with curved brass beads to add a touch of unique style.

13. Anniversary Year Calendar

Spend your 15th year of marriage flipping through everything that’s come before: your dating years, the wedding, a new home and everything that came between. The provided template allows you to print photos to celebrate each month of your year ahead.

14. Agates On Display

This DIY agate mobile gives the effect that the stones are beautifully floating in mid-air. Wrap each slice of agate with floral wire and attach to a gold hoop with fishing line. Hook an extra loop of line to the top of the mobile to hang inside or on an outdoor porch.

15. Shadow Box Desk Calendar

Remind your partner of your love every day with a shadow box desk calendar. Glue scrapbook paper to the back of a small wooden box and add three small c-hooks to the top of the inside of the box. Create a marbled effect on the number cards with the help of paint and shaving cream.

16. Rocks-To-Crystal Paperweights

15th wedding anniversary faux crystals

Source: Love Maegan

Use your artistic eye to convert plain, jagged rocks from your backyard into sparkling crystals. Layer swirls of metallic and vibrant nail polish to create the rock or crystal style of your choice. Gift large rocks as decorative paperweights or add magnets to the back of smaller stones for the refrigerator.

17. Gold-Trimmed Geometric Mirror

A simple square mirror takes on a whole new 3D look when trimmed with golden tape in a precise, geometric pattern. Sticking with the 15th anniversary glass theme, accent a mantel or dresser as a chic gift and piece of home accent decor.

18. Get In A Rhythm

In the modern 15th anniversary gift theme, design this unique clock from a small, repurposed drum. This is the ideal gift for a partner that drums or a family of music lovers. Display on the wall or a mantlepiece where everyone can see.

19. Gemstone Massage Bars

Finish off your crystal-themed anniversary gift set with gemstone massage lotion bars. Only three ingredients melt together into a moisturizing set of oils great for dropping into the tub or pampering the skin. Natural mica powder colors the gemstones without using synthetic ingredients.

20. Feathered Gemstone Earrings

Create your own version of these popular accessories with craft peacock feathers, small gemstone beads and gold earring hardware. Add a birthday gemstone or crystal just below the earring hook for a personalized touch.

21. Bath Bomb Geodes

This DIY gift idea is more than just a beautiful present — it’s also a fascinating science project. Use all-natural ingredients commonly found at home to create a bath bomb that looks just like the inside of a stunning geode.

22. Two-Tiered Terracotta Jewelry Dish

Break free from the traditional jewelry dish design with the help of traditional terracotta planters. Stack a small pot and draining plate on top of a medium plate to create the two levels. Paint in your own personal style or leave it plain for a rustic look.

23. Agate Stone Cocktail Stirrers

Spruce up your celebratory anniversary cocktails with homemade crystal stirrers made from agate stones. Simply attach small agate stones in a variety of colors to a thick wooden dowel with hot glue. Pair with personalized cocktail glasses and your favorite drink recipe.

24. Acrylic Whiteboard Calendar

Secure two even squares of white and clear acrylic together with room to slip a piece of paper in between. Switch out a monthly calendar, photos and sweet anniversary messages each month. Include a whiteboard marker for making monthly notes.

25. Big Night Out Bracelet

Add a string of large faux crystals to a collection of gold chains and a delicate, gray ribbon. Combined together, this playful piece gives the appearance of several bracelets stacked together into one style.

26. Vintage Layered Necklace Set

This DIY tutorial walks you through pairing a collection of different metals, charms and chain lengths to create the ultimate layered necklace set. Add a few crystals to the chain to personalize your gift for your 15th anniversary.

27. Feather And Crystal Charms

Does your spouse love bohemian style? Frame a crystal stone inside a golden ring and attach a brightly colored feather to its base, adding a few crystal beads for extra sparkle. Attach to a complementary colored chain.

28. Wrapped Glass Necklace

Build a one-of-a-kind necklace by wrapping a rustic, unpolished bead of blue glass with craft wire and attach it to a silver wire. For a personalized approach, use stone or glass from a meaningful vacation town or beach.

29. Eco-Friendly Gift Basket

15th wedding anniversary zero waste basket

Source: Hello Nest

If you’re looking for a waste-free 15th wedding anniversary idea, gather a collection of reusable kitchen items, teas, mugs and linens. This basket includes everything you need for a relaxing afternoon tea time without a single wasteful item or piece of packaging.

30. Heart Of Succulents

15th wedding anniversary gifts wood letters

Source: Sisters What

This garden of succulents fits right inside a small wooden heart-shaped planter, perfect for any anniversary theme. Pair the heart with wooden letters that spell out L-O-V-E or gift all on its own.

31. Crystal Tassel Earrings

Easy to make in just 30 minutes, attach pale blue embroidery thread to silver jewelry hardware and accent with a string of faux crystals. Pair with a handmade crystal necklace for a complete gift set.

32. Macame Lanterns

15th wedding anniversary macrame mason jars

Source: Decor Hint

Add a romantic glow to your backyard or dining room table by adding a macrame string design around mason jars filled with tea lights. Add these to the centerpiece for an indoor dinner or romantic backyard cookout.

33. Stone Splatter Jewelry Dishes

Provide a place for your partner to keep all their new crystal-encrusted gifts safe and organized. Shape a variety of clay bowls into varying sizes and styles, paint with a layer of acrylic paint and splatter with a complementary color.

34. Classic Beaded Hair Comb

15th wedding anniversary beaded hair comb

Source: Curly Made

The timeless look of a hair comb is great for a night out celebrating a decade and a half of marriage. Customize the center bead by mixing several colors of clay and add corresponding beads to a chain that hangs down for a delicate look.

35. Clay Diamond Wine Charms

You don’t need real jewels to celebrate a 15th wedding anniversary. Trim several colors of clay into small diamond and crystal shapes, thread with craft wire and gift in a set to attach to the base of wine glass stems.

36. Stone Jar Pendant

15th wedding anniversary jar necklace

Source: Curly Made

Gift a bit of magic and romance for your anniversary by filling a miniature decorative jar with small crystals or even glitter. Attach the pendant to a long silver chain and accent with a bow.

37. Gold-Dipped Jewelry Trays

Transform white ceramic trays with stick-on gold leaf paper. Add simple, geometric shapes for a modern look, such as a triangle in the corner or splitting the ratio down the middle. Decorate several dishes to create a full gift set.

Glass and crystal gifts are great for any personality and style. Weave the theme into your barware or wear homemade jewelry with pride. No matter which homemade project you choose, be sure to personalize your present for your partner. The thoughtful gift is sure to make an impact for the next 15 years and beyond.