29 Personalized Gifts for Beer Lovers

The world of craft beer is truly taking off, and with it, the number of beer lovers and budding home brewers. This enthusiastic hobby opens up a whole new world gift giving as well. Gifts for beer lovers are easy to personalize and design at home, supporting their many trips to local breweries or even infusing the flavor of hops into their cooking and baked goods. What’s more, beer-themed presents make for an inexpensive gift for father’s day, wedding anniversaries or even hostess gifts.

With each of these DIY gifts for beer drinkers listed below, explore all the ways to customize your present around the breweries in your area. This both supports your local business scene while exciting the dedicated beer lover in your life.

1. Herbaceous Beer Garden

This pun-filled gift for beer lovers “plants” a collection of craft beers among a garden of fresh herbs. Arrange your plants and beer choices within a rustic metal garden tray and hand-label with small chalkboard signs.

2. Washi Tape Beer Pins

If you’re particularly crafty with washi tape, layer colorful tape, Dimensional Magic and sturdy plastic backing to create beer-themed pins, a perfect gift for the avid home brewer.

3. Engraved Beer Stein

beer stein that says best man vibes

Source: Shutterfly

Searching for the ideal gift for your best man? Toast to your one-of-a-kind bond with a personalized beer stein, embellished with a picture that perfectly sums of your friendship.

4. Baileys Beer Mug Cakes

Cheersing your beer-loving buddies birthday? Use molding chocolate to create these beer-mug-shaped mini-cakes, filled with chocolate cake and Bailey’s Irish Cream ganache.

5. Slate Coasters

Design a chic coaster set by adding a collection of common toasting phrases with white paint pens on chalkboard-style slate squares. Wrap them up with twine or ribbon and pair with your loved one’s favorite local craft beer.

6. Hops-Infused Salts

Hop-infused salts sneak the earthy hint of beer into meats, soups and stews. Grind up hop pellets with a mortar and pestle and mix into a gift-ready jar of natural sea salt.

7. Wooden Growler Tote

homemade wooden growler tote

Source: Build-Basic

Heading back and forth between their favorite breweries becomes a whole lot easier with this DIY growler carrier. With some simple carpentry skills, build a wooden case similar to that of an old-fashioned toolbox.

8. Beer Advent Calendar

What better way to ring in the holidays than craft beer for every day leading up to Christmas? Mix and match earthy IPA’s with rich winter stouts and wrap with labeled tissue paper for each day.

9. Whiteboard Growler Carrier

Growlers and beer varieties change up every time you visit a new brewery. Build this simple growler as a great gift for a craft beer lover, and add a small whiteboard plaque to denote the beer of the week or purchase date.

10. Beer-Themed Hairtie Holder

Hair ties seem to mysteriously disappear with time. Repurpose tinted beer bottles to hold your friend’s elastics in one spot. Pop some flowers in the bottle to make a perfect bathroom or bedroom accessory.

11. Homemade Beer Gummies

Need a truly unique gift for craft beer drinker? Turn their favorite brews into adorable gummy snacks with sugar, beer and a bit of gelatin. Pair the gift set with a few bottles of their matching brew.

12. Personalized Beer Growler

personalized copper beer growler

Source: Shutterfly

The best gifts for beer brewers are ones that keep their local or homemade beer cold and air-tight. Gift them a personalized beer growler by adding their name, initials or beer company logo.

13. Beer Cap Flowers

Heading to an outdoor summer barbecue? Thank your host with some beer-themed lawn decor by connecting painted beer caps in the shape of flowers, perfect for popping into the garden.

14. Three-Tiered Beer Cake

For a true beer lover, the best “cake” variety is a multi-tiered collection of their favorite local brews. Stack each layer with burlap and bedazzled ribbon for a celebratory look and top the whole thing off with a few of their favorite cupcakes.

15. Local Beer Tee

Great for the frequent traveler, gift a hand-designed tee with the phrase “I like beer from here” with a cutout of their home state or favorite town. A simple stencil and fabric paint is all you need for this look.

16. Beer Clock

Customize a simple canvas with clock hardware, your choice of patterned background and of course, twelve of his favorite beer caps for each hour. This makes a great beer gift for guys looking to add some beer-themed decor to their desk at work or home.

17. Twine Centerpiece Bottles

rustic flower vase made from beer bottles and twine

Source: Shutterfly

Simple beer bottles transform perfectly into rustic home decor. For your friend’s next gathering, add some thick twine to the center of each label-free bottle and pop a few wildflowers into each one for a natural, simple look.

18. Magnetic Beer Cap Catcher

Wall bottle openers often send the cap flying to the ground. By adding a strong magnetic backing to your opener, caps conveniently collect until you’re ready to pop them in the trash. Bring this gift for beer drinkers to your next summer gathering.

19. Beer Cap Letters

Beer lovers can end up with a pretty interesting collection of caps from around the country. Turn leftover caps into your loved one’s initials and add a hook or stand to display on a mantel or wall.

20. Festive Beer Lights

beer bottle outdoor string lights

Source: Paper Angels

Right around the holidays, string a collection of white or multi-colored twinkle lights along a series of matching beer bottles. Bring them along to your next annual holiday gathering as a hostess thank you gift!

21. Trimmed Bottle Drinking Glass

You don’t need a glass cutter to create homemade drinking glasses from your favorite beer bottles. Wrap a piece of yarn around your desired breaking point, heat the yarn with a small torch and then carefully place in a sink of ice water. Be sure to sand down the edges before gifting.

22. Hanging Beer Lights

For the true beer-loving friend, design these rustic bottle lanterns to hang along an outdoor patio or deck. Follow these electrical instructions to encase the sockets, wire and bulb within a tinted beer bottle for a laid-back ambiance.

23. Chocolate Stout Brownies

Who knew that a dark stout further enriched a homemade brownie recipe? Include the dry ingredients, recipe and your favorite dark stout beer in a bake-ready beer gift set.

24. Beer Label Coasters

Upcycle those cardboard beer carriers by transferring their colorful labels onto a plain tile. Make a full set of six coasters and package together for a low-cost and customized gift for beer drinkers.

25. Beer Pong to Go

For the beer lover always looking to bring games on the road, construct this mini-beer pong set from scrap plywood, mini Solo cups and two heavy wooden beads on a string. The weighted ball makes for a more durable solution than the traditional ping pong.

26. Elegant Beer Vase

Simple beer bottles grouped together by twine make a unique flower vase, perfect for a rustic barbecue or gathering. Bring them along as a thank you gift at your beer enthusiast’s next gathering.

27. DIY Bar Signs

Hand-design a group of four, pun-filled bar signs to hang over the top of your friend’s bar cart or kitchen counter. Play with different beer-specific puns to cover each beer variety, from session ales to porters.

28. Bottle Cap Pin Sets

Spruce up their personalized pin collection by combining their favorite beer caps with funky magazine cut out images and phrases. Simply hot glue a safety pin to the back and create a themed set.

29. Photo-Filled Beer Mugs

diy mason jar photo displays

Source: Shutterfly

Of all the mason jar ideas out there, photo-filled mug frames are the most customizable to each recipient. Beer lovers will enjoy the use of a mason jar or a personalized beer stein with the rest of their casual and personal home decor.

Beer lovers make birthday and holiday gift giving a whole lot simpler. With a constantly changing assortment of brews to choose from, it’s easy to pair any of these homemade beer gifts with the hottest new brewery release.