30+ Homemade Christmas Gifts for Everyone On Your Wishlist

Handmade gifts are truly special. Not only do they show you took the time to create something but, it allows you to customize with your loved one’s favorites such as colors, shapes, and photos. If you are looking for homemade Christmas gift ideas, there are plenty of gifts you can make without breaking the bank. They include things like soaps, beard balm, succulent holders and beaded rings.

Personalized gifts are also the perfect way to include memorable photos and your favorite messages. Below you’ll find our list of unique homemade Christmas gifts for everyone in your family.

1. Gold Leaf Resin Heart Pins

gold heart pins

Source: Sarah Hearts

Here’s a little holiday sparkle that can be enjoyed year-round. Gold leaf resin heart pins are fun to make, give and receive. This homemade Christmas gift can be pinned to hats, purses or backpacks to add some oomph to any outfit.

2. Textured Wood Coasters

coasters with pictures

Source: Shutterfly

A set of textured wood coasters is a great DIY gift for parents, grandparents and more. These serve as both a practical gift for living room decor and a creative way to display favorite family photos.

3. Double Ring Wall Hanging

yarn on wall

Source: Homey Oh My

Hanging yarn is the latest rage in wall art, and a double ring hanging is a simple way to DIY this decor trend. This craft makes the perfect homemade gift for the aspiring Chip or Joanna Gaines in your life.

4. Personalized Glass Jar

glass cookie jar

Source: Shutterfly

Personalize a glass jar with your favorite saying, then fill it with homemade goodies for a sweet Christmas present. Family, teachers, neighbors, and friends will all enjoy this easy yet thoughtful gift idea.

5. Simple Picture Frames

Photo collage.

Add decorations to a basic picture frame for an easy, homemade Christmas gift for anyone on your shopping list. Make it even more personal by filling it with a picture of you and your loved one or a sweet handwritten message.

6. Personalized Disney Princess Cups

princess cup

Source: Shutterfly

Show the young girl in your life just how special she is with a personalized Disney princess cup. This DIY gift is fun to give on its own or filled with small treats and surprises!

7. Scandinavian Hoop Necklaces

Scandinavian hoop necklaces are a statement piece and conversation starter to give the trendsetter in your life. Use yarn and leather to create a piece as unique as your favorite fashionista.

8. Leopard Print Notebooks

leopard notebooks

Source: Maritza Lisa

DIY notebooks will tap into your crafty side then inspire the recipient to get creative as well. This homemade Christmas gift idea can be used as a journal, planner, address book and more—and who could resist that leopard print design?

9. Nautical Cord Bracelet

These DIY nautical cord bracelets are so polished that friends and family will hardly believe you made them yourself! Fortunately, this homemade gift idea is as easy as it is impressive, so don’t be afraid to give it a try.

10. Himmeli Triangle Succulent Holder

triangle succulent holder

Source: I Spy DIY

Succulents have grown wildly popular in recent years—partly because they’re so easy to take care of and partly because they make for fun decor in nearly any room. Pair these homemade geometric holders with a tiny succulent before presenting them to friends and family.

11. Bright Personalized Mouse Pad

mouse pad picture

Source: Shutterfly

This homemade Christmas gift idea doesn’t require a bit of crafting. Design a personalized mouse pad online for an easy DIY present that’s totally unique to you and your family.

12. Pom Pom Tassel Circle Bag

Don’t be afraid to give a Christmas gift that will be used once snow days are replaced by summer vacation days. A DIY pom pom tassel circle bag will have your friends and family looking forward to poolside fun in just a few months!

13. Marble Personalized Easel Calendar

magenta calendar

Source: Shutterfly

For a modern spin on the traditional wall calendar, hop online to design a marble personalized easel calendar for your friends and family. This Christmas gift can be displayed at work or home to be enjoyed for a full year.

14. Circus Animal Cookie Pillows

circus animal pillows

Source: Studio DIY

Give a gift of fun and whimsy with these adorable circus animal cookie pillows. This homemade gift idea will be a sweet surprise for any kid, teen or snack lover on your Christmas list this year.

15. Pinecone Firestarter Kit

Dip tiny pinecones in colored wax to craft these adorable fire starters for your friends and family. Pair with a warm blanket to create a cozy gift basket or use it as a standalone stocking stuffer. Either way, your DIY Christmas gift will be the talk of the party!

16. Personalized Pilsner Glasses

clear beer glass

Source: Shutterfly

Help your favorite guy decorate his man cave with a set of personalized pilsner glasses. Pair with his favorite beer for a homemade gift that can be enjoyed immediately and for years to come.

17. Gemstone Soap

When making DIY Christmas gifts for loved ones, it can be difficult to decide between something beautiful and something practical—but with gemstone soap, you don’t have to choose! These brightly colored soaps are a delight to receive on Christmas Day, then useful for weeks to follow.

18. Cacao Butter Lip Balm

Friends and family will appreciate this homemade cocoa butter lip balm as they fight off the chapped lips that come with wintry weather. Don’t forget to make a little extra for yourself—you want to be prepared for that magical mistletoe kiss!

19. Fruity Sunglasses Case

Are you escaping the holiday craziness on a Christmas cruise this year? If so, this DIY gift idea is perfect for your unconventional celebration. Homemade fruity sunglass cases are colorful and fun—and don’t require a bit of sewing!

20. Fabric Wrapped Baskets

Why wrap your Christmas gifts in wrapping paper that’s just going to be thrown away? Create these fabric wrapped baskets instead, and your packaging will be just as big of a hit as the gift inside.

21. Mini Beaded Rings

small beaded earrings

Source: Fall for DIY

Mini beaded rings are easy and fun to craft in bulk, so why not make some for all the gals on your Christmas list? Matching pairs can serve as tokens of your friendship, or you can gift a few in complementary colors to be worn stacked together for a trendy look.

22. Dyed Handkerchiefs

Personalize a fun fashion accessory for the friends and family on your shopping list by creating a collection of DIY dyed handkerchiefs. Simply soak colorful bandanas in bleach for varying amounts of time to get a wide variety of shades and styles.

23. DIY Beard Balm

white beard balm

Source: DIY in PDX

Self care products aren’t just for ladies anymore. This homemade beard balm is a great gift for hipsters, dads and anyone else proudly sporting facial hair this winter. Give it as a stocking stuffer or pair it with a beard brush to complete this gift idea.

24. Taco Headphone Organizer

taco headphone organizer

Source: Club Crafted

This irresistibly cute miniature taco is the perfect gift for the kids and teens in your life, and makes a perfect stuffer for your family Christmas stockings. Plus, it serves the handy purpose of keeping pesky headphone wires organized and easy to find in a crowded purse or book bag!

25. Painted Wood Bowls

Giving a homemade gift doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. Make store bought wooden bowls one-of-a-kind by adding your personal touch and painting on a bright and colorful design.

26. Personalized Woven Photo Blanket

blue woven blanket

Source: Shutterfly

Warm your loved ones’ hearts and homes when you gift a personalized woven photo blanket this Christmas. There’s no better way to preserve wedding photos, family photos or a favorite candid for years to come.

27. Personalized Film Strip Puzzle

blue photo puzzle

Source: Shutterfly

This personalized film strip puzzle is fun to open and even more fun to put together as a family. Design yours online for a gift that kids, parents and grandparents alike can enjoy.

28. Wood Salt and Pepper Shakers

Who says DIY Christmas gifts are old-fashioned? The color blocks on these wooden salt and pepper shakers make them delightfully modern. Plus, they’re simple to create, so you don’t need any crafting expertise for this homemade gift idea.

29. Wood Monogrammed Keychains

keychains and letters

Source: Damask Love

Monograms are a great way to make a homemade gift even more personal to the recipient. Decorate your friends’ initials in their favorite colors, then add sweet leather tassels to create these fun keychains as gifts or stocking stuffers.

30. Batik Catchall Dishes

small blue dishes

Source: Say Yes

Designed to hold jewelry, serving spoons or loose change, this handmade catchall dish is perfect for anyone on your Christmas list. Paint each dish in bright colors and metallics and don’t be afraid to experiment with design. After all, no two creations will be exactly alike!

31. Feather and Beaded Dreamcatcher

Here’s a DIY gift idea that’s simple enough to get your kids involved in the fun. All you need is a hoop, string, beads and feathers to create this dream catcher in your next family craft session.

Final Thoughts on Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

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