53 Creative Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

The milk and cookies have been set out for Santa and the vintage Christmas stockings hung, but what are you going to fill them with this year? Do you have enough Christmas stuffer ideas for everyone? Show your family how much you care this giving season by surprising them with a stocking full of creative and clever gifts. Remember, stockings aren’t just for people. You can also get cat Christmas stockings for your pet and fill them with love.

To find inspiration, check out our 25 Christmas stocking stuffer ideas. Watch the faces of your loved ones light up when they discover these tiny treasures in their stockings Christmas morning. Explore the Christmas Store at Shutterfly for a whole selection of Christmas cards, ornaments and gifts for loved ones. Make even the smallest presents count by including a unique personalized gift or holiday card.

1. Santa’s Lump Of Coal Soap

If you’re looking for a fun gag gift, try filling the stockings with coal shaped soaps. These charcoal presents are easily made at home in an ice tray. For a stylish touch, add in some gold glitter.

2. Donut Poker Chips

The gamers in the family are ready for a new challenge. Incorporate a new game in their stockings so they can build their skill set. These donut poker chips add a fun aspect to a classic card game. Add in a deck of custom playing cards for a special touch.

3. Soap Rocks

Display of marbled soap in the shape of jewels

Source: DIY in PDX

Although these aren’t as shiny as real jewels, they will leave you sparkling clean. Soap rocks are a creative but practical addition to your family’s stockings this year. The variety of fun colors makes each one unique.

4. Photo Mug

Photo mug with family photo and Christmas quote

Source: Shutterfly

A mug is the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer idea for everyone, especially in the cold months of winter. Surprise your loved ones by including a mug with a photo of a fond memory you’ve shared with them like an incredible family vacation or fun birthday celebration.

5. Christmas Trail Mix

Show your loved ones how sweet they are by giving them an equally sweet treat in their stocking. This candy Christmas mix can be made in large batches and divided up into individual tins. Add Christmas colored sprinkles and candies for a fun touch.

6. Batik Catchalls Dishes

Help your family keep track of their little knick-knacks with a decorative catchalls. These stylish batik catchalls are the perfect size to fit in a stocking and will be a beautiful addition to any desk or counter space.

7. Enamel Moscow Mule Mug

Including a moscow mule mug is a fun and easy Christmas stocking stuffer idea. Personalize it by adding a unique design or monogram. Use a white paint to really make the creativity pop.

8. Luggage Tag

luggage tag with a child on it attached to a brown leather bag

Source: Shutterfly

A new year is coming and adventure awaits. Help those who are pondering travel plans by giving them a luggage tag. This will ensure their belongings don’t get lost or misplaced no matter where they journey.

9. Hot Chocolate Spoons

Nothing says Christmas quite like curling up with a hot cup of cocoa. Give your loved ones an added dose of chocolate with hot chocolate spoons. Make the winter fantasy a little sweeter with these cute stocking stuffers.

10. Personal Journal

Travel journal with map and quote on it

Source: Shutterfly

For those family members who find a release in writing, add a custom journal to their stocking. They will be able to express themselves through ink while the cover also reflects their personality. No matter the topic, the pages will be ready to be filled.

11. Bath Bombs

No matter what age, everyone could use a relaxing spa day. Give the gift of an escape with these DIY bath bombs. Modify the color and scent to fit the person they are intended for.

12. Drink Coasters

Wine glasses with quotes sit on photo coasters

Source: Shutterfly

Drink coasters are taken to a new level when you can design what’s one them. Fill your family’s stockings with coasters that feature photos of their favorite things. From sports teams to flowers or family photos to quotes, this is a stocking stuffer that can be personalized for anyone.

13. Reindeer Hot Cocoa Cones

Keep the Christmas spirit alive by adding reindeer hot cocoa cones to your family’s stockings. These cones are easy to make and will never go unused. Leave your loved ones with a smile one their face and a cup of hot chocolate in their hand.

14. Mason Jar

Mason jars filled with a plant and spices sit on a counter

Source: Shutterfly

A universal gift, these mason jar mugs can serve many purposes. This stocking stuffer can be filled with anything from an herb plant to seasonings for the next BBQ. The possibilities are endless!

15. Crochet Boots

Give your family a gift that no one else will have. These crochet sweater boots are cozy and stylish. Pick out a yarn color that fits the person and add unique button to the side as well. This makes for the perfect stuffer for your coastal Christmas stockings.

16. Christmas Cake Pop

Ideas for Christmas stocking stuffers don’t always come easily, but when in doubt, try a Christmas cake pop. A cake in just one bite, these pops are easy to make and delicious. Swap out boring white lollipop sticks for Christmas themed ones for an added decorative touch.

17. Simplistic Wallet

Hand holding a simple gray wallet with a brown accent square on it

Source: Noodlehead

A stocking stuffer idea for the boys of the family is a wallet. These stylish wallets will help them organize their cash and cards in an organized fashion. It will also provide a place to store any Christmas gift cards they receive this holiday season. The simple design will ensure that everyone loves them.

18. Photo Hanger

Photos hang from an arrow on strings against a pink background

Source: Shutterfly

Give those individuals who document every important moment with a photo a place to display the memories. Photo hanging decor is a timeless stocking stuffer idea that will be appreciated and used for years to come.

19. Stitched Travel Map

Embroidered map of the United States with states filled in with colored thread

Source: Maiden

Encourage the ones you love to indulge in wanderlust this coming year with this stitched travel map. Outline the places they have been in colorful thread. Include additional colored thread so they can update it in the coming year.

20. Stamped Metal Pendant

Personalize the stockings by including a stamped monogrammed pendent. These metal pendants can be made into necklaces, keychains or even dog tags. With this gift, no one in your family will be left out.

21. Smartphone Case

Smartphone case personalized with a photo and quote

Source: Shutterfly

Tell someone how much you appreciate their unique style by helping them express themselves. A new phone case fits perfectly in a stocking and will allow the recipient to change things up. Change can be a good thing when it’s this pretty.

22. Candy Tin Gift Card Holder

Mint tin decorated with washi tape and filled with bobby pins

Source: Maker Mama

Sometimes the best gift can be the freedom to pick your own. If you are adding gift cards to stockings this year, place them in a fun tin. Repurpose an old mint tin by covering it with decorative washi tape. Once the gift cards are spent, the tin can continue to be used for small things like spare change or hair pins.

23. Travel Mug

Travel mugs personalized with family photos sit on a counter by a tray of watermelon

Source: Shutterfly

You know better than anyone else how busy your family members are. Help them out by including a travel mug in their stocking this year. They will appreciate it every time they need a drink on the go.

24. Cedarwood Beard Balm

For the manly men in the family, include a beard balm in their stocking. This will keep his beard soft and under control. Get creative by adding a unique scent, like cedarwood which has a sweet woodsy aroma.

25. Canvas Tote

Personalized tote bags with names and quotes on them

Source: Shutterfly

Give your family a place to keep all their new gifts. A personalized tote will be helpful to include, rolled up in their stockings. The tote can also be used later in the year, after the holiday season is over.

26. Knit Beanie

Prevent cold ears this chilly season with a cozy knit beanie. This stocking stuffer is universal, no matter age or gender. Just pick a color scheme that fits with the person’s style and they will be sure to love it when they dig through their classic Christmas stocking.

27. Book cover

The bookworms of the family will appreciate a book cover to protect their precious new reads. Include the book cover by itself or dress up a new novel to complete the gift. This stocking stuffer will be helpful long after all the pages are turned because it can be transferred to the next storybook.

28. Bottle Opener

Are you tired of always losing the bottle opener and cleaning up the mess of bottle caps? Include this bottle opener in your husband’s stocking. It can be affixed to the wall and is magnetic so the caps are automatically caught. To make it more personal, paint it the colors of his favorite sport’s team.

29. Checkers Game

person playing checkers on picnic table

Source: Maiden

For a family who enjoys taking camping trips, this travel checkers board is the perfect addition for a stocking. Keep with the traditional black and white color scheme or switch things up by creating a multi colored board.

30. Coffee Stencil

Dress up any cup of Joe with a monogrammed coffee stencil. For the person who has their morning ritual that’s centered around coffee, this gift is the answer. With the stencil, they can create a personalized cup every morning. Include toppings such as cinnamon or cocoa powder so they can try it out immediately.

31. Colorful Pencil Toppers

Although you’ve done your back to school shopping months ago, Christmas is a great time to renew any lost school supplies. These cute pencil toppers are a great addition to any stocking this holiday season. Your kid will return to school in style with the unique shapes and designs.

32. Cord Organizer

Between you and the rest of your family, there are a lot of cords being used in your house. Save your family members from the 20 minutes they spend untangling their headphones everyday by giving them cord organizers. These trendy leather bands with snaps will make all the difference.

33. Crossword Puzzle

Perfect for the family member who takes a lot of road trips, these crossword puzzles are key to passing the time in a fun way. Try creating a themed stocking by including other travel games, pens, music and snacks.

34. Cup Cozy

There’s nothing better than a hot cup of tea, coffee or cocoa warming up your hands in the winter. Prevent any burns from surprisingly searing cups by including a knit cup cozy in your family’s stockings. Make sure to choose a color that best fits each person’s personality.

35. DIY Herb Garden

Put the green thumbs of the family to work with this simple herb garden. Include popsicle stick labels that can be easily placed into the garden pots with garden stones. You know better than anyone what plants your family would appreciate so make sure to include their favorites!

36. Pencil Holder

Encourage both organization and style by giving the gift of a unique pencil holder. Glue wooden rings together, using popsicle sticks as the base. Keep it a natural wooden color or paint it to match the person’s other desk decor.

37. Elastic Hair Ties

For the ladies of the family (or even those men rocking a man bun), hair ties come and go like the wind. These decorated hair elastics are different because they double as wrist accessories when not in use. Add a few different designs in each stocking so your family can mix and match.

38. Fun Magnets

Do any or your family members stay organized with a magnetic board or enjoy hanging notes on the fridge? If so, these brightly colored magnets are a festive little gift to add to a Christmas stocking. Include a notepad as well so they have paper to hang with the magnets.

39. Gingerbread Cookies

A holiday classic, gingerbread men will spice up any stocking. Bake the cookies and add white frosting details to bring them to life. Include some hot chocolate as well so your family members have something to wash these delicious morsels down.

40. Hanging Macrame Decor

For the person who loves to rearrange their room furniture and is always looking for new ways to redecorate their walls, a hanging macrame wall decor is the perfect stocking stuffer. This boho decor will complement any room.

41. Marbled Chocolate Bark

You can’t go wrong with chocolate. Make your own marbled chocolate bark to fill the stockings of your loved ones. Add touches of Christmas colors with sprinkles to make it even more spirited.

42. Paper Weights

For those individuals who spend a lot of time at a desk, working or studying, some decorative elements will make the space much more enjoyable. Include a monogrammed paperweight in the stockings this year to beautify any desk.

43. Pencil Case

No more digging to the bottom of a backpack or purse to find a pen. Help with organization by giving the gift of a pencil case. Pick fabrics that your family will enjoy. Keep in mind, the darker the fabric the less likely any accidental pen leaks will show.

44. Reindeer Treats

reindeer treats sit on counter

Source: Pip and Ebby

Bring Rudolf to life with these fun reindeer treats. An easy and yummy treat, these reindeer cookies are a hit at holiday parties and in holiday stockings. Wrap them up in festive bags and make sure they are placed at the top of the stocking so Rudolf doesn’t get harmed in the

45. Running Arm Band

Did one of your family members get the athletic genes of the family? Give them a running armband to make their training easier. Personalize it with different fabrics, but make sure the material you use is athletic. This way it will have some stretch and be sweat resistant.

46. Simple Necklace

Styles are always changing, but you can’t go wrong with a simple timeless necklace. Include this sweet jewelry in your loved one’s stocking and they’ll be sure to love it. Take a look at their earring collection and see if you can find a necklace that matches something they already own.

47. Spiced Candied Nuts

Calling all sweet tooths. This spiced candy is a holiday favorite and will fit right in with all the other little knick-knacks you are including in the Christmas stockings this year. Find some festive holiday gift bags and fill them up with this treat.

48. Sugar Scrub

peppermint latte sugar scrub sits on counter

Source: Hello Glow

Give your loved ones a holiday spa treatment with a sugar scrub. Choose their favorite scent and create a blend that they will truly enjoy. A little sugar scrub goes a long way so this gift can be used long after the tree is taken down and the snow melts.

49. Sunglasses Case

Protect your family’s delicate glasses with a leather sunglass case. This case will prevent scratches and make their glasses easier to find. Personalize the case with different color leather and unique designs. For a distinctive touch, try adding their name on it.

50. Tassel Paperclips

Add a little color to someone’s daily office supplies by dressing common paperclips up with tassels. These colorful clips are perfect for keeping your place in a notebook or holding papers together. This is a functional but fun stocking stuffer that won’t go unnoticed.

51. Tool Apron

tool apron with tool cutouts

Source: Lilly Ardor

For the handyman (or woman) of the family, include a tool apron in their stocking. The simple details on this apron make it universally liked. Make sure to include big pockets or even individual tool pockets to ensure there are plenty of places to store objects.

52. Triangle Leather Pouch

For those who tend to lose their change, keys and little items at the bottom to their bag, these triangle leather pouches will be the perfect. The shape makes them unique and you can change the size to accommodate the person.

53. Wooden Photo Ornament

You’ve already found the perfect place to take your Christmas photo and it turned out beautifully. Keep the memory alive by making it into a wooden photo ornament. Add a special note on the back and personalize the ribbon it hangs by to make it extra unique. And if you like this idea but you’re looking for another style, check out our personalized family Christmas ornaments.

Once you’ve picked out your favorite Christmas stocking stuffer ideas, make sure to check out our collection of Christmas cards so you can send your loved ones some holiday cheer.