25 Creative Places to Take Christmas Pictures

Christmas cards are always a fun way to connect with your friends and family in the holiday season. Your loved ones will be overjoyed to open their mailbox and find your family photo and handwritten Christmas wish, and, yet, every year, there’s the nagging question of where to take Christmas pictures. To help you this year in your determination to design the best photo Christmas card—one that captures the essence and energy of your family—we’ve found 25 of the best places to take Christmas pictures.

Once you settle on the perfect place to take a Christmas photo this year, and whether you opt for a professional photo shoot or take them yourself, choose a favorite personalized photo Christmas card design from Shutterfly’s incredible assortment. Ordering them early ensures that you can get them in the hands of friends and family the world over well in advance of Christmas Day.

An assortment of personalized photo Christmas cards from Shutterfly

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1. Tree Farm Excitement

No matter where you live, there is sure to be a Christmas tree farm near you during the winter months. Take advantage of the perfectly shaped trees by capturing your photo walking down the rows. You could even pick out your tree that day and take candid shots of the process. All of this can be captured perfectly in a single photo Christmas card.

2. Romantically Rustic

Family stands in front of a fence

Source: Cara Loren

This Christmas photo uses an old fence to give the photo a rustic feel. The white rocks on the ground mimic snow and the icy blue tones in their clothes play off this. Scope out your background before choosing your outfits so that you can plan accordingly and create a cohesive look for your rustic Christmas card.

3. A Touch of Green

Create a unique blend of Christmas colors without taking your photo in a forest. Find a green backdrop, whether it be a door or a mural, and dress your family reds and neutrals. The color contrast will brighten the front of any Christmas card, whether a white Christmas card or something more colorful.

4. Adorned in Wreaths

Couple kisses in front of a gate with a wreath

Source: Willivia

Your backdrop doesn’t need to be flashy; the simplest ones can create the best photo. Pick a door—any door—and hang a wreath on it. Include a merry Christmas sign and some red plaid to seal the deal. Our Christmas greetings Christmas cards can be a great match.

5. Woodsy Wonderland

For the more earthy family, find a natural setting to take your custom Christmas card photo. Don’t worry about picking the most beautiful place; you can have the photographer lend the background a softer feel while keeping the focus on your family. Our assortment of vintage Christmas cards can be an ideal match for this style of photos.

6. Adventure Downtown

Use your home to your advantage when taking your Christmas card photo. For the city dwellers, go downtown and find your favorite buildings to use as a backdrop. Your personality will shine through if you are in a place that you are comfortable and familiar with. This style might be best paired with one of our modern Christmas cards.

7. Decorated Door Designs

An easy solution to finding the right Christmas card backdrop is looking for a decorated door. In December, there is sure to be many different options to choose from. The background of a door will symbolize inviting in the new year. Pick one of our custom color Christmas cards—these allow you to use any color you’d like for the card design color to balance this against the colors in your photo.

8. Spring Setting

Family photo on grassy hill with skateboards

Source: Shutterfly

Your Christmas card photo doesn’t need to be taken in December. Look through the photos you’ve taken this past year and you’ll be sure to find a gem or two. A candid photo or two (including our photo collage Christmas cards) of a fond memory makes for a unique card.

9. Fields of Gold

Capture a golden moment by taking your photo in a local field. The warm natural tones will complement any holiday reds you might include. The neutral backdrop will also allow you freedom when choosing outfits. Take a look at our foil-stamped Christmas cards to add an extra element of charm and interest.

10. Snowman Snapshot

Who doesn’t love a snow day? Capture your frozen smiles while showing off your latest snowman creation with one of our foliage Christmas cards for color contrast and seasonal interest. The snow is the perfect place to take your photo because the white will reflect light, illuminating you and your family.

11. Cozy Campfire

Keep warm by a fire for this year’s holiday photo. Find a fire pit and take cozy family photos holding your loved ones close, dogs included! These make for perfect pet Christmas Cards. Incorporate a fun holiday blanket for an added Christmas ambiance.

12. Backyard Gathering

Family plays in the backyard

Source: Shutterfly

Why go to a new location to take your Christmas card photo when you can capture it in your own backyard? Go with one of our snowflake Christmas cards and a homey, natural scene of your family spending time together.

13. Home for the Holidays

There’s no need to travel for your Christmas photo. Show off your home by taking a photo on your own front porch. This backdrop captures your lifestyle while also sharing a more personal side with your friends and family. Our contemporary Christmas cards are perfect for holiday photos like these.

14. Enchanting Falling Snow

Instead of waiting for the weather to clear up, take your photo in the falling snow. The dusting of white on your heads will give the card a more authentic feel. The falling snowflakes will also create more genuine laughter and smiles. Consider going with one of our green Christmas cards or red Christmas cards for a festive contrast in color.

15. Festive Fireplace

Example photo for a festive fireplace Christmas card.

Take your family photo waiting for Santa by the fireplace. A large hearth is the perfect backdrop because it naturally frames the photo. Add some festive lights or even milk and cookies to embrace the holiday spirit. As the perfect accompaniment, set your family name in gold foil with our personalized foil Christmas cards.

16. Ski Lift Magic

If you are looking for a scenic location to take your photo, try the view from the top of a mountain on a ski lift. Take advantage of your next trip to the snowy slopes by bringing a photographer along. This shot may take a few takes to get right, but the results are magical! Consider one of our holiday greeting Christmas cards to match.

17. Red Barn Rendezvous

Family hangs Christmas lights in front of a barn

Source: Shutterfly

Barns provide a classic backdrop that makes everyone look good. They tend to be red, which fits perfectly with the Christmas colors. Find a red barn by your home that gets sunlight, bring some props like photo ornaments and smile! Complimentary card styles include our simple Christmas cards and iconic Christmas cards.

18. Along for the Ride

Wherever you decide to take your photograph, bring a prop or two along. This simple beach background is amplified by the rustic red wagon. The red bows and miniature Christmas tree in the back take this photo to the next level. You might get a picture that inspires you to design whimsical Christmas cards or funny Christmas cards.

19. Christmas Classic

Child admires a Christmas ornament

Source: Shutterfly

You’ve already put the time and energy into decorating your tree, show off its magic by taking a photo with it. Go with one our classic Christmas cards and showcase your collection of ornaments and creative color scheme.

20. Truck Bed Togetherness

Return to your country roots by taking your Christmas photo in the bed of a truck. The sides of the truck frame the photo, allowing your family to be the focus. Add some green foliage and a bow to complete the look. Depending on the nature and orientation of your shot, you might prefer landscape Christmas cards or portrait Christmas cards.

21. Forest Charm

The woods are a good go-to when it comes to taking Christmas photos. The trees fill in the background, giving the photo a natural feel. For the best picture, wear colors that will complement the area you have chosen. Remember, you can even design write your own greeting Christmas cards with Shutterfly.

22. Beachy White Christmas

For those of you living on a coast, white Christmas might be referring to white sand beaches in December. Visit the ocean for this year’s beach Christmas cards and capture your family playing in the sand. A fun way to embrace your home’s landscape is by writing your names in shells and posing with them for the photo. Glitter Christmas cards could be a great match for this photo style.

23. Teepee Dwelling

Child plays in front of a teepee

Source: Shutterfly

This creative backdrop mirrors a tree in shape, but has a distinct artistic appeal. Dress up the inside of the teepee with twinkle lights and fill the space with pillows. The space can serve as a playspace long after the photos are taken. As you’ll likely find yourself with a number of great photos from this shoot, design one of our tri-fold Christmas cards or gate fold Christmas cards to display a full array.

24. Story Time

Mother reading to child

Source: Shutterfly

Get cozy on the couch with a storybook for your Christmas photo. Whether it be a family favorite or a photo book of your own, the genuine moment will be visible. Try finding a book or a photo that’s especially amusing so the smiles are authentic. Go with one of our classic 5×7 Christmas cards or, if you’re looking for a bigger impact, one of our 6×8 Christmas cards.

25. Capturing Everyday Energy

For the more active family, take your photo with bikes! This photo uses the combination of green bikes and matching red shirts to give a sunny day a Christmas feel. This idea would also work with any activity your family might enjoy doing together. If you end up with more than one photo you’d like to use, choose from amongst our 2 photo Christmas cards or 3 photo Christmas cards—both great options for balancing the amount and size of photos included in your card.

Three single photo Christmas cards with variations on the greeting Merry Christmas

Design custom, photo-ready Christmas cards from Shutterfly.

Wrapping Up

No matter which solution you land on as to where to take Christmas pictures, finding a photo style that’s right for you and your family is most important. No matter the Christmas card theme, you can turn your holiday photo card into a keepsake with the perfect Christmas photo. For those throwing a holiday party, browse our assortment of Christmas invitations to invite everyone on your list in style.