The Best Photo Prints: 9 Styles for Home Decor

Ordering photo prints online opens the door to a variety of home decor for your walls, coffee table, scrapbooks, and more. With Shutterfly, we offer custom photo prints in a variety of sizes and materials, so you can choose the perfect options for both indoor and outdoor decoration. We’ll help you choose the best photo prints for your home so you can display your favorite memories with pride. Whether you’re looking for small prints you can frame and use as table decor or large prints that are perfect for a gallery wall display, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Once you know what you like, browse our collection of high quality photo prints and choose the styles you want for your home.

Whether you are searching for framed photo prints, canvas photo prints, or acrylic, we have something in store to make your house feel like a home. Proudly showcase your favorite memories in any room such as your living room or bedroom to relive over and over again. Choose a favorite layout that speaks to you and watch your walls come to life right before your eyes with the best photo prints around.

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1. Large Photo Prints

Shutterfly’s large format prints come in four different sizes: 11×14, 12×12, 16×20, and 20×30. For wide-angle photos, you can order them as panoramic photo prints so you can hang them and see every little detail. When it comes to home decor, you don’t have to sacrifice quality or size. When you order photo prints online, you’ll be able to choose between matte, glossy, or cardstock finish paper depending on the size for a high-quality, professional feel. Also choose to frame your poster print with black or white borders.

Large photo prints look great in big spaces like your living room or family room. You can make it the focal point of your wall decor or choose to place it in the middle of a gallery wall with other smaller prints surrounding it. Transform your favorite memories into a beautiful large print, whether you have wedding photos you haven’t printed yet or family portraits that will look great on display.

Photo print hanging above a couch with custom pillows alongside a drawer with personalized picture frames

2. Metal Photo Prints

Metal photo prints are perfect for outdoor decor. Shutterfly’s metal photo printing ensures a durable, scratch-resistant, and waterproof product that looks great and lasts through all types of weather and use. Indoors, metal photo prints also look great as modern home decor. The prints come in a variety of sizes and feature rounded corners on .45-inch thick metal. No matter what size you choose, the metal prints are easy to hang up with a built-in hanger in the back.

When you print pictures on metal, that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality or color. Choose from fun themes and designs that include background colors and border styles for your photos. You can even design a metal print collage to showcase multiple photos of your family or from a specific event. Depending on the style you choose, you’ll also be able to add text to your metal photo prints and choose different font styles and colors.

Blessed metal photo print feautring a family of five with white custom text

3. Framed Photo Prints

When it comes to home decor, you can’t go wrong with classic framed photo prints. Whether you want to frame a single photo or a photo collage, Shutterfly has plenty of layouts to choose from. Why print pictures and order your fame separately when you can get it all done in a single order? Our framed photos include options for a deluxe mat as well as picture frame colors in black, brown, metallic, rustic grey, and white.

As you’re designing your home decor, Shutterfly gives you all the options you need to get it right. Choose from classic curve pictures framed, modern, and contemporary. As you’re designing your framed print, you’ll also have the option to add text like your family name or monogram. Shutterfly’s framed prints are all about bringing out the beauty in your photos and making them look better than ever.

Framed photo prints hanging on a wall

4. Glass Photo Prints

Print photos on glass to truly make them shine. Shutterfly’s glass prints make for perfect tabletop decor that looks like you hired a professional to have them custom-made. In reality, you get to be the designer and order a glass print that looks great and is still affordable. Choose some of your favorite memories to print on glass, such as wedding photos or baby photos.

Once your glass print arrives, we recommend setting it up near a window or other natural light source so you can see the light shining through your photos. The effect will make your home look like an expensive gallery and transform your space into a beautiful display. Add short sayings or captions to your glass prints so they become a work of art.

Glass photo print featuring four people posing with custom text displayed at the bottom

5. 8×10 Photo Prints

If you’re looking to print photos online, 8×10 prints are one of the most classic options you can choose. About the size of a standard piece of paper, you can choose landscape or portrait photos to hang on your walls or set up as tabletop decor. An 8×10 photo print is just large enough to see all the details in your photos without sacrificing wall or table space. 8×10 prints are especially great for displaying school portraits of the kids throughout the years.

As with any of Shutterfly’s photo prints, you can choose between glossy, matte, or cardstock for your photo paper. Choose a matte photo print if you want to reduce glare, or stick with a classic glossy finish to make sure your photos shine. To order photo prints, all you have to do is upload your picture and choose your quantity. The photos will be sent to your doorstep so you don’t have to worry about driving to pick them up.

8x10 framed prints

6. High-Quality Poster Prints

Custom posters can make for the best bedroom decor. Instead of buying a generic poster, make your own with your favorite photos and custom designs. Shutterfly’s poster prints especially make for great dorm decor when your students or graduates are looking to make their room feel more personal. With high-quality poster prints, you can use photos from travels or photos of friends and family along with sweet captions and quotes.

Shutterfly also offers custom poster designs without photos so you can still add your favorite quote to a poster and make it the focal point. Choose your favorite colors and font styles to make it your own. Some great poster ideas include quotes about positivity, a funny pet poster, a graduation poster, or a travel poster with your favorite scenery.

Two custom photo posters with unique designs

7. Collage Poster Prints

Looking to print photos but can’t decide which ones to choose? Order collage poster prints to design a variety of photos into a poster that’s professional and artistic. Shutterfly’s photo collage posters come in a variety of layouts, whether you want a symmetric collage or one that’s in a shape, such as a heart. Build your collage with modern, clean lines, or make it look like a creative DIY poster.

Once you’re finished designing your collage poster, it’ll look great as home decor in your kids’ rooms or family rooms. Proudly display your favorite family moments or silly baby photos that are sure to make you smile. Print your collage poster as big as 20×30 or scale it down to a smaller 8×8 photo print that’s perfect for smaller rooms and less wall space.

Collage poster print that says "The Johnson Family" including nine photos of the family with their baby

8. Canvas Photo Prints

Canvas prints are a unique way to print your photos and use them as wall decor that looks stylish and contemporary. Shutterfly’s canvas prints include options you can hang or mount with metal and wood frames. Choose gallery-wrapped canvas prints to make your photos pop and create a beautiful display everyone will love. Our canvas prints are just as versatile as the standard photo print options, with a variety of sizes and layouts for one or multiple photos.

Canvas prints tend to add more depth to your photos, so they’re perfect for high-quality prints you want to display with a little bit of texture. Print your wedding photos on canvas and choose a metallic frame to make sure they look elegant inside the home. Choose hanging canvas prints if you want a more rustic, casual feel for any room in the home.

Custom canvas prints hanging on a wall

9. Acrylic Photo Prints

Acrylic photo prints offer a modern type of decor that looks great with contemporary design styles. Because acrylic prints are durable, they’re suitable for both indoor or outdoor home decor. Create a simple display with a single photo or choose multiple photos to add to a collage. No matter what style you choose, it’s easy to customize the design with different background colors, fonts, and layouts.

Love you to the moon and back acrylic photo print featuring parents and their newborn

How to Order Photo Prints

With so many options for photo printing, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Luckily, our guide can help you choose the right option for your home and make sure it’s exactly what you’re envisioning. Before you choose the best photo prints, take a moment to consider where you want to place your new home decor and what design style is already present. For instance, if you’re ordering photo prints for your modern living room, rustic styles may not match the rest of your decor. Use the following tips to learn how to order photo prints from Shutterfly.

Choose Your Photo Print Material

Shutterfly offers classic photo prints in glossy, matte, and cardstock finishes. If you’re buying a simple photo print, the finish may depend on where you’ll be displaying the pictures. A matte finish can be great for framed photos that you don’t want to catch a glare, while a gkossy finish gives your prints a more classic feel. You can also print your photos on wood, glass, acrylic, canvas, and metal. Get creative with textures and materials for both indoor and outdoor decor.

Photo prints in a variety of materials, including a slate plaque, a glass photo print, and a small acrylic photo cube

Decide What Size Photo Prints You Need

Size is a big factor when ordering photo prints, and it all depends on where you want to use them. If you’re printing your photos to store in a photo box or add to a scrapbook, you’ll need standard 4×6 prints or smaller. For home decor, you can order large format prints as big as 20×30 and poster prints up to 22×28. 8×8 photo prints tend to be the best size for either tabletop or wall decor. If you’re creating a gallery wall, it always looks great to mix and match different sized photo prints to design a type of photo collage on your wall.

Small gallery wall with different sizes of photo prints with and without picture frames

Consider Adding a Custom Picture Frame

If you’re ordering classic photo prints, you can keep them bare or add on a picture frame easily with Shutterfly. Especially for tabletop decor, consider creating a personalized picture frame that complements your photos and makes them look even better. Shutterfly lets you add fun designs and even messages and captions to your frame so it fully captures the spirit of your photos. The right picture frame will also bring out the colors in your photo and make it more interesting to look at inside the home. With framed prints, you can choose from classic brown wood frames, black, rustic grey, metallic and white.

Selection of custom tabletop prints with photos of a couple

Take Advantage of Customization

Whether you’re buying small prints, large format prints, poster prints, or canvas prints, you’ll always be able to customize your purchase with Shutterfly. From the size to the colors and top mat, you can easily create home decor that looks great without shelling out more budget to work with professionals. In just a few clicks on your phone or computer, you’ll have professional-quality photo prints that you created yourself. Create themed art prints for different events and occasions like Valentine’s Day and weddings through choosing styled layouts. You’ll be able to customize your photo print backgrounds, colors, fonts, and printed messages.

Wrapping Up

Ordering photo prints online has never been easier or more versatile than with Shutterfly. Whether you’re looking for wall decor, tabletop decor, or the best ways to capture your photos, you’ll have many options to choose from. Our print styles are suitable for all types of interior design styles, including rustic, farmhouse, boho, modern, and elegant. Choose the materials you love for indoor and outdoor photo prints as well as the sizes that work best with each room. With so many styles of photo prints, your pictures will never get lost in your phone or computer again. Bring them to life with Shutterfly.

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