24 Creative Gifts for Music Lovers

Those that bring music to our lives deserve gifts that recognize their finely honed talents and creative accomplishments. Perhaps you’re looking to thank a music teacher or choral director for their work, or simply seeking out a personalized gift for a musician to celebrate their birthday. Sheet music and musical notes blend beautifully with a range of handmade crafting projects, from piano gifts to handmade instruments for the little ones.

Music-themed personalized gifts range from home decor to photo collages, all of which add a daily reminder of your appreciation for their talents and passions. Get crafty to create one of the music gift ideas below before your favorite musician’s next birthday, graduation, or recital.

1. Kids Guitar Craft

Spend an afternoon crafting these cardboard and rubber band mini-guitars with your little ones so they can strum away and learn about how guitars produce their special sound.

2. Music Lyrics Paperweight

paperweight that says all you need is love

Source: Shutterfly

Encapsulate their favorite song lyric inside an elegant paperweight as a lovely addition to their coffee table decor or their desk at work. It would also make a romantic gift for weddings or engagements.

3. Vintage iPhone Speaker

diy iphone grammophone speaker

Source: Ceci Bean

Amaze your music-loving friends by employing the natural acoustics of wood and metal used in old-fashioned gramophones. With the materials coming in just under $10, this makes an affordable and stylish music-themed gift.

4. Easy DIY Earbud Case

Made from a repurposed mint case, this quick-and-easy gift idea holds your music-loving friend’s earbuds in a tangle-proof case while they’re on the go. Personalize the outside with their name and a circle of patterned scrapbook paper.

5. Turntable Jewelry Box

Transform an old wooden jewelry box into a mini turntable with the eco-friendly use of recycled materials and basic construction paper.

6. Sheet Music Ring

Immortalize a personally significant piece of sheet music with the help of Dimensional Magic — a clear variety of Mod Podge that heightens an image on paper. Fit within a ring for a personalized accessory.

7. Musical Coaster Set

Give your favorite musically inclined friend a gift set of DIY sheet music coaters and a few boxes of their favorite blend. Lay black vinyl letters with personalized phrases over sheet music scrapbook paper and seal with varnish to keep them durable.

8. Personalized Charm Bracelet

rose gold charm bracelet

Source: Shutterfly

Design your own personalized jewelry for the music lover in your life by curating a collection of photos and music-themed charms onto a delicate accent bracelet. This makes for an excellent graduation or recital gift.

9. Mini Banjos

Gathering a group of young music lovers? These simple, mini banjos are great for a crafty afternoon, party favors or as a personalized gift for musicians. Wrap rubber bands around a jar lid and attach a washi-tape-decorated popsicle stick for a fully playable craft.

10. Songbird Shower Curtain

show songbird personalized shower curtain

Source: Shutterfly

Encourage your favorite singer with a musical shower curtain. In addition to inspiring their next shower time singalong, keep this nature-inspired design in mind for a great spring cleaning tip to spruce up a bathroom.

11. Music Pillar Candle

sheet music wrapped pillar candle

Source: Apple Brides

This neat crafting trick involves carefully printing sheet music onto tissue paper backed by cardstock and then using a hairdryer to bind the tissue paper to a large pillar candle. This makes a lovely gift for singers or a choral director.

12. Strawberry Ear Buds

Spruce up a simple pair of earphones by gluing the front of a strawberry — or another adorable charm — to the outside of each earphone. Pair them with a new music album as an easy birthday or graduation gift for your favorite teen.

13. Favorite Song Bedding

custom bedspread with quote

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Gift the music lover in your life a comforter with their favorite song lyrics to greet them every morning. Personalized bedding makes an excellent graduation or birthday gift, adding a subtle, music-inspired gift to any bedroom decor.

14. Bass Drum Table

Transform an old bass drum into a side table, perfect for the musician looking to upcycle their old instruments or who appreciates eclectic touches to their space. Hand paint a customized design to the sides of the drum to match their style.

15. Musical Memories Photo Collage

photo collage shaped like a heart over a bench

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Personalized gifts for musicians often celebrate their beautiful achievements and musical journeys. Collage posters make these DIY wall displays easier to gift.

16. Guitar Pick Coffee Table

diy guitar pick table cover

Source: Laci Jane

This true conversation starter features a multi-colored collection of guitar picks on the top of a refurbished coffee table. Cover with epoxy and carefully smooth out the bubbles with a blow torch.

17. First Dance Sound Wave

For your next anniversary, print out the unique image of the soundwave created by your first-dance song and frame for your wall at home.

18. Guitar Pillow

guitar shaped pillow

Source: Kate Durkin

Shape hand-embroidered pillows into any instrument, perfect as a music-themed gift idea for both children and adults. Mix and match colors with their bedroom color scheme for a personalized touch.

19. Musical Mason Jars

Adorn the table of your favorite music lover with this sheet-music-clad mason jar gift. Wrap the jar in their favorite song and add rustic twine and craft flowers to create the look. Pop some flowers or a small candle inside as well.

20. Showtune Suitcase

Perfect for rustic home decor lovers, this gift turns an old suitcase into a musical accent for a dining or living room. Use for musical storage or even as a place to hold books and albums.

21. Rustic Record Box

Stretch those carpentry muscles for the ultimate personalized gift for music lovers by building a simple chic album holder. Paint with a natural stain and add a small record to the front to tie the look together.

22. Vintage Patch Guitar Strap

This simple sewing project collects vintage-inspired fabric straps into a row of colorful patches, all lining up into a guitar strap. Chose a bright strip of backing material and reinforced leather hooks for each end.

23. Headphone Pillow

Great for falling asleep to music or a podcast, weave a pair of deconstructed headphones through the batting of a pillow and embroider with a musical silhouette. The sound safely comes through the fabric and connects to a phone or computer.

24. Photo and Lyrics Pillows

custom pillowcases with photos and quotes

Source: Shutterfly

Mark your wedding by combining anniversary song lyrics with your favorite image together. This design makes for the perfect daily reminder of your love for a music-loving partner.

Final Thoughts on Gifts for Music Lovers

Music-themed gifts are not only deeply personal but also quite stylish and elegant across a range of projects. No matter their age or musical background — and whether it’s a Christmas gift or birthday present — show how much their art means to you with an unforgettable, handmade musical present.