40+ Low Stress Last Minute Gift Ideas

Running out of time and still want a gift that will wow your family and friends? No need to fret: there are plenty of good last minute gift ideas that you can make yourself. From stationary to succulents, you can find something that works for you; whether it’s a personalized Christmas gift, an office thank you or a birthday present. We’re sharing 46 last minute gift ideas that will give you both inspiration and DIY tips.

As you decide on your gifts, think about items that’ll be truly appreciated and enjoyed. Don’t forget: if you’re looking for last minute gifts around the holidays, be sure to pair it with a unique Christmas card!

1. Decorative Bottle Stoppers

Create unique bottle stoppers for wine and liquor by wood burning each piece. If you don’t have a wood burning kit, you can paint the stoppers instead.

2. Monogram Planter

herringbone cube planter gift

Source: Shutterfly

Take a simple cube or planter and personalize it with your friend’s initials. Then, run by your local garden store to pick up a beautiful and low maintenance plant.

3. Salt and Pepper Shakers

Add a dash of personality to any kitchen or dining room table. Decorate salt and pepper shakers with simple etched designs.

4. Colorful Wall Art

Brush a blank canvas with joyful colors like yellow, pink and blue. Choose an uplifting quote or phrase for a personalized touch.

5. Lavender Heat Bag

Great for relaxing aching muscles or warming up on a chilly day, make a heating bag for a well-appreciated gift. Place lavender and wheat inside fabric then sew it securely so nothing falls out.

6. Specialty Cupcakes

Whip up a batch of chocolate or vanilla cupcakes, then top them with special treats like fresh berries and crushed candy bars. Package them in a gift box for a professional presentation.

7. Fresh Baked Bread

fresh bread gift idea

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Everyone can appreciate some gourmet bread fresh from the oven. Stop by their favorite bakery and grab a loaf of something special. Wrap it in a personalized tea towel for a special touch.

8. Clay Jewelry Dishes

Form beautiful jewelry dishes out of clay. Line the edges with acrylic paint for a decorative touch. The lucky receiver will have a place to store their earrings, rings and other jewelry.

9. Custom Necklace

initial necklace jewelry custom

These customized necklaces look beautiful and are easy to personalize. Just use the recipient’s initials, name, or a cute phrase.

10. Crocheted Jute Coasters

Make a set of coasters by crocheting jute twine into small disks. These coasters fit well with other rustic and farmhouse decor.

11. Mason Jar Flower Bouquets

last minute gift ideas mason jar flower bouquets

Source: Eighteen25

Paint the outside of mason jars to create colorful vases. Fill them with fresh blooms or fabric flowers depending on the season.

12. Colorful Stationery

Who doesn’t love having stationery on-hand for birthdays and anniversaries? Design your own stationery and place the cards and envelopes in a sleek box.

13. DIY Candle Holders

last minute gift ideas diy candle holders

Source: Fall for DIY

Blend two colors of clay together to make a marbled effect. Form candle holders out of the clay and brush them with an enamel finish.

14. Personalized Notepad

Customize a notepad for jotting down memories or writing to-do lists. Design your look on a computer then print the number of pages you want.

15. Homemade Perfume

Floral and herb perfume can be simply made with water and essential oils. Add fresh herbs and flowers to the spray bottle for a fuller scent.

16. Citrus Extracts

Place citrus peels and alcohol in mason jars to make your own extract. Try lemon and orange—both of which are great for baking and cooking.

17. Wrapped Bottle of Wine

A selection of three wine totes.

Grab a bottle of red or white wine and your gift is almost complete. Wrap it in a custom wine bag, tote, or tea towel then head to the party!

18. Gemstone Earrings

The best jewelry gives off a bit of flair and personality. Secure gemstones or rhinestones to earring backs for quirky jewelry your mom or sister will love.

19. DIY Ocean Painting

last minute gift ideas diy ocean painting

Source: Darice

Put your artistic abilities to use by painting a canvas with an ocean scene. Blend blues, greens and whites for this dreamy wall decor.

20. Wine Toppers

Securing an open bottle of wine with a cork helps preserve it for future sips. Glue figurine dogs, cats or rhinos to simple toppers for all of the animal lovers in your life.

21. Mason Jar Herbs

mason jar herb gift

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For the friend that loves being in the kitchen, grab some popular fresh herbs like rosemary and mint and plant them in a simple mason jar. They’ll be able to keep it on their windowsill for easy maintenance.

22. Painted Wooden Utensils

Enhance a set of wooden spoons and spatulas by dipping them in colorful paints. Choose one color for the whole set or mix it up for variety.

23. Healthy Muffins

last minute gift ideas healthy muffins

Source: Eighteen25

Whether they’re banana nut or whole bran muffins, these sweet and healthy treats will be appreciated. Package them in a gift box and add a clever tag.

24. DIY Flower Magnets

Liven up someone’s refrigerator or office with these floral accents. Adhere fabric flowers to small magnets for an easy, yet beautiful last minute gift idea.

25. Hanging Cork Board

Line the edges of a corkboard with a patterned fabric like one with polka dots or stripes. Secure a strip of the same fabric to the back of the board to create a hanger for a bedroom door or kitchen wall.

26. Fruit Basket

Fill a basket with all sorts of fruits: apples, bananas, kiwis and mangos. Some of the most appreciated last minute gift ideas are simple and practical.

27. Homemade Journal

Have a friend or coworker who loves to write? Make them a personalized journal with a cover that will inspire them.

28. Potted Succulent

Succulents are both beautiful and easy to maintain. Plant one in a mason jar then add a ribbon for a special touch.

29. Apple Cinnamon Dog Chews

Looking for last minute gift ideas for your pet-loving friends? Bake a batch of healthy chew sticks using ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen, like applesauce and cinnamon.

30. Beaded Jewelry

Think about the style of the person you’re gifting. If they wear neutral colors, fashion jewelry out of those tones. If they’re more eclectic in their style, bead a bracelet with bright colors.

31. DIY Soap Stones

Fancy soaps aren’t just found in boutiques. You can make your own soap stones out of a few simple ingredients. Add essential oils to the mix, like lavender or rose extract, for a relaxing fragrance.

32. Mini Donuts

last minute gift ideas mini donuts

Source: Eighteen25

Make or buy donuts for one of the most delicious last minute gift ideas. Create a cute tag to secure to your gift bag or box.

33. Fabric Covered Vases

Wrap a piece of fabric or tea towel around a glass vase. Tie twine or string around the center to hold it in place. Don’t forget to add fresh blooms like lillies or tulips.

34. Dalmatian Stationary

With a marker and blank note cards, you can create cute, classy stationery. Try the dalmatian look or go for simple polka dots.

35. DIY Pillows

last minute gift ideas diy pillows

Source: Sarah Hearts

Sew custom pillow covers for a friend’s living room or bedroom. Choose neutral fabrics or ones you know will match their decor perfectly.

36. Sundae Kit

Pack all of the sundae essentials into a box: chocolate syrup, peanuts, candy and cones. Any family member or friend will love receiving this tasty kit!

37. DIY Dog Toy

Repurpose a pair of bright socks to make a fun dog toy. Your human and canine friends alike will appreciate such a playful gift.

38. Mint Extract

Homemade extract is a delicious addition to any baking recipe. Place mint leaves and alcohol in a mason jar to create your own.

39. Cookies in a Jar

Layer the ingredients for chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin cookies into a mason jar. Write the baking instructions on a note card and attach it to the lid.

40. Simple Earrings

Beautiful, dangling earrings aren’t hard to make. With only a few supplies, you can create several sets in a matter of minutes.

41. Comic Book Magnets

Clip images from a newspaper or comic book to make superhero magnets. Include a mix of action shots and conversation bubbles.

42. Organic Chapstick

Stir together the ingredients for an all-natural chapstick: beeswax, shea butter and coconut oil. Add a flavor like mint for a yummy accent.

43. Fun Coupons

Need last minute gift ideas for him or her? Create a set of coupons for date nights, massages and taking on extra chores around the house.

44. Pom Pom Necklace

String yarn pom poms on a necklace chain. Your chic homemade jewelry can be worn by mom, grandma, sister or best friend.

45. DIY Wire Bracelets

Start with memory wire and an arrangement of beads to form your own bracelets. Design your beading pattern ahead of time to end up with professional-looking jewelry.

46. Tile Coasters

Personalize coasters using tiles as your foundation. Adhere scrapbook paper—whether it’s floral or rustic themed—for unique decor that can be used in the kitchen or dining room.

Don’t forget that the best gifts are both practical and personalized. If you’re still unsure of a last minute gift, try a custom cutting board or a canvas tote bag. Whatever gift you pick, don’t forget a personalized note card, and you’ll have the peace of mind that they’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness.