93 Baby Shower Gift Ideas She’ll Adore

There’s a new baby on the way and you get to shower the mom-to-be with love and excitement. Whether your sister, best friend or niece is expecting, bring a gift that will touch her heart and help her prepare for her little one. The best newborn baby gifts are often personal, unique or even made by hand. From burp cloths to nursery decorations, there are plenty of items that she’ll appreciate on her special day. DIY gifts can run the gamut from crocheted baby booties to handsewn fabric books. Include the baby’s initials or adorn the present with baby shower wishes and messages in a heartfelt card.

We’ve gathered a list of unique baby gifts to comfort, warm and welcome the new little one. These are also excellent gifts if you’re attending a coed baby shower and are on the hunt for something great for the parents as well. From a personalized coffee mug to nursery supplies, you’re sure to find the perfect gift on this list.

1. Sweetly Swaddled

baby shower gift coral and co 2

Source: Coral and Co

Choose a soft piece of fabric—preferably knit or flannel—in a fun print to create this soft swaddling blanket. Hem the edge and round the corners with a sewing machine and wrap up with your handmade hats!

2. Shimmering Booties

Spruce up some baby shoes with a scalloped glitter design. No need to be an avid artist to create this DIY gift. Simply tape off your design, add a layer of Mod Podge and cover with a layer of sparkles.

3. Hooded Potter Blanket

Transform your friend’s new baby into a wizard with this hooded blankie. The pattern creates a reversible style to swap from muggle Harry to wizard in moments.

4. The Softest Book

Personalize your very own baby book by gifting one made completely of fabric. Little ones can flip through the pages on their own with ease or even give it a snuggle during naptime. Combine scraps of patterned fabric and personalize it with their name.

5. Leather Baby Booties

There’s nothing quite as cute as a pair of tiny baby booties. Sew these DIY faux-leather booties and add a small fabric flower or bow to personalize for the new baby!

6. Bunny Buddies

These simple stuffed bunny patterns are easy to personalize, add accessories to and even design clothing for. Add giant pom-pom tails and floppy ears as well. You can even craft new bunny clothing over the years.

7. Headband Bouquet

This simple crochet pattern adds a touch of spring to their little heads the moment they’re born. After crocheting the stretchy band, add a handmade flower, extra petals and green leaves for a full bouquet.

8. Furry Friend Bib Pattern

Adorn a set of DIY baby bibs with friendly woodland creatures. These patterns only require cutting out simple shapes to make both bear and cat faces with ease. Include a snap at the top of each bib for easy wear.

9. Baby-Friendly Blocks

Soft and squishy is always best for little ones. Follow this easy-to-sew pattern to gift a set of stuffed building blocks. Add letters, numbers or sweet shapes from your Cricut machine.

10. Spring Arrival Onesie

Is the new baby coming in the spring? Create this bunny-themed onesie with an iron-on design that declares the baby is “too hip to hop.” Personalize in different colors and styles or add an encouraging new mom quote.

11. New Kid Onesie

There are so many adorable possibilities when designing your own newborn onesie. Try out this “Hello, I’m new here,” style in gold and silver iron-on foil.

12. Set Of DIY Headbands

Gift a selection sweet headbands to adorn the noggins of their little baby boy or girl. Mix and match your fabric and ribbon choices, from soft elastic to a line of golden stars. Add floral accents and bows for an individual look.

13. DIY Baby Month Sign

baby shower gift month sign

Source: Gina Michele

Create this customizable sign for the parents-to-be to hang in the nursery or use in photos. Paint a circle of wood with chalkboard paint and write a loving message with a white paint pen.

14. Sophie the Giraffe Onesie

This adorable costume is perfect for baby’s first Halloween and matches their favorite teething toy. Spray fabric paint onto a footed onesie to create spots, then add ears and horns with rolled-up felt.

15. Quilted Playtime Ball

Choose fabric with playful prints and patch together a quilted ball and rattle for playtime. Fill with stuffing and tuck a rattle into the center before closing it up. Pair with handmade fabric blocks and a homemade book.

16. Bunny Ear Teether

baby shower gift bunny teether

Source: Yarn Society

These bunny-themed teethers are a great small gift to bring to a baby shower and show off your crocheting skills. Knot the strip of fabric around a natural wood ring and pair with a set of multicolored options.

17. Cuddly Llama

Make their favorite soft snuggly friend by hand with this llama stuffed animal pattern. Crochet the body with fuzzy yarn in your choice of colors and add fun tassels around the neck. Be sure to fill with extra stuffing.

18. Easy Fabric Toy Set

The new little one will love to squeeze and nibble these soft stuffed toys. Trace and cut out simple patterns like trees, fruit and stars from patterned fabric and fill with stuffing.

19. Crocheted Koala Friend

Are you a pro with crochet needles? Follow this free pattern to create a sweet koala stuffed animal that is sure to be the baby’s favorite naptime buddy.

20. Garden Of Initials

Frame a colorful display of painted flowers in the shape of the little one’s initials. Wrap it up in a gift box and add DIY paper flowers to go with the garden theme.

21. Easy-Sew Baby Hat

baby shower gift coral and co 1

Source: Coral and Co

Sew a set of cozy baby hats with this simple pattern perfect for beginners. Match the fabric pattern with a purchased outfit or mix and match styles to keep their head warm in their first days home from the hospital.

22. Hogwarts Express Diaper Cake

baby shower gift diaper cake

Source: BugabooCity

Diaper cakes are an old and trustworthy baby shower tradition. They allow friends to gift the ever-important stash of diapers in a fun a playful way. Once you assemble your train, add the black and red accents with craft felt.

23. Natural Wood Teether

When baby starts teething, it’s important to have something comfy and natural to nibble on. Attach a smooth wooden ring or a pacifier to a beaded string and plastic clip so they can always keep it close by.

24. Modern Baby Rattle

Give their little one something to shake and rattle with just a few pieces of craft wood. Secure two wooden balls to the end of a thick dowel and add multi-colored wooden rings that shake about.

25. Matching Shirts

This sweet baby gift set has something for the whole family. Print the same message and pattern onto shirts for mom and dad and on a onesie for baby. Personalize the message for each recipient.

26. On Cloud Nine

This cheerful DIY baby mobile is easy to sew and personalize to hang in a new nursery. Sew together two cloud-shaped pieces of fabric, stuff with Polyfil and add rainbow ribbons to the base. Be sure to include a smiling face with a gel pen.

27. Colorblocked Book Box

Baby books are one of the most popular baby shower gifts. Why not design a place to store them all? Transform a wooden planter box from the hardware store with painted color blocks. Fill it up with a few of your favorite stories!

28. Gold Foil

Add some style to your friend’s onesie collection with this distressed gold foil onesie. Add a scalloped pattern with iron-on foils. Once they dry, stretch the fabric a bit to get the distressed look.

29. Fabric Laundry Basket

The new mama will have plenty of laundry to do once her little peanut arrives. Sew a fabric laundry basket that matches her nursery theme—whether it’s nautical or zoo animal inspired.

30. Waterproof Diaper Clutch

Make changing diapers on-the-go easy and as mess-free as possible. Create a waterproof diaper clutch that fits the essentials including wipes, diapers and a small tube of rash paste.

31. Baby Bunny Outfit

Crochet a precious outfit for the upcoming arrival. Select soft white yarn for a hat that features bunny ears. Embellish the center of the ears with a light pink shade.

32. DIY Baby Swing

Babies and toddlers alike love to fly high. Construct a swing out of fabric and wooden dowels that the family can hang in their backyard or under their porch.

33. Baby Booties

Keep the little one’s feet cozy with soft yarn booties. Choose a crochet pattern with two colors for a stylish design.

34. Stuffed Dinosaur

Fill the nursery with stegosauruses and triceratops. Sew dinosaur friends out of felt and decorative fabrics for cute baby shower gifts.

35. Personalized Canvas Pouch

baby shower gift personalized cancas clutch

Source: Shutterfly

Help the mama-to-be stay as organized as possible. A personalized pouch can store her necessities: chapstick, smartphone, tissues and extra hair ties.

36. Nursery Sign

Add personality to the nursery walls with a custom sign. Match the nursery theme—whether it’s floral or firetrucks—and include a special message or inspiring quote.

37. Half Square Quilt

Baby blankets and quilts often remain as keepsakes and family heirlooms for generations to come. Design a quilt where each square is made out of two different fabric patterns.

38. Washcloth Animals

The best baby shower gifts are both cute and practical. Transform washcloths into adorable animals like bunnies and ducks. Stick eyes and noses on the faces to bring them to life.

39. Personalized Cupcakes

baby shower gift personalized cupcakes

Source: Evermine

Let part of your baby shower gift be the refreshments for the party. Bake chocolate, vanilla or strawberry cupcakes and add a personal touch like sprinkles or custom decals.

40. Crochet Pacifier Clip

It’s not unusual for a baby to lose his or her pacifier out of their mouth. Help to prevent it from dropping to the floor by crocheting a band that connects a clip to a onesie or shirt.

41. Diaper Bag

New mamas have plenty of items to pack on a daily basis, from extra baby outfits to burp cloths and wipes. Sew her a diaper bag that fits all of her essentials and hangs comfortably over her shoulder.

42. Kimono Set

Wrap the new little one in a stylish kimono outfit. Match the pair of pants with the edging on the top for an adorable duo.

43. Bunny Hooded Towel

Sew a hood and bunny ears to a regular towel for a loveable bathroom staple. Soft and cuddly, this hooded towel makes bath time more fun and exciting.

44. Rustic Wood Frame

Looking for unique baby shower gift ideas? Construct a rustic picture frame out of wood and clothespins. The new parents can display photos of their little one’s first smile or hike through the park.

45. DIY Sunshine Toy

baby shower gift diy sunshine toy

Source: So Sew Easy

Create a baby-safe plush toy out of ribbon, terry towel and embroidery floss. Avoid adding buttons or plastic eyes that could be a choking hazard for the little one.

46. Silicone Teething Necklace

baby shower gift silicone teeth necklace

Source: Gugu Guru

A necklace adds color and personality to mama’s outfit. Fashion jewelry that baby can chew on when he or she is close to mom. The silicone beads in this design are squishy and baby-safe.

47. Ruffle Baby Bottoms

baby shower gift ruffle baby bottoms

Source: Raegun Wear

Add some cuteness to the little one’s wardrobe with ruffled bottoms. Layer several colors of fabric for a fun and festive look.

48. Clever Onesie

Find a creative quote or saying to add to a onesie. Choose fabric paint or vinyl adhesive as the medium for embedding your design. Include a range of colors for extra personality.

49. Top Knot Baby Hat

No matter which month the baby is due, keep them warm with a thin knit hat. Opt for a patterned fabric like one with florals or giraffes. Include a top knot for an adorable accent.

50. Photo Display

baby shower gift photo display

Source: Kraft Mint

Wondering what to get for a baby shower? Build a wooden shelf for photos and books, then paint it blue, green or pink. The new parents can proudly display their favorite memories from the family’s first moments together.

51. Family Photo Book

baby shower gift family photo book

Source: Shutterfly

Give the new family a special spot to collect photos, stories and keepsakes. Design a book with maternity or family photos that they can cherish for years to come.

52. Paper Nursery Animals

Add life to the nursery shelves with paper animals. Construct lions, tigers or guinea pigs out of craft paper. Or opt for a theme like nautical or farm animals.

53. Ruffled Dress

Looking for baby shower gifts for girls? Compile various fabric pieces to design and sew a ruffled dress. The little one can wear it for a wedding, holiday party or summer barbeque.

54. Wooden Teether Rings

Make the teething stage more bearable with cute rings decorated with animal ears. Opt for organic beeswax coated rings and organic fabric to ensure it’s safe for baby.

55. Heart Bib Cloths

Mama can never have too many burp cloths. Design a set with love by sewing hearts to the ends. Alternate the colors of the hearts for style and variety.

56. Flannel Baby Blanket

Blankets not only keep baby warm but they also serve as play mats. Sew a blanket with flannel and chenille for one that’s plush and cozy.

57. Cotton Baby Washcloths

Repurpose a sweater to form the backsides of cotton washcloths. These squares are durable, soft and absorbent—ideal for baby’s skin.

58. Yarn Animals

Crocheting isn’t just for blankets and sweaters. You can form animal toys from yarn, too. Try a turtle, bunny or penguin.

59. Holiday Ornaments

baby shower gift holiday ornaments

Source: Shutterfly

The first holiday season with baby is extra special. Help mom and dad decorate the tree with a custom photo ornament or one that says ‘baby’s first Christmas.’

60. Popsicle Stick Lamp

baby shower gift popsicle stick lamp

Source: Ich Designer

For late night reading or nursing, build a peaceful night light by stacking popsicle sticks in a rectangular tower. Add a white or colored bulb to set a tranquil aura in the room.

61. Baby Cardigan

Knit a cardigan for the little one on the way. Choose a hand-dyed yarn of multiple colors so your design is full of life without having to knit a complex pattern.

62. Colorful Crib Mobile

Add a bright touch to the nursery with a round crib mobile. Made with yarn and ribbon, this vibrant piece hovers above a crib or bassinet to keep the baby happy and relaxed.

63. Cozy Yarn Toy

Want baby shower gifts that will receive ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’? Crochet cute animals like bunnies, bears and birds out of super soft yarn.

64. DIY Toddler Activity Center

When baby grows, he or she will be looking for ways to learn and explore. Construct a toddler activity center out of wood, magnets, latches, hinges and wooden beads. Decorate with non-toxic paint in all colors of the rainbow.

65. Stamped Muslin Wrap

Help keep the newborn snug at night with a lightweight swaddle blanket. Add a design, like animals or flowers, to personalize it. Swaddles mimic the way the baby was tucked in the womb—making them feel secure for sleeping.

66. Wood Wall Hanging

Brighten the nursery with a vibrant wall hanging. Paint thin wooden pieces in sunshine or rainbow colors for festive decor.

67. Cuffed Baby Boot

Is baby’s due date in the fall or winter? Pull out your crochet hooks to create two-toned cuffed boots. Not only will they keep baby warm, but they’re stylish too.

68. Fabric Pennant Flags

Line the walls of the nursery with decorative fabric pennants. Form the triangles from fabric then sew them on a strip of ribbon for easy hanging.

69. Fun Diaper Covers

baby shower gift fun diaper covers

Source: See Kate Sew

Whether your mama friend plans to use cloth or disposable diapers, give her a way to dress them up with darling covers. Select an array of fabrics so there are options for every season and outfit.

70. Ribbon Nursery Art

Have leftover ribbon from other crafting projects? Repurpose your scraps with the ribbon applique technique. Bundle together a variety of colors to form your design—whether it’s a heart, star or lucky four leaf clover.

71. Photo Key Ring

baby shower gift photo key ring

Source: Shutterfly

Moms are often on the move. Design a custom photo keychain she’ll take with her to doctor appointments, sporting events and family outings. Choose maternity or family photos that will touch her heart.

72. Matching Dad and Baby Outfits

Baby shower gifts don’t just have to be for mom and baby. Make something special for dad, too. Iron a design on a t-shirt and onesie so baby and papa can match.

73. Newborn Pants

With a fall or winter due date, extra warm clothes are a must. Crochet a pair of pants with a neutral-colored yarn so they can slip over a onesie of any color.

74. Bow Head Wrap

Check out these precious baby shower gifts for girls. Made of knit fabric and elastic, these headbands dress up any outfit. Pair it with a beautifully written card for an unforgettable gift.

75. Crib Teething Guard

When the baby grows to teething age, prevent them from chewing the rail of their crib. Sew a guard out of fabric that matches their nursery theme to protect the little one from nibbling on wood and paint.

76. DIY Jersey Pacifier Strap

No matter your crafting ability, this pacifier strap can be made easily with just a few materials. By braiding strips of jersey yarn or a t-shirt, you can create a strap that connects to a pacifier. The clip attaches to the baby’s onesie or shirt collar.

77. Baby Halloween Costume

Will the little peanut be born before Halloween? Make celebrating easier for the new parents by gifting them a costume. Consider a pumpkin or cute animal ensemble.

78. Crochet Basket

Mamas and babies need a lot new gear—from diapers to body lotion. Help your sister, friend or niece stay organized by crocheting baskets for the bathroom and nursery.

79. Monogram Necklace

baby shower gift monogram necklace

Source: Shutterfly

Here’s a gift that mama-to-be can wear close to her heart. Design a custom necklace with the first initial of her last name or her baby’s first name.

80. Painted Book Box

Build a trendy space for organizing baby books. Adhere pieces of wood together then paint the sides with bright or pastel colors. Complete the gift by adding a book or two to the box.

81. Custom Wooden Scrapbook

Your mama friend will appreciate having a place to capture her baby’s memories. Choose thin pieces of plywood for durable book covers, then add scrapbook pages in the center with binder rings.

82. Fabric Lined Basket

Give mama a way to organize baby clothes, burp cloths and blankets. Sew fabric liners to wicker baskets that can fit easily on a shelf or in a closet.

83. Hooded Baby Outfit

baby shower gift hooded baby outfit

Source: Skirt as Top

Instead of just a onesie, comprise a whole outfit made of a hat, onesie and mittens. This super cute ensemble is ideal for a boy, girl or gender neutral baby shower.

84. Name Banner

Are you hosting the baby shower? Construct a banner out of paper that displays the baby’s first or last name. The best part is that mom can hang this decoration in the nursery after the shower.

85. Personalized Clothing

baby shower gift personalized clothing

Source: Sew Woodsy

Turn a onesie or pair of pants into special, one-of-a-kind clothing. Try an iron-on decal that features the baby’s name or a cute design.

86. No-Scratch Mittens

Sometimes babies will scratch themselves while they sleep. Help keep their nails away from their face with lightweight mittens that cover their hands.

87. Winter Booties

Although he or she won’t be ready for sledding and snowball fights just yet, make sure they’re prepared for the colder months with fleece booties. Choose a fun color like purple or orange to add flair to an outfit.

88. Honeycomb Soap

Pamper mama-to-be with all-natural bath and shower soap. This honeycomb bar will leave her skin nourished and her soul feeling refreshed.

89. DIY Letter Art

baby shower gift diy letter art

Source: Wedding Star

Wrap colorful yarn around craft letters for charming wall decor. Spell a word like ‘love,’ ‘peace’ or ‘family.’

90. Glass Catch All Tray

baby shower gift glass photo tray

Source: Shutterfly

A beautiful landing spot for jewelry, keys and other accessories, a glass catch all tray can be personalized with a photo. Choose a family snapshot or one from her maternity photoshoot.

91. Ribbon Onesie

Decorate a onesie with leftover pieces of ribbon. Form a shape like a heart or leaf to customize an outfit for the little one on the way.

92. Matching Costumes

If mom’s having twins or triplets, create matching outfits they can wear for photoshoots or holidays. Consider building your design from solid-colored onesies or sleepsuits.

93. Curtained Bookshelves

baby shower gift curtained bookshelves

Source: Vikalpah

Construct a charming place for displaying books, stuffed animals and other toys. Adhere fabric curtains to bookshelves, then add hooks or ribbons to tie back the fabric on the sides.

With so many traditional baby shower gift ideas out there, why not make something completely one-of-a-kind? Show off your crafting, sewing and painting skills while welcoming the new baby with love and cheer. Design a personalized frame that she can proudly display the first photos of her and baby.