Baptism Invitation Wording Template for All Christenings

If there’s a new bundle of joy in your life and you’re getting ready for their Christening, you’re probably sending out baptism invitations to friends and family. As this special event only happens once in your baby’s life, it’s important to make sure that all their loved ones are there to see them. Ensure all the correct wording and details are used in your baby Christening invitations with our guide on Baptism invitation wording.

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Christening Invitation Wording Guidelines

In order to make sure you’re not leaving out an important details, it’s a good idea to check off a list of everything your baptism invitation wording should include. We’ve provided a full list of our favorite essentials for baptism invitations below. Take the following details and make sure your invites say everything you want them to.

Name of the Honoree and Parent(s)

Make sure the name of the baby being baptized is front and center on the invitation, so there’s no confusion from the guests. Many parents choose to include the middle name in the card, but this can vary.

Date and Time

Double check that the date and time of the baptism listed on the invitation is correct before sending out the invitations. And if your reception or baptism party isn’t directly after the ceremony, make sure to list the date and time for that event on the invitation as well.

Church and/or Reception Location

Let your guests know exactly where they’re going by providing both the location name and address. And if the spot is tricky to get to and you’re worried about guests arriving in time, consider adding instructions or a small map in the envelope. And if the reception in held in a different location than the ceremony, make sure to include both addresses on the invitation.

RSVP number and deadline

At the bottom of the invitation make it easy for guests to RSVP. Write clearly the name of and contact information of the person who they need to RSVP to, as well as the deadline for the RSVP. If there is no RSVP required, write “No RSVP required.”

Any Additional Information for Baptism Invitations

It’s important to note other things on your invitations that the guests may not already know. For example, if you don’t want friends and family buying baptism gifts, write “no gifts, please” on the invitation. Or if there’s a special baptism party theme, you can let your guests know here.

baptism at Our Lady of Mercy in Westlake.

Baptism Invitation Ideas

If you’re looking for additional special touches to add to your baptism invitation wording, consider adding baptism quotes or bible verses about family to the invitation. These not only stay on message for the event but reaffirm your love for the new bundle of joy in your life.

You may also want to check out our resource on baptism party ideas– some of the ideas may inspire you to get extra creative with your baptism invitations.

Baptism Invitation Template

If you’re looking for specific baptism invitation templates and ideas, look no further. We’ve provided four different baptism invitation wording examples for different kinds of Christenings. Pick your favorite below or use them to craft an extra special one of your own.

General Baby Catholic Baptism Invitations

John & Angela Mason

Invite you to celebrate the Baptism of

Taylor Lyndsey Mason

Saturday, May 25th at 3pm

Saint Mary’s Church

234 South Market Street, Campbell

Reception to follow in church courtyard

Please RSVP by May 10th

Angela at 345-876-4365

Christening Invitations Girl

Jason & Trisha Danarford

Invite you to share in the Baptism of their daughter

Jane Alex Danarford

February 15th, at 12pm

Saint Andrew’s Church

244 Holly Road, Roseville

With reception to follow at the Danarford House

RSVP to Trisha at 326-875-4567 by February 1st

Christening Invitations Boy

Join us for the Christening of our son

Joseph Andrew Mason

Saturday, July 18th at 2pm

Saint John’s Chapel

546 Stoneridge Way, Fullerton

With reception to follow at the Mason home

3563 South Parker Street, Fullerton

Please RSVP by July 7th

Harper Mason at 345-235-6733

Baptism Announcement for Adult

Please join Asher Morris for his Baptism

And a celebration of renewed faith

Saturday, June 17th at 4pm

Ceremony Church

2345 Rosewood Lane, Dallas

Lunch reception to follow

Highwater Country Club

3252 Highwater Road, Dallas

Please RSVP at 345-784-3253 by June 1st

No Gifts Please!

A woman baptizes a young woman in the ocean during sunset

Other Baptism Invitation Wording Related Resources

If you liked this resource on baptism invitation wording and you’re looking for additional related resources, we’ve got you covered. If you’re a guest attending a baby shower, consider our resource on what to write in a baptism card. It will help you find the perfect messaging for the parents and baby.

You may also find our baptism gift etiquette guide helpful when picking out the perfect present for the baby. Whether it’s a fleece photo blanket, teddy bear, or candle – you’re sure to find something perfect for their Christening.