25+ Fun Basement Wall Ideas

Because of limited natural light, the basement often needs the most attention when it comes to decorating. Whether you want your basement to have a cozy or energetic feel, design your space to reflect the vibe you’re going for. If you’re not sure how you’ll decorate your basement walls, you’re not alone either. We’ve compiled over 25 basement wall ideas to inspire and spark your creative side.

For stunning art that includes your family photos and favorite memories, design your own framed canvases to hang on your basement walls.

More Wall Decor Ideas

1. Wooden Sign

Give your basement walls a personal touch with a wooden sign. Place the word ‘home,’ ‘family’ or ‘love’ across the boards.

2. Shutters and Stars

Who doesn’t enjoy looking up at the stars? Bring a farmhouse feel to your basement with a shutters and stars design.

3. Heart Art

Mount love on your basement walls with heart-inspired art. Make your piece truly eye-catching by including an assortment of colors.

4. Hanging Yarn Art

Basement wall ideas don’t have to include a painting or photograph. Design colorful artwork with strands of yarn and a wooden dowel or branch.

5. Canvas Wall Art

canvas wall art

Source: Shutterfly

Take your favorite memories—like a recent vacation or holiday get-together—and turn them into wall art. Choose several canvas prints to create a gallery effect.

6. Paw Prints

Include your special pets in your basement wall ideas. Have them stamp their paw prints on canvas for simple but cute decor.

7. Sparkly Initial

Design a shimmery letter to create monogram art or spell out your full last name. Choose a metallic tone that either complements or contrasts your basement wall colors.

8. DIY String Art

In the shape of a heart or a star, form your own string art using a pattern of nails. Select your string color based on the vibe you want to create.

9. Wooden Shelf

Line a basement wall with a beautiful wooden ledge. Place framed art, plants and candles across the shelf for a diverse display.

10. Mounted Wall Art

mounted wall art

Source: Shutterfly

Have special photos from a camping trip or city adventure? Turn your images into professional pieces with mounted wall art.

11. DIY Abstract Art

Enhance the texture of your basement walls with abstract art. Select paint colors for the piece that contrast your other decor.

12. Copper Painting

copper painting

Source: Gina Michele

Recreate this copper art piece with metallic acrylic paints and sea sponges. The uniqueness alone will impress family and friends who visit.

13. Feather Collage

feather collage

Source: Decor8

Design a piece of stunning art for your basement walls with a feather collage. Paint your feathers an array of colors while staying within a complementary scheme.

14. Polka Dots

Add some zest to your basement walls using polka dots. Choose a color that matches your style whether that’s blue, purple or gold.

15. Fabric Canvas

fabric canvas

Source: Lia Griffith

Bring some character to your basement walls with a dynamic piece of fabric. Cover a canvas with the fabric and hang it in a place where you need a bit of extra color.

16. Rustic Decor

rustic decor

Source: Shabby Grace

Incorporate a rustic feel into your basement decor. Find shelving and artwork that carry a woodsy feel.

17. Washi Tape Wall

Brighten an entire wall with a washi tape design. Choose a neutral color like black, tan or grey to maintain a professional look.

18. Large Black and White Art

Fill your basement walls with character using giant DIY black and white art pieces. Choose chalk, pastels or paints for your art medium.

19. Seashell Art

Snap photos of your seashell collection and turn them into art. Frame your photos and hang them on the wall in a symmetrical design.

20. World Map

Do you love to travel or have a bucket list of all the places you’d like to go? Put the world on your walls for inspiration and dreaming.

21. Wood Slice Wall Art

Accent traditional wood slices by painting them in a variety of colors. Arrange an entire wall with the small and large circle slices.

21. Canvas Prints

Special memories often make the best art. Choose a photo from a beach day or winter skiing adventure to infuse on a canvas.

22. DIY Drip Painting

That’s right: you can create this unique look by dripping paint on a canvas. Blend your artwork into the wall by choosing a paint color that matches.

24. Geometric Wall

geometric wall

Source: Eliza Rose

Looking for basement wall ideas that cover the whole space? Create a geometric wall using painters’ tape and an assortment of colors.

25. Plywood State Art

Create art of your favorite U.S. state or the place you were born. Plywood and canvas make up the main ingredients for this simple DIY project.

26. Monogram Art

Your basement wall ideas don’t need to be expensive. This monogram art uses scrapbook paper as its main material—making it easy to personalize your design.

Brighten up your basement walls with decor that represents what’s most important to you. Select your favorite photos and memories then head on over to design your own wall.