14+ Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Celebrate your kid’s next birthday party with a dino-mite theme. Whether your child loves science and paleontology, or their favorite movie is Jurassic Park, a dinosaur birthday party is fun and easy to create. From dinosaur themed food to dino decorations, we’ve made a list of some of our favorite party ideas, just for you. Get started with the sections below and pick out your favorite dinosaur birthday party ideas and inspiration.

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Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Happy little sisters having fun sitting on carpet and playing together with dinosaur toys

Get started planning your dinosaur birthday party with the following kids birthday party ideas below. From the best birthday invitations to the ultimate party favors, we have all the ideas to help you bring your dinosaur (birthday) to life!

1. Fun Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitations

Dinosaur birthday party Invitations from ShutterflyThe birthday starts with the invitation, so it’s important that your invites tell the guests everything they need to know. In addition to picking the perfect dinosaur design for your kids birthday invitations, you also want to make sure they cover all the important details. This includes information like the date and time for the party, the location of the birthday, the name of the birthday boy or girl, contact information, and RSVP instructions.  The invitations should also clearly state any other important instructions such as dress code, any needed supplies (such as a swimsuit, or sunscreen), and more. For additional help, make sure to visit our resource on birthday invitation wording for kids.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Food Ideas

The following dinosaur birthday menu ideas include sweet desserts and fun finger foods. Use inspiration from the ideas below to plan your party menu or try to recreate the ideas from scratch.

2. Dinosaur Shaped Chicken Nuggets

Dinosaur-shaped breaded fish fillets

This dinosaur shaped classic party food is easy to make and always well received. This finger food is a perfect party staple, especially if you’re serving light bites instead of a full meal. Just remember to leave out plenty of condiments like ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise.

3. Frosted Dino Cookies

Dinosaur shaped cookies for a dinosaur birthday party

Using simple cookie cutter shapes and frosting, create a beautiful dinosaur cookie dessert plate. The kids are sure to love the shapes, and it’s an easy project to put together. And don’t be afraid to make a batch or two extra to use at take home party favors.

4. Fondant Dino Cake

Blue and green first year birthday cake with cute dinosaur

For a younger kids birthday party, consider making this adorable fondant dino birthday cake. Using a baby blue and green color palette and plenty of frosting, this cake is sure to impress at your dinosaur birthday party.

5. Jurassic Park Themed Cake

Children's dinosaur birthday cake decorated with mastic figurines of dinosaurs in the Jurassic period jungle

This Jurassic Park themed birthday cake helps you incorporate your child’s favorite toy dinosaurs. Use the plastic toys as figurines for the top of the cake, and decorate with safari-ike frosting and designs.

Cute Dinosaur Birthday Decorations

The following decorations will help you take your dinosaur birthday party to the next level. From green streamers, to dinosaur table settings, to prehistoric centerpieces– these ideas are truly “dino-mite.”

6. Custom Dino Pillows

Dinosaur pillow for a birthday party.

Create some custom dinosaur pillows for your child’s birthday party. These quickly turn your party couches or picnic areas into a comfy space that fit your party theme. They’re especially perfect if you’re planning a dino movie marathon for the party.

7. Step Stool Elevated Dinosaur Centerpiece Ideas

a Dinosaur step stool for cute party decorations

Elevate your party table with a step stool so you can easily display your themed desserts, gifts, or even dino figurines. These dinosaur custom step stools make perfect opportunities to decorate your party space and double as a great gift and reminder of the party.

8. Dinosaur Figurines

Overhead view of a collection of bright colorful Toy dinosaurs on top of a wooden table.

Whether you’re using your child’s favorite figurines or purchasing new ones for the party, strategically placing them around the party space will help bring your child’s imagination to life. Plus they’ll be ready and available for play time.

Other Dinosaur Birthday Party Supplies

Past the decorations, there’s a few more birthday party supplies that you’ll need to bring your party to life. From birthday party favors for kids to table settings, we’ve collected a few top suggestions below.

9. Dinosaur Table Settings

Dinosaur table decorations for a kids birthday party.

These custom kids plates are perfect for any dinosaur party. They’re durable, which makes them perfect for surviving a kids birthday party, and they double as great party favors once the birthday is over.

10. Party Favor Dinosaur Folders

Dinosaur party favor as a set of kids dino folders.Even if folders are an unusual party favor, these custom kids folders may be perfect for your dinosaur themed birthday party. Fill them with photos of the kids enjoying the party at the end for the perfect party reminder.

11. Kids Party Placemats

A Dinosaur placemat for a kids birthday partySimilar to the table settings, this will help you contain the mess while also keeping to the dinosaur theme. And don’t forget to customize the placemats with the party guests’ names as a great take home gift.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Games

When it’s time to find the right party games for your dino party, make sure to check out the ideas below. And then, if you want additional ideas, make sure to visit our resources on kids games and birthday party games.

12. Dinosaur Puzzle

A Dinosaur puzzle for a birthday party game.Consider leaving out a dinosaur themed puzzle or two in more quiet areas of the party space. This will give the shy members of the guest list an area for relaxing down time when they need it. This party game also adds a great touch of decoration.

13. Dino Basketball

A Kids basketball hoop with a dinosaur design.Customize one or two of these dinosaur basketball hoops for a game that can last all party long. Surprise the birthday boy or girl with this early birthday present and they’re sure to love playing with their friends all day.

14. Dino Play Time

A group of toddlers are sitting on the floor playing with toy blocks and animals

For the younger party guests, it might be a good idea to plan some unstructured play time. Including a designated play space with dinosaur toys will enable you to keep the party organized and as mess-free as possible.

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