19 Awesome Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

Every parent wants to fill their kid’s birthday party with as much magic and wonder as they can. And with your own child’s upcoming unicorn birthday, you know just how much planning that can take. You look forward to the joy and excitement in your child’s eyes they moment they see their unicorn birthday party full of rainbow decorations and sweet desserts. But between finding the right birthday invitations to picking out your child’s gift, there’s a lot to do. To help you find the right inspiration to get your unicorn birthday party started, we’ve made a list of our favorite ideas for you below.

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How to Plan a Unicorn Birthday Party

Ready to start planning your unicorn birthday party? Then make sure you check all the following off your party planning list:

  • Pick a location and date.
  • Make a Guest List.
  • Find and save your favorite unicorn party ideas for later.
  • Create and send invitations a month in advance.
  • Order special decorations like banners, cakes, and other party supplies ahead of time.
  • Pick up decorations that can be found or made locally.
  • Create party favors.
  • Charge your camera.
  • Create a party playlist.
  • Plan party activities and games.
  • Pick up food and drinks.
  • Decorate the house at least a day ahead.
  • Get someone to help you decorate, make and plate food, and coordinate for the day of.

Homemade birthday cake unicorn on a table.

And if you want additional help planning your kids birthday party, make sure to check out our resource on how to plan a birthday party.

Unicorn Birthday Party Invitations

The first thing your guests will see from your unicorn party is the invitation. It’s important that your kids birthday invitations stand out as well as give the guests all the important information they need. For additional help with invitations, make sure to visit our resource on birthday invitation wording for kids.

1. Pretty Unicorn Invitations

unicorn birthday party invitation from Shutterfly

These unicorn birthday party invitations are sweet and simple, making them perfect for little one’s birthdays. Just make sure to save a copy for your family scrapbook

2. Vibrant Unicorn Invites

unicorn birthday party invitation from Shutterfly

Rainbows, and unicorns, and birthdays– Oh my! These vibrant birthday invitations are a fun and colorful way to let your guests know exactly what to expect.

Cute Unicorn Birthday Party Food Ideas

The party menu is one of the most important features of a unicorn birthday. Making sure the food and dessert is as colorful as it is delicious is key (even if it feels a little tricky). Here’s some of our favorite themed dessert ideas:

3. Unicorn Cookies

Unicorn cookies on a wooden background

As amazing as these cookies look, they’re actually pretty simple to pull together. All you need is a unicorn cookie cut out, cookie dough, white frosting, rainbow candy, and pearl sprinkles.

4. Magic Cupcakes

Unicorn fondant cupcake for cute unicorn birthday party ideas

The kids are guaranteed to love these adorable magic unicorn cupcakes. With the colorful frosting, pearl sprinkles, and candy details, they’re almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

5. Unicorn Cake

Unicorn cake with pink frosting for cute unicorn birthday party ideas

This is the real centerpiece of your party, so you’ll want to take the time to get it just right. Whether you’re ordering a custom cake or making it yourself, some simple piping, frosting, fondant, and chocolate coated cone can easily transform a simple cake into something  spectacular.

6. Cake Pops

Kids unicorn birthday party decoration and cake.

Simpler, bite size treats for kids might be ideal for a party with younger children. You can make the details from scratch or buy a kit ahead of time to make your unicorn cake pops the highlight of the party.

7. Frozen Hot Chocolate

Unicorn frozen hot chocolate and cookies for party

Who doesn’t love a frozen hot chocolate? And you can transform them into a party favorite with whipped cream, sprinkles, marshmallows, and a little food coloring.

8. Rainbow Macaroons

Homemade colorful pastel macaroons for unicorn birthday party

For a slightly more sophisticated look, try making some rainbow macaroons for the dessert table. And don’t forget to add plenty of rainbow sprinkles.

Unicorn Birthday Party Decorations

Decorations tie a party together. So if you’re looking for some unique decor ideas for your unicorn birthday party, try the suggestions below.

9. Magical Art Prints

This cute art print is perfect for any unicorn party. Order one for the main party table and save it for a memento and birthday gift.

10. Unicorn Balloons

Kids birthday party decoration and unicorn balloon.

Transform your party balloons into something from fairytales. With just some simple construction paper, foil and tape, you can easily create these floating unicorn balloons.

11. Rainbow Banners

Rainbow banners and unicorn decor for birthday party

Nothing says unicorn party like all the colors of the rainbow. Hang up a colorful set of streamers or banners to bring your party to life.

Unicorn Centerpieces For Birthday Party

These centerpiece ideas are sure to make your unicorn party pop. Use the ideas below for inspiration or create something new from scratch.

12. Rainbow Dessert Table

Dessert table with unicorn cake, cake-pops, sugar cookies, and birthday decoration

Few things go together with unicorns like dessert. Plus, it makes a natural party centerpiece. Feature a rainbow filled desserts table for all the guests to enjoy.

13. Unicorn Piñata

Unicorn piñata and cupcakes with multicolor buttercream icing on cake stands.

They’re cute, simple, and sweet down to their core. Unicorn piñatas are a must have for many birthday parties, so make sure to plan ahead on yours.

14. Vintage Fairytale Toys

Fairy tales concept in pink and white.

If your child already has some unicorn and fairy tale toy favorites, display them as party of the party centerpiece. It’s a great way to tie in the personality with the party.

Other Unicorn Birthday Party Supplies

Besides the decorations, there’s a few other party necessities you’ll need to plan for. Check out our favorite unicorn themed party supplies below:

15. Rainbow Plates and Cups

Unicorn Birthday Plate set

These rainbow and unicorn themed plates are as cute as can be. Paired with matching cups, they also make great take-home party favors and keepsakes.


16. Unicorn Placematsunicorn placemats for birthday party ideas

Keep your home clean while also keeping the party on theme with these unicorn placemats. They help make sure you don’t stress about the mess until the party’s over.

Unicorn Birthday Party Favors

Looking for some special unicorn keepsakes to send home with the party guests? Our birthday party favors for kids below are easy to customize and perfect for the kids.

17. Rainbow Key Ring

unicorn keychain for a party favor

These key rings easily attach to kids backpacks and make a great reminder of the fun times shared at your child’s birthday.

18. Princess Unicorn Pins

unicorn pins for a birthday party favor

If your child loves pins, these pins for their unicorn squad are a perfect go to for party favors. They also easily attach to the outside of goodie bags.

19. Unicorn Treats

Colorful bag of unicorn candy in a canvas bag on a wooden table

Create a goodie bag of “unicorn treats” by finding a variety of rainbow colored candy to fill small take home bags. It’s a sweet treat that’s sure to leave a smile on everyone’s face.

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