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12 DIY Newborn Photography Tips for the Cutest Photo

Bringing your tiny bundle of joy home is one of the most amazing moments. The first few weeks will fly by and pretty soon those tiny fingers and toes will start growing. Make sure you find a moment to capture the first days of your newborn’s life with a photo. You will want to reminisce on these memories for years to come.

We have 12 DIY tips for newborn photography that will help you capture the perfect newborn photo from the comfort of your home. Whether it’s finding the right angle or choosing a calm time of the day, these tricks will make your life easier and create a beautiful portrait. When you get the shot, make sure to share it with your friends and family with a birth announcement.

1. Over The Shoulder

father holds baby over shoulder

You’re probably spending a lot of time holding your little one, so take a moment to photograph you lulling your little one to sleep. Take a shot of your newborn resting their head on their parent’s shoulder, wrapped up in the love of your embrace.

2. Plenty of Room

Show how small your newborn is by positioning them in the vast space of your bed. This shot will work best if the room has a lot of natural light and your newborn is tired. Wrap them in their favorite blanket, place them on the bed and step back to capture the moment.

3. Include Family

two girls holding their baby sibling

Photograph a sweet moment between siblings. In a room with a lot of natural light and a soft rug, position your older child so that they are able to hold their little sibling in their lap. Wait until everyone is comfortable before you pull out the camera. Capturing a natural interaction will make a better family photo.

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4. Hanging Entertainment

The trick to newborn photography is getting a shot of your child in their natural element. Try laying your baby down underneath a baby mobile and getting the shot from above. The hanging toys will be more likely to grab your baby’s attention, making it easier to capture a photo.

5. Catch Emotion

baby hiding under blanket

Some moments can’t be planned. If your newborn is especially giggly one day, grab the camera. Be ready to take a shot on a day they are especially photogenic. The best photos are often candid ones.

6. Keep It Light

newborn baby wrapped up in a blanket

No matter what the season, give your newborn an angelic look by engulfing them in white blankets. Find a blanket that has texture and bundle your baby in it. Then set them down in a comfortable place, like their crib or bed, that has a lot of natural light and shoot from above. The white will reflect all the light in the room and your newborn will shine through.

7. Holding A Stuffed Animal

newborn baby holding stuffed animal

Capture your child in their natural state of comfort. Strategically place their favorite stuffed animal close by during naptime. Photographing a newborn while asleep will be easier because they won’t be moving around as much—so you’ll be able to catch every detail of their cute little faces.

8. Letter Board Announcement

Announce the details of the birth within your photo. Try creating your announcement on a letter board or crafting your own sign that matches your baby’s nursery. Then place the sign by your baby. To get them to smile, hold up their favorite toy or make a funny face you know they like.

9. Home Sweet Home

A crib shot can be done many ways and is always a good option for DIY newborn photography. Place your child in their crib during nap time. Try out different angles in the baby room as they fall asleep, like through the side rails or from up above.

10. Mark the Age

baby smiling with a one month sign

Source: Gina Michele

Keep track of your baby’s age with photos. Document big moments like one week or one month by creating a prop to put in the photo with your child. Keeping a consistent prop will also show your baby’s growth over time. This look, combined with the perfect wording, will make for a unique baby announcement.

11. Change the Angles

baby facing the side

Play around with angles when photographing your newborn. Moving your baby to different places and adjusting them a bunch will result in a fussy child. Instead, test out the lighting ahead of time and find one place to shoot. Then place your child and get down to your baby’s level for a photo that feels personal.

12. Heartwarming Smile

newborn baby grabbing feet in photo

A newborn smile can absolutely melt hearts. Capture a photo of your baby grinning from ear to ear. After a few weeks, you’ll know how to get them to laugh, but it may help to someone stand by you and provoke a smile while you take the photo.

A photograph of your newborn is something you’ll cherish forever. Once you have a unique newborn shot in mind, incorporate these tips to achieve the perfect photo. Bind the memories of your child’s first year of life together in a baby book that they can look back on when they get older as well.