45+ Engagement Party Gift Ideas for the Happy Couple

Did your a close friend or family member just get engaged? Now is the perfect time to show your support and excitement. Whether you are the one throwing the engagement party or just attending, bringing a gift is a simple way to express how much the couple means to you.

An engagement party gift doesn’t need to be flashy to wow the couple. A simple gift that’s personalized with a story or reason behind it will be the most impressive. We’ve collected 46 engagement party gift ideas in every style that will be perfect for the happy couple. From wedding planning supplies to kitchen accessories, there’s sure to be a gift that’s just right.

Remember that the best gift for an engagement party is one that’s personalized. Try customizing the gift by designing a glass frame for their engagement photos or customizing a cutting board for their new life together.

1. House Number Planter

grey circular planter with address numbersBuild a beautiful planter box for the couple’s home. Secure their street number to the surface, then fill the planter with greenery that’s easily taken care of, like cacti and succulents. Thanks to Sarah Hearts for the great project idea and photo.

2. Magazine Holder

turquoise lasercut basket with magazinesThe happy couple needs a spot to store all of their wedding brochures and magazines. Spray paint an organizer bin in a vibrant tone like blue or silver. Thanks to Simply Organized for the fabulous organizational idea and photo.

3. DIY Lip Balm

pink lip balm with purple pouchGive the bride hydration for each day leading up to her big day. Whip up homemade lip balm in a fun flavor like lemon or mint, then store it small containers. Check out the full tutorial from Savvy Homemade.

4. Specialty Cookies

cookies with red and white candiesYum! Stir up a batch of the couple’s favorite cookies, whether that’s white chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin. They’ll love snacking on these treats when they’re in the midst of choosing their venue or designing their wedding invites. Thanks to Lolly Jane for the great idea and photos.

5. Sangria Kit

pitcher with red wine and fruitsThrow all of the essentials for sangria into a large pitcher or serving jar: wine, fresh fruit and a stir spoon. The couple can reuse the pitcher for years to come. Thanks to Must Have Mom for the DIY sangria kit and photos.

6. Homemade BBQ Rub

barbeque spices layered in a jarMake cooking and grilling extra easy for the busy, engaged couple. Blend delicious spices like cayenne, red pepper flakes and paprika for a taste they won’t forget. Thanks to Delia Creates for the BBQ rub recipe and photos.

7. Geometric Wall Art

grey, turquoise, and peach colored wall artCreate wall art that the couple can hang in their living room or bedroom. Outline your geometric shapes in advance, then paint the spaces different colors for an eye-catching design. Thanks to Decor8 for the geometric wall art tutorial and photos.

8. Café Soap

cafe-inspired bar soap with coffee beansLet the couple relax in luxury during the wedding planning process. Mix together the ingredients for coffee-scented soap, then package it in brown paper for a professional look. Check out the recipe for cafe soap at Offbeat and Inspired.

9. Pallet Heart

heart-shaped pallet with
Engagement and marriage is all about love. Repurpose a wooden pallet into heart-shaped wall decor. Paint it in a neutral color then add a word like ‘home’ or a phrase like ‘nuestra casa.’ Thanks to Lolly Jane for the pallet heart home decor sign and photos.

10. Cookie Mix in a Jar

cookie ingredients layered in a mason jarA jar of delicious cookie ingredients is bound to put a smile on your friends’ faces. Choose a recipe like mocha chocolate chip or caramel walnut. Label the lid with the baking instructions. Thanks to Call Me Cupcake for the yummy cookie mix idea and photo.

11. Flower Bouquets

pink and green vases with pink flowersPaint mason jars in pastel colors like pink and green. Add fresh blooms or fabric flowers for decor that will brighten their wedding planning process and new home. Thanks to Eighteen25 for the beautiful floral decor idea and photos.

12. Hot Pepper Oil

oil bottles with red chiles Spice up the couple’s special day with hot pepper infused olive oil. Choose a bottle style with easy pouring, as the oil can be used for everything from meats to vegetables. Thanks to A Beautiful Mess for the unique DIY hot pepper oil recipe and photos.

13. Metallic Glassware

clear glasses with gold designsAccent drinkware and wine glasses with metallic patterns. Try hearts, stars or geometric designs for unique glassware they’ll love having on their shelves. Thanks to Sarah Hearts for the metallic glassware idea and photos.

14. Wine Tote

grey and blue wine bagsWrap a bottle of wine in a tea towel or custom wine tote. Grab the couple’s favorite wine—whether it’s red or white—and head to the party! Check out Paper ‘N Stitch for a DIY canvas wine bag tutorial.

15. Wood Wall Art

dark wood art with letters and numbersThe best engagement party gift ideas are ones the couple will enjoy for years to come. Construct wood wall art with a monogram or the couple’s wedding date. Check out Eighteen25 for more DIY home decorating ideas.

16. Herbs and Spices

spices with customized labels Fill the spice cabinet for the newly engaged couple. Blend special mixes for tacos, roasting veggies or seasoning meat. Package them in decorative containers with fun labels. Thanks to Sarah Hearts for the great herbs and spices gift idea and photos.

17. Tiered Fruit Stand

three-tiered fruit stand with citrus fruitsStack aluminum pie pans on top of decorative wooden dowels to create a tiered display. The couple can store their apples, oranges and lemons with ease. Thanks to The Crafting Chicks for this budget-friendly 3-tiered stand idea and photos.

18. Marbled Clay Ring Dish

colorful marbled jewelry dishesForm beautiful dishes out of clay for the couple’s new rings. Spiral different colors of clay for a marbled appearance. Check out A Beautiful Mess for the marbled clay ring dish tutorial.

19. Painted Terracotta Pots

fruit-inspired painted terracotta potsIlluminate the couple’s porch, patio or windowsill with brightly-colored terracotta pots. Plant succulents, cacti and herbs for a diverse spread. Thanks to Smart Fun DIY for these fruit painted DIY terracotta pots.

20. DIY Essential Oil Diffuser

three clear essential oil diffusers Give your friends the gift of pure relaxation with an essential oil reed diffuser. Round out your gift by adding a handful of essential oils, like lavender, peppermint and lemongrass.Thanks to Savvy Homemade for the DIY reed diffuser and photos.

21. Stenciled Cloth Napkins

pink stenciled napkins with palm leaf design Do your friends love to host dinner parties? Are they environmentally-friendly? Stencil a design like palm trees or flowers onto fabric napkins for a gift they’ll use time and time again. Thanks to Sarah Hearts for the stenciled cloth napkin idea

22. Cup Cozy

light blue crocheted cup cozyFor a coffee or tea-loving couple, crochet cozies out of yarn for their mugs and travel cups. It will keep their drink warm, and give them something comfy to hang on to. Thanks to ChiWei at One Dog Woof for the beautiful basket-weave cup cozy crochet pattern.

23. Homemade Liquor

homemade limoncello in a clear jarCelebrate the engagement in spectacular taste with homemade liquor. Try making your own limoncello, coffee liqueur or amaretto. Thanks to Lark & Linen for the fabulous idea and photo.

24. Gold Leaf Art

gold leaf art in black frameDecorating a home together is an exciting time for any couple. Make metallic wall art out of gold leaf foil for a piece they’ll enjoy adding to their home. Thanks to House of Jade Interiors for the beautiful DIY gold leaf monogram art idea and photos.

25. Festive Camera Strap

geometric patterned camera strapMountains of photos will be taken throughout the engagement, wedding planning process and honeymoon. Sew a colorful camera strap or accent a neutral one with acrylic paints. The couple can take their stylish camera wherever they need. Thanks to Design Love Fest for this camera strap craft idea and photos.

26. DIY Trinket Boxes

trinket boxes with dog figurines on topEnjoy an easy DIY project: attach animal figurines to small boxes, then paint them in a classic color like green or gold. These trinket boxes are great for storing earrings, rings and knick knacks. Check out this DIY puppy trinket box tutorial at Eighteen25.

27. Dip Dyed Ombre Tote

pink dip-dyed ombre canvas tote bagColor a tote in a gradual scheme for the ombre effect. Choose a color that the couple plans to use in their wedding to make it personalized. They’ll want to carry this tote to everything from cake tasting to bridal expos. Thanks to Hi Sugarplum for the DIY dip-dyed ombre tote bag idea and photos.

28. Porcelain Dishes

porcelain dishes with black and gold designsSmall saucer dishes are perfect for serving appetizers and afternoon tea. Be sure to decorate porcelain dishes with paint that’s dishwasher safe. Check out these dishwasher safe porcelain dishes from Delia Creates.

29. Moss Decor

Does the engaged couple have a rustic, earthy style? Form lettering out of moss for unique decor. Spell a word like ‘love’ or ‘home.’ Thanks to Jennifer Holmes of Dear Lillie for the moss letters tutorial and photos.

30. Personalized Journal

geometric patterned wood covered journalHelp the couple keep track of all the important details. A customized journal, like one with a geometric pattern or a love quote, is a place they can record engagement memories and to-do lists. Thanks to Decor8 for the fun personalized journal idea and photos.

31. Jute Coasters

circular coasters woven from jute twineCrochet a set of coasters out of jute twine. These will be welcomed additions to a living room, dining room or home office. Check out this simple jute twine crochet coaster tutorial from Delia Creates.

32. Woven Wall Hanging

bath mat turned into wall hangingRepurpose a simple, white bath mat into a cozy piece of wall art. Paint on your design and add tassels to the bottom. Hang the art piece from a dowel or a wooden slab. Thanks to Brittany Makes for the DIY woven wall hanging idea and photos.

33. Paper Flowers

tissue paper flowers in a white pitcherCraft colorful blooms out of tissue paper. Try an easy flower design like poppies or roses. Place them in a vase and wallah! Your gift for the engagement party is complete. Thanks to Lia Griffith for the DIY tissue paper poppies idea and photos.

34. Potted Succulents

small succulents in painted glass jarsAdd some green to the couple’s home decor. Paint small mason jars then plant succulents inside. These beauties can rest on a windowsill or near a reading nook. Thanks to Lolly Jane for the adorable DIY painted planted plastic succulent ideas and photos.

35. Brownies in a Jar

brownie ingredients layered in a mason jarGive the sweet couple a sweet treat. Layer the ingredients for brownies in a mason jar. Don’t forget to add special toppings like walnuts and chocolate chips. Thanks to Savvy Homemade for the delicious brownies in a jar recipe and photos.

36. Pallet Wine Rack

dark wood pallet wine rack Bring a lasting gift to the party with an elegant wine rack. Recycle a wooden pallet by carving spots for the bottles and then staining the wood. Your friends will have plenty of space to store their reds, whites and rosés. Check out this pallet wood wine rack DIY from Scavenger Chic.

37. Wooden Beer Tote

wooden beer tote with bottle openerFashion a unique gift out of pine, plywood and a wooden dowel, then secure a bottle opener to the side for convenience. This beer cart holds a six-pack and is great for backyard parties and game days. Thanks to The New Hobbyist for this wooden beer tote idea.

38. Wedding Planning Supplies

colorful stationary kit with notebookEnsure the couple has all of the supplies they need for the coming months: journals, pens, stickers and stationary. Package it all in a box for easy storage. Thanks to Tatertots and Jello for the cute DIY supplies gift basket idea and photos.

39. Marble Wall Art

pink and blue marbled wall art in gold frame Create a marbled design on absorbent paper with colorful oil paints. Frame your art for a piece your friends will be proud to hang in their living room or bedroom. Check out this marbleized paper tutorial from A Beautiful Mess for more inspiration.

40. Decorative Mugs

white porcelain mugs with black and gold polka dotsEnhance solid-colored coffee mugs with polka dots, hearts or geometric patterns. The couple can enjoy sipping their coffee or tea out of these beauties. Thanks to Delia Creates for these cute decorative coffee mug ideas and photos.

41. DIY Vanilla Extract

vanilla beans and homemade vanilla extractGreat for baking cookies, bread and cake, vanilla extract is most delicious when it’s homemade. All you need to do for this DIY is pour alcohol into a glass jar then add vanilla beans. Thanks to Bell’alimento for the DIY vanilla extract recipe and photos.

42. Simple Vases

clear bottles with colorful designs and flowersFlowers are a delightful sign of love and joy. Accent a vase or glass bottle with washi tape and scrapbook paper. Place fresh blooms in your vases for a simple, yet touching gift. Check out these simple vase ideas from Decor8.

43. Jewelry Plate

rectangle gold-dipped jewelry plateDip a jewelry dish into metallic paint for a festive catch all tray. The couple can store their new rings or other special items like watches and bracelets. Thanks to A Fabulous Fete for the great idea and photos.

44. Tree Branch Planter

tree branches holding succulentsDrill cylindrical holes into logs, then pour soil inside. Plant a succulent or an herb like rosemary or thyme. The couple can put these planters on their patio or front porch. Thanks to Amy Christie of This Heart of Mine for Design Mom for the fabulous idea.

45. Storage Baskets

dark woven storage basketEvery home can benefit from additional storage. Weave your own baskets or find them at a second-hand store, then paint them in a classy color like navy or brown for a polished look. Thanks to Simply Organized for the wonderful organization ideas.

46. Clay Bottle Stopper

painted clay bottle stopperJazz up the couple’s liquor cabinet or home bar with festive clay stoppers. Choose a solid, sleek design or one with polka dot flair. Thanks to Wonderwood for the creative DIY clay bottle stopper tutorial and photos.

Celebrating an engagement with family and friends is an honor. Choose a gift that’s extra special and personalized like a photo candle or plush pillow.