32 Sunny Gift Ideas for Beach Lovers

Though we all love a trip to the sea to unwind, some friends are truly dedicated beach people. Whether they own a beach house by the coast or simply look for any chance to head to the shore for a day of sun, getting to the beach is always their priority.

We’ve gathered over 25 handmade, customizable gifts for beach lovers fit for celebrating summertime birthdays, a seaside wedding day, or for thanking your host. Create beach-themed crafts with the kids or even design a full set of customizable bathing suits for your bridesmaids. Above all, make your beach-loving friend’s day at the ocean a bit easier with these personalized accessories. Each and every personalized gift is tailored for a day on the sand or a week resting by the sea.

1. Upcycled Pineapple Cooler

Upcycled Pineapple Cooler

Source: Aww Sam

Transform a metal rectangular cooler into a bright and stylish pineapple by covering the sides with yellow spray paint and adding the signature pineapple “u-shapes” with either a paint pen or hand-cut vinyl stickers. Top off the lid with green craft foam for its spiky leaves.

2. Personalized Canvas Tote

two tan totes with an anchor and a palm tree

Source: Shutterfly

Make sure the beach lover in your life has everything they need to have a perfect day by the ocean. This versatile gift works well on and off the sand. In addition to personalizing it with initials or a name, these totes feature symbols like anchors and palm trees that serve as fun reminders of their favorite place.

3. Frosted Mermaid Vase

Deliver a beautiful bouquet in a hand-painted mermaid tale vase. After adding a layer of frosted glass paint, follow the attached pattern and customize to your desired design with paint and glass-ready markers.

4. Burlap and Driftwood Wreath

When looking to show your thanks for a wonderful vacation, bring along this homemade beach house gift, great for summer decor. Glue bundles of short driftwood sticks to a grapevine wreath and add burlap for a rustic seaside look.

5. Tropical Mouse Pad

two mouse pads with palm tree scenes on them with the word relax

Source: Shutterfly

Remind them of their happy place on those days that they can’t make it to the beach. This mouse pad is ideal for the beach lover who works at a desk job. Try inserting a photo of their favorite beach or one that’s on their bucket list!

6. Hand-Dyed Circular Beach Blanket

HandDyed Circular Beach Blanket

Source: Drawn to DIY

Take tie-dying to a new level with stylish shibori designs created by wrapping a hand-cut flat sheet around a large bottle with twine. When dipped into a tub of deep blue dye, the color patterns mirror the look of waves and beach clouds.

7. Custom Bathing Suit Gift

Custom Bathing Suit Gift

Source: Aww Sam

The next time you gather your bridesmaids, gift a collection of customized matching bathing suits with a playful, ironed-on phrase. Mix and match colors and phrases and line up for a great photo of all your gals. Frame the photo as an additional wedding bridesmaid gift idea.

8. Speckled Beach Balls

Speckled Beach Balls

Source: Aww Sam

Perfect for your friend’s next summer beach or poolside soiree, transform simple white beach balls into a hand-painted set with abstract patterns in sunny pastels. Bring these along with your favorite party snack as a personalized hostess gift.

9. Personalized Beach Towel

three beach towels with personalized names and photos on various designs

Source: Shutterfly

You can’t go wrong with custom beach towels. They come in a variety of designs and color options so you’ll be sure to find the towel that matches their style. Add photos or their name to make one of these personalized towels even more special.

10. Driftwood Fish Wall Decor

A great gift for beach lovers and friends with nautical-themed homes, stack different lengths of rustic driftwood in the shape of a fish with a piece of hand-cut cardboard as your guide. Easily secure with some hot glue and add a hook to add to a beachy wall display.

11. Beach Hair Coconut Spray

Beach Hair Coconut Spray

Source: DIY in PDX

Whether summer is just arriving or on its way out, give the gift of year-round beach waves by combining sea salt, Epsom salt, argan oil, coconut scent, and hot water into a hand-labeled spritzer bottle.

12. Beach Wine Cork Craft

As an easy party favor or beach-themed thank you gift, glue hand-painted corks with ocean-blue paint into a three-by-three rectangle. Add a starfish accent and two eye screws to hang and display.

13. Seashell Flower Pot

Terracotta pots transform into sand-inspired stone with the help of specialized spray paint. After your first paint layer dries, glue on some hand-picked seashells and gift as a thank you present for an elegant beach house gift.

14. Customized Beach Blanket

For a long day by the sea, add an iron-on message to a solid beach blanket to encourage a playful day in the sun. These free “Summer Lovin’” printables can be made in a variety of colors. Add a pop of gold to a white blanket or mix and match tones for a more festive look.

15. Ombre Waves Vase

Add a layer of pale blue glass paint to a textured vase, adding more and more color as you reach the bottom. This simple design gives the look of crashing waves fit for a seaside home. Add extra seashell and burlap touches before gifting with a new bouquet of summer flowers.

16. Beach Ball Wreath

Create a sunny addition for any summer door with a beach-ball adorned wreath. Wrap a wire wreath guide with brightly colored felt and hot glue toy-sized beach balls as you would a bunch of flowers. Pop a few larger beach balls in a “bouquet” shape to balance out the arrangement.

17. Personalized Reusable Tote

reusable tote bag with a photo of two kids and a wave pattern on the back

Source: Shutterfly

A reusable tote is a great gift for beach lovers because it helps keep oceans clean by replacing plastic bags out. This eco-friendly gift features a fun wave pattern and has the option to add custom text or a photo to the front side. Try filling the bag with your beach lover’s favorite treats for a beach picnic.

18. Beach House Sign

Transform two rustic pieces of wood into a beach-friendly sign, connected by two strips of thick twine. With the use of letter stencils, use a rough, dabbing brush approach to a textured painted look.

19. Starfish Hairpin Gift

Attach a delicate craft starfish to a sturdy bobby pin with a bit of hot glue to create beach-ready hair clip. Add these to a bridesmaid gift basket at your wedding and pair with other seaside accessories.

20. Starfish Button Display

A stylish, yet simple craft for kids, glue a collection of brightly colored buttons in the shape of a starfish to a printed, summer-themed sign. Frame your craft and place either on your mantelpiece or in your child’s bedroom for a sunny display.

21. Shimmering Foiled Beach Bag

Summer totes deserve a bit of shine and shimmer for carrying beach essentials throughout the season. Iron a layer of vinyl lettering as well as your choice of foil and gently peel away the additional foil for a flawless look.

22. 3D Flip Flop Wood Sign

Trace and paint two flip-flop footprints onto a rich piece of wood before adding a frame, twine straps, and extra accents around the outside. Finish off the look with a stenciled “summer” title, great for a beach house gift.

23. Shell Napkin Wreath

Shell Napkin Wreath

Source: Whimziville

Cut out sea-inspired patterns from fabric napkins to make this beach-house-ready summer wreath. Each seashell image wraps around a small piece of cardboard as the base. Add matching shells, lace and accent starfish to complete the look.

24. Painted Summer Beach Bag

Painted Summer Beach Bag

Source: Casa Moncada

A trusty canvas tote goes a long way at the start of summer. With the use of heat-transfer vinyl, spruce up a simple color block bag with a summer-inspired phrase, perfect as a gift for your best friend.

25. Custom Art Sling Chairs

Custom Art Sling Chairs

Source: Studio DIY

Send your favorite beach lover off with one-of-a-kind seaside chairs by sprucing up the chair’s sling material with a summer quote or playful design. Simple fabric paint and stencils add a message or even create a speckled pop tart shape.

26. Starfish Display

Adorn a variety of starfish sizes to the outside of an elegant glass vase with the use of stick-on vinyl. Add a thick layer of sandstone spray paint for a beachy look and fill with a collection of shells or colorful sea glass.

27. Towel-to-Tote Sewing Pattern

Design this bright and beachy bag from a large, plush towel and the accents from your choice of decorative beach hand towels. Add a patterned fabric lining for extra brightness and durability.

28. Shabby-Chic Photo Frame Gift

A little rustic twine and brightly colored backdrop makes a great frame for summer photos. As a simple gift for a beach lover, paint a sturdy rectangle of wood, wrap with string, and add seaside details around the outside. Photos and artwork easily slip behind the twine for an easy display.

29. Shibori Beach Pants

Hand-painted beach pants make a personalized gift for beach lovers, ideal for stylishly transitioning from the sand to the sea. Section off a pair of flowy cotton pants with 6-8 rubber bands and add your choice of tie-dye paints to alternating sections.

30. Rustic Seashell Bucket

Great for a seaside centerpiece or casual beach house decor, gift this crafty bucket of seashells by wrapping the top with thick sisal rope and gluing a large starfish front and center. Fill with local shells found along the coast or even with your favorite flowering plant.

31. Duct Tape Beach Bag Gift

With one of the many reusable shopping totes sitting at home, alternate stripes of multi-colored duct tape to make a beach-ready tote. Personalize the colors, shapes and accessorize with pom-pom ribbon for a great gift for your beach-loving friends.

32. Personalized Bottle Opener

bottle opener with personalized message "Cheers" and vacation photos printed onto it

Source: Shutterfly

Sometimes all it takes is a refreshing beverage to bring someone back to their favorite vacation, sipping something chilled in the warm sand. Customize this opener with pictures of their favorite beach vacations or include a phrase like “Shell Yeah!” or “Seas the Day!” Gift the opener along with a couple of their favorite beach day refreshments.

Final Thoughts on Gifts for Beach Lovers

There’s nothing quite like a long day by the sea. Try out a few of these personalized photo gifts for the beach lover in your life or even incorporate them into your beach wedding as thank you presents and favors. Even when the seasons change and sunny days seem far away, these gifts will be there as a reminder of all the beach days to come.