15+ Best Gifts for Travelers and Explorers at Heart

We all know someone whose Instagram seems to be overflowing with amazing photos abroad, it seems like every time you turn around they’re somewhere new. Knowing what to get for that traveler in your life can sometimes be tricky — keep their travel style in mind to find a practical gift that they’ll love to use. Do they like to travel light or bring their whole closet? Are they typically visiting cities or wilderness? Whether they’re a business traveler or a globetrotting backpacker, we’ve gathered some great travel gift ideas that vary in price and style.

1. Journal

A personalized journal is a thoughtful gift for a traveler — they can record their best experiences as they travel so the memories don’t fade. Their adventurous heart will love reliving all their best vacations when reading their entries back.

2. Custom Phone Case

custom iphone case

A custom iPhone case is a great idea for a traveler, practical and fun. Include a photo that reminds them of home, one of their favorite past destinations or a dream destination of theirs. In addition to photos, you can include an inspirational quote or other text they’d like.

3. Travel Photo Book

travel quote in a custom photo book

If you’re a dating someone who loves to travel, consider creating a travel photo book of all your favorite adventures together. They will love having a hard copy rather than letting the photos just sit in social media accounts or camera rolls.

4. Personalized Pins

traveler gift personalized pins

Personalized pins are a simple and small gift that can go a long way. Include inspirational or sentimental photos and text that will make them smile. The pins are easy to attach to a bag or jacket and small enough to keep inside their bag if they wish.

5. Custom Luggage Tag

traveler gift custom luggage tag

Everyone knows someone who has gone through the ordeal of losing luggage. A luggage tag is a small but thoughtful gift for a traveler. Not only are these custom luggage tags cute, but they are practical too — lost luggage is the worst.

6. Engraved Bracelet

traveler gift be brave braceletAn engraved bracelet is a thoughtful gift for someone embarking on a long journey. We especially love the idea of including a message like “be brave,” “always by your side” or another message of encouragement as a reminder that you’re thinking of them while they are away.

7. Custom Photo Jewelry

traveler gift custom photo jewelry

These charm bracelets are perfect for remembering a great trip. Include photos of landmarks or charms that represent a destination. Make it a tradition and gift them a bracelet for each of their large-scale adventures.

8. Engraved Bar Necklace

traveler gift engraved necklace

Versatile accessories help keep outfits fresh and different. The simple and classic design of this engraved bar necklace means that it will go well with a variety of different outfits — as an added bonus its text is customizable.

9. Travel Wall Art

travel wall art on canvas printsIf they love to take photos while they travel, a new piece of custom wall art is a unique choice. They can feature all of their favorite photos on materials like canvas prints, metal prints, photo tiles, and more.

10. Custom Water Bottle

custom water bottle

Between all of the walking and dry airplane cabins, it’s extremely important to stay hydrated. These custom water bottles will fit well in bags and allow you to include a personal message.

11. Toiletry Bag

a toiletry bag with an XOXO design for a girls birthday party favor

This customizable pouch is an ideal size for toiletries and other items they’d need to pack. It’s always a good idea to have a toiletry bag in case they need somewhere to store their travel essentials once they’re ready to hit the road.

12. Cute Tote Bag

These canvas tote bags are ideal for travelers who stay awhile in one place. They are well-suited for clothes and souvenir shopping, groceries, and going to the beach. Another useful feature is that they are flexible and roll up small and fit well in luggage.

13. Phone Card Holders

A phone card holder for a gift idea.

Keeping things as lightweight as possible is a key thing to remember when traveling. Help your traveler out by gifting them this customized phone cardholder. That way they’ll have all their important cards on hand at all times.

14. Portable Phone Chargers

A wireless phone charger with personalized photo.

One of the biggest challenges while traveling is keeping your phone charged when it needs to be. After all, once your phone dies you can say goodbye to navigation, emergency contacts, and any digital documentation you have saved on your phone. That’s what makes these wireless phone chargers such an excellent travel gift.

15. Stainless Steel Travel Tumblers

Two travel mugs that have been personalized.

Is your traveler known for their love of camping and the outdoors? If so, consider gifting them a stainless steel travel tumbler. Not only is it excellent for road trips and camping, but you can also customize it to fit them perfectly.

16. Custom Socks

Extra pairs of socks always come in handy when traveling. And besides, who doesn’t love custom socks? Make this gift extra special by customizing them with a fun design or the giftee’s name.

Resources Related to Gifts for Travelers

One of the best ways to pick a great gift for a traveler is by listening to the problems or issues that they’ve experienced while traveling. If they complained about lost luggage, get them a luggage tag or new bags. If they have trouble sleeping on flights then noise-canceling headphones, a cozy blanket, or an eye mask would be much appreciated. And of course, travel vouchers and airfare gift cards are always a great idea because you can bet they’re already planning their next trip!

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