How Much Do Engagement Photos Cost?

When it comes to engagement photos, paying the right price for your engagement session is just as important as what you wear. You don’t want to overpay but you also want quality photos that showcase this exciting and love-filled time of your life. So how much do engagement photos cost? We’ve answered that and provided a list of helpful tips and planning advice for you below.

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What’s the Average Price for Engagement Photos?

Most engagement shoots cost anything from $200-$500 on average for a package that includes one outfit and 1-2 locations. However, the average cost for engagement photos depends on where you live, project details, and your photographer’s popularity. Photographers may charge more or less for engagement photos based on the city and average price charged in the area. Popular photographers tend to charge more since they’re in higher demand. The price of an engagement photoshoot will also depend on how many locations you want to shoot at and if you’ll be changing into more than one outfit. It’s also important to note that this cost does not include other common add-ons, such and prints, a photo book, or any other photo gifts.

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Other Factors that Increase Engagement Photo Cost

The other things that may affect your photoshoot pricing and engagement photo budget include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The style of photography requested
  • Photographer’s traveling expenses
  • Props, costumes, or decorations
  • Length of Photoshoot
  • Seasonality
  • Photo Rights
  • Photo Editing
  • Number of received digital files
  • Number of photographers
  • Added external lighting or other photography equipment

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Engagement Photoshoot Booking Advice

You can get the most out of your engagement photos by looking for a photographer that you’ve worked with from the past or asking loved ones for recommendations. When planning out your engagement shoot and looking for photographers, keep these engagement photo tips in mind:

  • Get quotes from 2-3 photographers. You’ll want to get more than one quote so you can choose the best price for your engagement photos. Asking 2-3 photographers what they’ll charge for the same photo requirements can help you get an accurate estimate.
  • Ask friends for recommendations. You can ask friends and family who have taken engagement photos before if they recommend their photographer.
  • Explore wedding photography packages that include engagement photos. If you want to choose one photographer to take care of your entire wedding journey, it’s worth looking at wedding photography packages early that include engagement photos.
  • Book your photography session well in advance. This will help you avoid last-minute headaches and give you ample time to incorporate the photos into your other wedding plans and stationery.
  • Keep things simple. Your engagement photos should be beautiful and well-shot but you don’t have to pull out all the stops. Engagement photos aren’t as extravagant as your wedding photos so don’t worry about arranging a pricey photoshoot if you don’t have the means.

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When to Take Engagement Photos

Once you get engaged, you’ll want to take engagement photos within 2-3 months of your engagement. Since these photos can be used for everything from save the dates to photo wedding invitations, you should take your photos soon after getting engaged. If you’re also sending out engagement party invitations, you can use this opportunity to show off your beautiful engagement shots. For more information, please reference our article on when to take engagement photos.

How to Save Money on Engagement Photos

Some photographers can help you save money on your overall photography package by bundling a plan for both engagement and wedding photography. In fact, some wedding photographers offer an engagement photoshoot at no cost if you book your wedding photography ahead of time. However, you should only do this if you’re confident with the photographer’s ability to deliver great results.

What’s Next?

Your wedding journey is just getting started. We’ve provided some helpful bridal and wedding guides on what’s next below.