Engagement Party Invitation Wording and What to Include

Getting engaged deserves a special party to celebrate the big news. Whether you’re the throwing the party yourself or hosting for another couple, an engagement party is the first wedding related event to usually take place. These parties are often casual and don’t require as much planning as other wedding events. You should take advantage of this stress-free period and toast with loved ones before the wedding plans kicks in.

The first step in planning your party is sending out personalized engagement party invitations. Listed below is our simple guide to engagement party invitation wording to help you spread the exciting news.

elegant engagement party invitations with photo of couple

What to Include in an Engagement Party Invitation?

When it comes to engagement party invitation wording, you’ll want to keep things short and sweet. Your engagement party invitations won’t include nearly as much information as your wedding invitations so don’t feel pressured to list more than what is needed. Here’s what you should include in your invitation from start to finish below:

  • Write a short introductory phrase. Use a short phrase to announce who got engaged and extend an invite to the engagement party. This can be a standard phrase or something more catchy or poetic. Guests will want to know the purpose of the occasion first.
  • Include the date and time. List the date and time of your party clearly on your invitation so guests can save the date.
  • Include the location and full address. List the name of the location or venue, along with the full address.
  • Write who’s hosting the engagement party (if applicable). If there’s a host other than the couple, list their name as the host so guests know who to direct questions to and RSVP with.
  • Include how to RSVP. Always let guests know how to RSVP, whether by phone number or e-mail. You can also include an RSVP deadline if you want to know how many guests to expect.cute champagne engagement party invitations

Engagement Party Wording Examples and Verses

Here are some examples of engagement party invitation wording you can use as inspiration for your own invites:

Example 1:

Please join us as we celebrate

the engagement of Jane Carter and Daniel Young!

Friday, June 4th at 6pm

The Standard Hotel

600 Rose Blvd. Los Angeles, CA

Hosted by Alexis Miller

RSVP 555.627.1982

Example 2:

You are cordially invited to an

Engagement Party honoring

Sarah and Kevin!

Come toast the couple with us

on Sunday, July 18th at 2pm

The Brunch Spot

798 Bowery Rd.

Palo Alto, CA 92333

Hosted by Danielle Johnson

RSVP by texting 555.627.1091

Example 3:

Spring is here…

Wedding bells are near!

Join us as we celebrate the engagement of

Kerry and Jason!

Friday, October 19th at 6pm

The Stewart Residence

1629 Lily Rd. San Francisco, CA

Hosted by Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart

RSVP by October 10th


Example 4:

Love is here to stay…

Let’s dance the night away!

Please join us for an evening of

cocktails and hor’dourves in honor

of the newly engaged couple, Lorraine and Joseph!

Saturday, January 28th

6:00pm – 9:00pm at The Cat Club

478 Valencia St. Santa Barbara, CA

No gifts please!

Regrets Only – 555.627.1982

Example 5:

Let’s cheers to the soon-to-be

Husband and wife

Please join us for an

Engagement party for

Esther and Brad!

Sunday, September 15th

6:00pm – 9:00pm

The Wilson Residence

890 Pond Cir.

Dallas, TX 94555

RSVP by September 1st – 555.627.9375

Engagement Party Invitation Tips

There are a variety of things you can do to make your engagement party invitations feel complete. From choosing the perfect design to addressing your invites, you can ensure that your invites make the right impression with a few key tips.

  • Consider photo invitations. If the couple has already taken engagement photos, these can be used in the party invitation to showcase the couple’s lovely engagement photos.
  • Choose an invitation design that reflects the couple. There are a variety of styles for engagement party invitations. You can choose invites that are modern, elegant, rustic, or artsy. Many invitations have champagne glasses on them or celebratory graphics to represent this special moment.
  • Who to invite? Your guest list for the engagement party shouldn’t be as long as your bridal shower or wedding shower. Keep your guest list to 35 attendees or under for a fun and stress-free party. You can reference our guide on who should be invited to an engagement party for more tips.
  • What about gifts? Gifts are not traditionally given at an engagement party since most of the guests will be giving gifts at your shower event and/or wedding. However, most guests will naturally bring an engagement card and small gift at their own discretion. You can choose to list “no gifts please” at the bottom of your invitation if you don’t want guests to bring any gift.
  • How to address engagement party invitations? Engagement party invitations are usually more casual than addressing wedding invitations since you’re inviting close family and friends. You can use full titles as needed and address close family and friends with first name and last name.

What’s Next?

As you’re planning the big day, you’ll want to keep your wedding checklist organized to avoid extra stress and save some time. Use our helpful guides on save the date tips, bridal shower wording and wedding invitation wording to begin planning the next step in your journey to “I Do”.