How to Address a Baby Shower Card

A baby shower marks an exciting life changing stage for mom-to-be and her family not to mention, one that certainly needs to be celebrated. After receiving your baby shower invitation in the mail and realizing your calendar is booked, it’s important to send a baby shower card in your place.  Although you won’t be there to wish her a hearty congratulations on the day of her shower, your baby shower card message will be so you’ll want to make sure it’s properly addressed.

Addressing your baby shower card will depend on the recipient and exact situation. The first thing you’ll want to make sure of is that all of the particulars are on the envelope so that your sentiment gets to where it’s going. You are also going to want to make sure to add your own personal touch.  These quick tips will help you tackle how to address a baby shower card. Whether you can’t make it to the shower or if you would prefer to formally send your greetings through the post office drop box, follow the instructions below for all you need to know about addressing your baby shower card.

how to address baby shower card


  1. Print the recipient’s address on the front of the envelope. When it comes to addressing an envelope it should be pretty simple and straightforward, but the hardest part is always getting started with the recipient’s address. This seems to be the most difficult part because you have to know particulars about the big day. Is it a ladies-only event? Is it a couples shower? If the celebration is a ladies only soirée you will address the envelope to the mother-to-be. If the celebration is a couples shower then go ahead and address the card to mom and dad-to-be. If you are unsure or just want to play it safe, you can always address the card “for baby” and include his or her name if you already know it. Once you’ve got the details down print the recipient’s full name on the first line of the envelope. The second line of the address will include the street address and the final line of the address will include the city, state and zip code. Make sure to avoid abbreviations and use blue or black ink so that the address stands out.
  2. Print the return address in the upper left-hand corner or back flap of the envelope. The return address is the address of the sender and is usually inscribed in the upper left-hand corner or back flap of the envelope. Baby shower thank you cards will most certainly be sent out after the shower and you’ll want to include your return address so that the guest of honor can have the means to reach out to you and extend their thanks. Drafting your return address will look similar to drafting your recipient’s address, but in this instance including a name is optional. The first line, if you choose to include, will consist of the sender’s full name. The street address will be printed on the second line and the final line of the address will include the city, state and zip code. Same tips apply here as with the recipient’s address, think no abbreviations and blue or black ink.
  3. Add a postage stamp in the upper right-hand corner of the envelope. This will pay for the delivery of your baby shower card. Elevate your baby greetings with a little bit of personalization and make sure to stock up on a few custom postage stamps before you sit down to draft your wishes. Personalization is key for making your greeting seem as warm and loving as possible, almost as cute as the bundle of love on its way.
  4. Adorn the envelope. A special day deserves a few extra special touches. Add festive detailing to the outside of your envelope that not only the post office will cherish, but mom and little one will too. Opt for details that go the extra mile like using calligraphy techniques to print addresses, adding colorful Washie tape to create bold lines and not being afraid to use some color.

Now that you’ve got all the details for what to write on a baby shower card envelope, that doesn’t mean that you’ve already finished up your baby shower wishes. When it comes to the inside of the envelope, if you’re still trying to figure out the right words to express just what you’re feeling about the little one’s arrival, check out our guide for what to write in a baby shower card.