How To Make Living Room Wall Art Memorable

The living room is the heart of the home. It’s a common area for family and friends to gather. Add homely or dignified decor for a formal, semi-formal, or informal ambiance. Thoughtfully placed furniture can only do so much for the atmosphere in a living area. Instead, use living room wall art to style a picture-perfect living space.

Art in your living room can give a sense of direction for otherwise blank walls. Not to mention, collecting the correct piece of art in your living area can lessen the need to buy clutter. Fill your wall space with an accent wall, hang framed prints, or feature art that Rembrandt himself would take a second glance at. The only limits to wall art are in the confines of your imagination.

How To Personalize Wall Art | Wall Art Decor Ideas

How To Personalize Wall Art

Personalized wall art allows you to design an eye-catching piece that’s made specifically for your space, even on a large-scale. The hard-to-fill areas are complemented by these custom pieces. If you’re stumped from the selection in your local stores, consider creating your own.

1. Choose Wall Art Style

Whether you’re going for classic neutral tones or glitz and glam, choosing a design approach is the key to a show-stopping common space. Adorn your walls with eye-catching abstracts, or keep it minimal with black and white line drawings.

Neutral living room couch and wall decor.

Stylize your home so that it speaks to an artistic flair. Simple canvas prints are a stunning addition for an exposed brick wall. Meanwhile, acrylic prints add an artistic touch and mixed metals can create depth in a living space. Consider which wall art style best fits your space:

Canvas Prints

A canvas print is like the distinguished older sister of photo paper. Both are gorgeous, but one’s more esteemed. These glare-free prints are durable and versatile with the ability to fit well in any style of room.

Mounted Wall Art

Give your favorite print or piece of art a confidence boost with mounted wall art. This prominent composition will prevent photographs from warping in extreme heat or cold with a solid base.

Metal Wall Art

Although modern homes and large metal wall art are an unquestionable duo, metal wall art can be used in a much broader capacity. Use this bold design as a statement piece to adorn your walls.

Framed Canvas Prints

Framed canvas prints bring a touch of professional elegance to your canvas. The overall look of a framed print can come off flat, but by printing your image on canvas, you can add depth to your wall design.

Acrylic Prints

For the art aficionado who may not have painting skills, acrylic prints are the next best thing. The vibrancy of an acrylic piece will showcase the colors in your image while adding a modern aesthetic.

Wood Wall Art

The rustic companion to the former styles, wood wall art looks beautiful in any home to create a down-to-earth look. Use these custom pieces for a distinct and eye-catching farmhouse feel.

2. Select Number of Photos and Configuration

Select a configuration for one to six, or eight photos. Stack your canvases on top of each other for an asymmetrical look, or create feng shui in your living room with a set of five photos.

  • Single Piece: A single photo can speak 1,000 words.
  • Multi-Piece Gallery: Crafty matching, or mix and matched to perfection, a multi-piece gallery is a memory montage.
  • All-Text: Quotes and sayings speak for themselves.

When personalizing wall art, the sky’s the limit. You have the opportunity to feature a single favorite photo, multiple pieces, or a text-only motivational piece.

Step 3: Create Text Personalization

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Tack up your favorite quote or excerpt for inspiration in the entryway. Overlay a photo with a timestamp from your favorite vacation, or just create a text-only piece to feature.

Hanging wall art on blue wall with coffee table decor.

Account for enough space on each side of the print so you can feature your text within a frame. Browse the short quotes below for inspiration on your next piece of custom wall art.

  • For the house with kids: “Excuse the mess, children are making memories here.”
  • For the family-oriented home: “Do all things with love.”
  • For the witty home: “When nothing goes right, go left.”
  • For the newlyweds: “Home is wherever I’m with you.”

Step 4: Pick Your Frame

The last step in designing a custom piece is choosing a frame. This detail makes or breaks a stylistic design, so think carefully about aspects around your living room. Deliberate on the furniture fabric, additional room accents, and wall color. Then, choose a showstopper frame.

  • Frame Color: Black, brown, or white.
  • Extra Framed Print Options: Metallic or rustic.
  • Frame Style: Classic curve, contemporary, or modern.

That’s it! You’ve created your own personalized living room wall art. Too easy? Check out the wall decor themes below to complete your look.

Wall Art Ideas For Large Wall

The best home decor theme is only as good as its colorful wall art. Think of what makes a comfortable space. Is it a relaxing atmosphere or elegant simplicity? How about an all-out splash of color?

Large living room wall with art prints and colorful decor.

There are endless large wall art ideas for the living room when you have a lot of space to utilize. From large canvas wall art ideas to DIY wall art ideas for a large wall, measure your surface then get to designing.

Statement Gallery Wall

The eclectic patterns of gallery walls are what make them such a statement. You can pair any number of patterns, materials, and styles to create an eye-catching aesthetic. Start with a focal point and create wall decor ideas outwards for a cohesive presentation.

Living room gallery wall with six yellow prints.

Don’t forget to account for the negative space in between your framed prints when measuring your space.

  • Black and White: You don’t need pigment to make a statement. A gallery wall will emote class and elegance with its simplicity, without calling alarming attention to it the minute your guests walk in.
  • Layered Effect: Mix and match small and large canvas wall art for a layered effect on your wall. Just make sure none of the frames you use are too large or small to fill the gaps in between each piece.
  • Gridlocked: Gallery walls don’t have to be a mix of materials and colors. Consider creating your wall with symmetrical frames and a similar color palette to create a subtle, but effective play on a painted statement wall.

Classic and simple to make, a gallery wall will make a statement without demanding extra attention.

Rustic Gallery Wall

A rustic gallery wall can be used throughout farmhouse homes, industrial condos, and more. With its versatility, there are so many DIY options for types of decor. Think outside the box and grab large outdoor wall art for your living room walls, the natural elements will give your home that perfect rustic touch.

  • Wordy Statement: A rustic aesthetic is known for adding quotes, or even lyrics, throughout the home, so don’t be shy using family quotes in yours.
  • Family First: If you have a big family, consider adding a statement wall that takes you down memory lane with a family tree. Start with photos of grandparents, and build from there with brothers, mothers, aunts, and uncles.
  • Chalk It Up: Chalkboards are completely on theme for a country abode, so grab some chalkboard paint and create playful wood wall art. Or, paint a section directly on your wall for sweet sentiments.

The sky’s the limit when you’re designing for a country lover. Get creative and design with familial ties for a classic rustic look.

Gallery Wall With Rule Of Thirds

The rule of thirds creates alignment for the viewer to see a subject in the intersection points. That means the focal point is on the horizon of the top and bottom lines or the lines from right to left.

Asymmetrical blue and white wall art prints in living room.

By creating a clever gallery wall with the rule of thirds in mind, large framed wall art will look like a professional gallery to your guests.

  • Keep It Simple: Three is the smallest number our subconscious can form a pattern with. Keep your gallery wall simple but chic by choosing the same frames on all sides of a single focal point.
  • Heavy With Height: Put design rich art pieces at the top or bottom of the frames, so that the focal point is on the horizon of the top and bottom of the gallery wall.
  • Split Work: Split a single image into three different canvases with three-piece wall art. These multi-panel pieces are the perfect way to fill a wall with less design work than their counterparts.

The rule of thirds can be applied across your home by choosing colors and texture and decor that follows the same rule to add visual depth.

Plant-Based Gallery Wall

Take an organic shape to new heights with a wall of florals and greenery. These elements can brighten up a dark space, or make an urban home feel more in tune with nature. If you’re using real plants, keep in mind plant care and wall position for natural light.

  • Air Plants: Air plants are fantastic wall decor because of their minimal upkeep. Find fun vases and turn them on all sides to create a unique twist on planters. Add a few framed pieces of floral art to complete the look.
  • Framed Florals: If you don’t get much direct sunlight, framed photos and faux plants will play best in your gallery-style home. Add a tall faux plant next to the wall to add height, then fill the remaining space with hanging paintings of plants. Add some shelves and strategically place a vase to display fresh flowers now and then.
  • Succulent Sequence: Create a shadow box without the glass cover and fill it with succulents. These desert beauties require minimal watering but love the sun, so consider taking the faux route if your wall isn’t in the sunlight. Hang a few vases from macrame rope hangers for a bohemian twist.

Plants are known to boost moods, drive productivity, and inspire creativity. Create DIY large wall art inspired by this friendly greenery for a touch of the great outdoors in your living room.

To Conclude Living Room Wall Art

Make your living room come to life with planters, artwork, or wall quotes galore. Don’t be shy with your interior design, the purpose of living room wall art is to catch your eye. Personalized wall art should feel cohesive and have a sense of technique. Mix up your ensemble, but keep an end goal in mind for the perfect living room decor.