18 Motivational Office Wall Colors

If you’re on the hunt for home office ideas or are planning to redesign your current space, office wall colors are one of the first design elements to consider. First, plan out the size of your space, color scheme, and the overall look you want to achieve.

Don’t get stuck with outdated office decor or furniture you don’t absolutely love. This is especially true if you work from home, where creativity is a must-have. Finding a design you adore can take time, but with the right inspiration and motivational color palette, it doesn’t have to be a challenge.

1. Creamy Mint

Mint green office decor.

Give this color palette a spicy feel by combining it with bright pink accents or keep it dreamy with pastel and wood accents. Mint is a color that is easily adaptable to any room or office color scheme. A desk caddy will help keep your desktop organized.

2. Hunter Green

Deep green is a favorite for office environments. Keep things brightened up by using this deep shade as an accent wall or by incorporating additional colors in framed office wall art.

3. Sunset Orange

Rich orange walls create a dynamic feel of the Southwest when paired with pine or redwood furnishings. Office wall colors are personal, so when selecting these interior design, make sure it resonates with your personality and work ethic.

4. Royal Plum

This deep jewel tone plays beautifully against mahogany desks and bookshelves. Add a minimal white desk for a classic look and large white rug so it doesn’t overwhelm.

5. Crisp White

White office decor with desk setup.

You can’t go wrong with a classic white as your wall color. White colors help reflect light, keep you awake, and cheerful no matter what the workday throws your way. Use shades of gray and pops of cheerful yellow to offset the white.

6. Turquoise Blue

Blue and green together create a lovely turquoise color. This down-to-earth color helps center us, bringing peace and tranquility into our busy lives. Try to incorporate Malachite stone design elements to focus your thoughts on days that are more stressful.

7. Calming Amethyst

Blending blue with yellow makes a brilliant purple shade. If you can’t decide on a color, create an amethyst accent wall to inspire creativity. Amethyst purple is the perfect way to create an office accent wall that is welcoming and inspirational.

8. Tranquil Blue

Blue color schemes are some of the most versatile. They can be tranquil and relaxing or demand attention with an authoritative feel. Blues are ideal for office environments and it never goes out of style. Choose tropical plants and aquariums to finish the look.

9. Sandstone Neutral

Beige office wall with desk decor.

Bright, inviting, and best of all—completely neutral! Sandy taupe colors help keep things light and are easy to adapt. If you’re planning to sell a home, this is a great color option. Accent the natural sandy color with black, blue, or deep green decor.

10. Orchid Pink

Counterbalance your busy lifestyle with the vibrant tones of pink. This edgy palette will help keep you happy and cheerful while maintaining your busy lifestyle. Consider adding accents in deep burgundy or lighter toned furniture.

11. Misty Rose

Misty rose is ideal for home offices. The light rose pairs beautifully with gold highlights, sending you to a peaceful desert environment. Choose a white pine desk or lodgepole pine furniture with a desktop plaque to complement this color.

12. Mellow Mauve

If you want an office that inspires thought and provides a calming, yet vivid environment, mauve is a wall color to consider. Pair it with an accent of bright yellow and purple for a perfectly energetic, happy space.

13. Navy Blue

Dark navy blue office wall with desk decor.

Navy blue is an ideal ocean-inspired room for any aspiring captain. Hang gold-framed antique maps of the Seven Seas. An antique bronze diving helmet or a brass maritime compass make for perfect decor to guide your journey to success.

14. Coral Reef

Counterbalance your busy life with this subtle color combination of browns and pink for a beautiful, calming pastel. Add a collection of succulents or office plants that will stand out boldly against the gentle wall colors.

15. Deep Chocolate

Rich brown is the perfect color to make a statement as one of your home office wall colors. When using this deep tone for the walls, be sure to offset with white or taupe decor and furnishings so you don’t overpower the room.

16. Rustic Red

Reds can add a dramatic flair to your office! Use sparingly as this is also a color that can easily overwhelm small spaces. Consider pairing with a mint green or pink pastel to soften.

17. Oatmeal Beige

Office decor with beige color scheme.

Earthy colors like white, beige, or taupe, are ideal for areas you want to keep neutral. Keep your office clean and your desk uncluttered—these walls will help keep you inspired, your spirit renewed, and your resale value high.

18. Sky Blue

Blues on the lighter spectrum help light and color bounce across a room, giving it an open feeling. This is a fantastic way to bring in brighter colors, like yellow or baby blue desk decor. Bring all your home office ideas together with clean white office equipment and furniture.

Final Thoughts on Office Wall Colors

When choosing wall colors for your office, make sure your design inspires you to improve your organization and productivity. Wall colors impact nearly every element of your office space—including how you accent and furnish the room.