30+ Desk Decor Ideas For Work Or Home

Whether you spend most of your day at the office or have a home desk for occasional use, it’s important to make the space both functional and stylish. From making it a more relaxing atmosphere to inspiring you throughout the year, a little decor can make a big impact. That’s why we put together 31 desk decor ideas—from photo boards and decorative lamps to calendars and colorful chairs.

If you’re looking for dorm decorating ideas, consider organizer bins and photo boards. For the office, design personalized business card holders or a desktop plaque.

1. Notebooks And Journals

desk ideas Notebooks And Journals

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Custom notepads and journals are great for jotting down ideas and checking off items on your to-do list. They also make your desk more fun and personalized.

2. Book Stacks

Gather your favorite books to surround you at your desk. Stack them on various shelves for visual dimension. Add more of your unique style through accessories like candles, plants and reed diffusers.

3. Vibrant Accents

desk ideas Vibrant Accents

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Looking for desk ideas that will energize you? Consider a spread of photos, notepads and pens with bright colors like blue and orange. Accent with metallic pieces for a refreshing aura.

4. Custom Art

desk ideas mom office

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The best desk decor ideas have special meaning because they bring joy to even the busiest days. Art made by your kids plus something like a personalized paperweight keep your space organized and remind you of all the love in your life.

5. White Frames And Shelves

desk ideas White Frames and Shelves

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Match the color of your shelving units, wall art and desk. Choose a white ensemble, so each item pops, whether it’s a green plant or yellow folders.

6. Personalized Calendar

desk ideas aqua office

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No matter the month or season, a custom calendar can bring joy to your days. Select photos to represent each month, like a skiing photo for December, so you remain inspired all year long.

7. Soft Palette

desk ideas xo office

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Make your desk decor easy on the eyes with a pastel color scheme. Choose framed prints, flower vases and even a decorative chair with these soft tones.

8. Photo Ledges

desk ideas blue office puppy photo

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Give yourself ample opportunity to display photos of your favorite people and places. Pin photos to a cork board and mount photo ledges for your books, frames and plants.

9. Wooden Letters

desk ideas letter A

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Personalize your space by displaying your initials. Keep the wood lettering in its natural tone or paint it a solid color like pink or purple.

10. Custom Mousepad

desk ideas today awesome mouse pad

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Brighten your desk days with a custom mousepad, complete with an inspiring message or favorite photo. As you scroll and type, you’ll have something uplifting to look at. These mousepads also make great coworker gifts.

11. Simple Cylinders

desk ideas laptop with flower

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Build cohesion in your office desk decor with cylinder shapes. Choose aluminum cans as pencil holders and a cylindrical flower vase for fresh blooms. The round pieces provide a smooth contrast to the sharp edges of the desk.

12. Desk Calendar

desk ideas pet calendar

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Create a custom desk calendar with your favorite memories and celebrations. A small calendar doesn’t take up too much space but still brightens your day.

13. Mini Mounted Prints

desk ideas floating tiles

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Arrange small mounted prints above your desk area. Choose photos that remind you of your favorite things, like your dog doing something funny or your child being cute. Even on the toughest work days, you’ll have something big to smile about.

14. Open Shelving

desk ideas pink with cow skin

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Desk decor ideas aren’t just about what’s on the desk itself. Surround your workspace with open shelving for items like books and artwork. With this depth and variety, you’ll have a desk area that’s full of dimension and character.

15. Photo Board

desk ideas colorful hexagon wall

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Pin favorite memories above your desk with a feng shui cork board, like these hexagonal designs. Choose a two-toned palette, like white and gold, or opt for a diverse display of bright colors.

16. Modern Lamp

desk ideas white with yellow flowers

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Illuminate your desk space with a lamp that also doubles as modern decor. Choose a metallic base—great for pairing with a metal hairpin desk like the one featured here.

17. Gallery Wall

desk ideas desk plants

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Design a gallery of office wall art out of your favorite photos, mementos and quote art. Keep each piece within a color scheme for a cohesive look, such as white, black and gold.

18. Photo Collage

desk ideas blue collage

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Looking for desk decor ideas that are simple yet meaningful? Tape photos, invitations and quote art to the wall above your desk. The best part: you can switch out the artwork at any time.

19. Minimal Accessories

desk ideas ornate pattern dish

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Keep your workspace clear of clutter by opting for minimal decor. House your must-haves like pens and notepads on a decorative plate or in a basket. Liven the space by hanging a photo poster or art print on the wall.

20. Photo Book

desk ideas cat mouse pad

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Fill the pages of a photo book with memories that will bring you a smile, no matter the work day. From favorite snapshots of your cat to family vacation photos, have a book to look through during your lunch break or on a conference call. A fun coordinating mouse pad will tie the look together.

21. Black And White Accents

desk ideas peach curtains

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Looking for home office desk ideas? Gather white and black accessories, from your mugs and notepads to your phone holder and pens. Bring color to the space with a pastel window curtain or wall color.

22. Mason Jar Herbs

desk ideas rosemary herbs

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Bring a fresh element to your office desk decor. Plant herbs like basil and mint in custom mason jars. Set the plants near a window to watch them grow.

23. Dinosaurs And Pirates

desk ideas dino pirate

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Whether you’re decking out your kid’s room or a study room, incorporate your kiddo’s favorite things. If it’s dinosaurs and pirates, add these elements through lamps, pencil canisters and a calendar.

24. Monogram Terrarium

desk ideas blue terrarium

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A large glass jar makes a perfect haven for a desk terrarium. Place succulents and air plants inside for a vibrant addition to any desk arrangement. Plus, they’re easy to care for and are great indoor plants.

25. Monochromatic Details

desk ideas pink mug cactus

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Choose an enchanting color, like pink, to build your decor palette. Accessorize with similar shades, like rose and red, for everything from your mugs to your photos.

26. Single-Colored Backdrop

Mount shelves, hooks and a desk to the wall, then paint each piece in the same color. Accent the single-toned space with books and plants featuring pops of color.

27. Wood Enhancements

If you’re looking for DIY dorm decor, wood elements can add a playful vibe. Incorporate wooden crates to organize books and craft materials. Find wooden puzzles and pencil cans to sit on the desk.

28. Eclectic Details

Let your personality shine. Select artwork and accessories that represent you, whether that’s insect art pieces, a globe or potted succulents.

29. Colorful Chair

desk ideas yellow chair

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Keep your desk decor ideas simple yet powerful. A bright-colored chair, like this yellow one, adds energy to the space without being overpowering.

30. Diagonal Cork Board

Give your space a geometric vibe with a triangular cork board. Pin everything on the board from photos to concert tickets. Accentuate the look with a coordinating notepad and clean lines.

31. Patterned Chair

Refurbish the cushion on your desk chair to include colors from your desk. The seat cushion featured here brings in the blue and pink tones through a playful pattern. The colorful vibe of this ensemble offers energy and inspiration.

When it comes to your work and study area, design a space that feels fresh and uncluttered. Incorporate wall calendars and canvas prints for decor that doesn’t take up table space but offers a fun, relaxing vibe.