31 Patio Wall Ideas For The Perfect Outdoor Space

As you spend more time enjoying your outdoor living area, you may start looking for new and unique patio wall ideas to refresh the space. This is an easy place for making a big impact with little effort, money or time. A simple decor change can also help make your patio a more welcoming spot for entertaining and relaxing. It doesn’t matter if you’re decorating with plants or looking for a new way to arrange your current mounted wall art — there are solutions for any decorating dilemma you may have. Browse our 31 perfect patio wall ideas and find one that will work for you.

1. Personal Touch

patio with blue wall

Source: Shutterfly

Make it personal when you turn your favorite photographs into canvas prints. Grouping several sizes and styles creates a fun photo wall that will be at home in any room of the house — especially on the patio wall.

2. Trash To Treasure

Proving that artwork doesn’t have to cost a fortune, this lovely statement piece is made from a recycled packing frame and simple pine planks. A small amount of paint finishes it off and creates a beautiful piece of art for all to enjoy.

3. Cozy And Inviting

patio with plants and outdoor chair

Source: Shutterfly

From the beautiful custom pillows and personalized blanket to the inviting seating arrangement, this cozy patio space has it all. The soothing shades of blue on the wall act as the perfect backdrop for the live plants in the hanging envelope planters.

4. Bestill My Heart

patio heart stones

Source: A Crafty Mix

A stone heart on the wall is the perfect example of beautiful DIY patio decor. The simple techniques used to create this lovely look can be accomplished by even beginner crafters.

5. Welcome Home

patio wreath home sign

Source: 504 Main

Signs are a popular way to decorate a space and make it your own. Creative use of natural greenery turns this simple “home” sign into a unique piece of backyard decor.

6. No Clutter Shutter

Using an old recycled shutter to hang decor is a great example of recycling, reusing and repurposing. The plain metal star and classic clock become the focal point against the shutter’s simple backdrop in this easy display.

7. A Flock Of Butterflies

With simplicity as a theme, this darling display of red butterflies against a plain wood fence would win any contest, every time. It is an easy way to bring life and color to the garden.

8. Nature As Decor

Mother Nature is the ultimate artist. Her creations provide awe and inspiration on a daily basis. In this example, the homeowner is letting nature be the artwork with a lovely wisteria plant that will eventually cover the entire wall. For a cohesive look, incorporate similar farmhouse decor indoors.

9. Bring The Indoors Out

These lovely garden plates let you bring the outdoors in and back out again. The casual arrangement on a plain wooden fence highlights the beauty of these simple plates and creates a soothing place to rest your eyes.

10. Down By The Seashore

Pieces of collected driftwood are easily turned into a decorative wreath. The beachy seashore theme is enhanced with the addition of seashells and an anchor. Small white flowers and a blue fabric bow create a simple backdrop for these ocean elements.

11. Wall Of Water

A beautiful water wall adds a lovely touch to any patio space or outdoor living area. The sound it creates adds to the atmosphere of calm and invites guests to sit down and relax.

12. Modern Rustic

This decor offers a bit of the rustic and modern worlds. It combines reclaimed wood and gathered pebbles with new copper plating and lights for the sconces. Pair with a rustic metal print –– the different textures of each material add to the overall picture.

13. Patio Wall Of Boxes

There are no rules when it comes to decorating your patio or outdoor areas. This creative use of planter boxes on a patio wall proves this to be true. This design can easily be adapted and adjusted to fit any size or style of outdoor living space.

14. Wall Of Wine

Using wine bottles on walls is a popular trend that is gaining momentum. Recycling is taken to new heights as these bottles create an easy and attractive alternative to the same old patio wall.

15. The Gardener’s Wheel

Combining an old tabletop with retired garden tools makes for a lovely and decorative display. This simple creation pays homage to all of the hard work the tools have done.

16. Screen Debut

This well-designed patio makes the best use of each element. The outdoor movie screen is no exception as it also acts as a privacy screen or wall for the area behind it. For an added detail, place a few personalized ceramic coasters on your outdoor table.

17. Light Up The Night

What a beautiful way to add some soft light to your patio. A beginner in DIY can easily turn these basic grapevine balls into a mini chandelier. String some inexpensive white lights through the balls and create instant ambiance.

18. Let The Sun Shine In

Patio walls don’t have to be solid. They actually don’t have to be a wall at all. This patio has the luxury of light at all times thanks to the clear plexiglass “wall” on one side. It provides protection from the wind and rain but lets the lovely light shine through.

19. For The Birds

Backyard wall decor doesn’t get any cuter or more colorful than these darling birdhouses mounted on the fence –– especially if you already have a unique color combination throughout your home. Allowing the vines to naturally wander around each house adds to the charm.

20. Old Becomes New

patio backyard lights

Source: Meghan Klein

The art of macrame has been enjoying a resurgence. This handy craft is finding new fans who may enjoy making this intriguing set of cafe lights for the backyard or patio area.

21. Versatile Wreaths

patio wreath

Source: 504 Main

Proving just how versatile it can be, the simple wreath becomes an artistic accent all by itself. Whether it is going solo or hung as part of a trio, the simple greenery and wood are all that’s needed for a beautiful touch of nature.

22. Off The Wall

For a twist on the normal hanging planter, try this unusual way to display your plants. A wall-mounted staghorn fern offers up a fun and unique patio wall decoration.

23. Macrame Magic

Macrame is modern again with this creative twist for a multiple-plant hanger. This intricate pattern is actually easy to craft with a simple knotting technique. In no time at all, you’ll have a lovely hanging herb garden.

24. Fireflies In A Jar

Simple white lights placed in mason jars remind you of twinkling fireflies in summer. Brighten up a patio seating wall with this cute and inexpensive lighting solution.

25. Mixed Media

Creating art from words is nothing new. This, however, is a new take on using letters along with upcycled everyday items to create artistic words. What a great way to tell your garden to get to work and bloom!

26. Recycled Blues

Using recycled food cans as planters will brighten any plain old wall. The bright blue paint ties the cans together with the simple plantings, adding even more splashes of color.

27. Hanging Up And Out

Upcycling and recycling will never go out of style. Neither will these charming hanging planters crafted from rain gutters. Hung as a trio, these planters will hold several small plants and liven up any patio wall.

28. Stripes

Using recycled paint cans as planters make a nice home for kitchen herbs. The pretty stripes on the cans work well with the old door frame as well as the neutral-colored surroundings.

29. Stenciled Simplicity

This gorgeous tree stenciled onto the fence gives new meaning to simple backyard ideas. It is beautiful in its simplicity as well as its design and form.

30. Fall Front Porch

You don’t have to stick to the back patio when you’re looking for outdoor seating ideas. This lovely front porch chair is decorated for fall and invites you to sit for a while.

31. The Top Shelf

A display of your favorite framed artwork and curated pieces doesn’t have to be kept inside. This beautifully done shelf and collection are at home inside or out. It is sure to become a favorite for your new patio wall ideas.

After seeing some of the great patio wall ideas above, you should have a good idea of how you can start improving your own patio. Now that you have that space ironed out, you will be free to start personalizing and updating other areas of your home. Check out the latest ways to showcase your own unique style and taste.