29 Best Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas To Inspire Your Design

The modern farmhouse style is extremely popular these days. If you’re drawn to natural textures and materials like distressed wood and galvanized steel paired with a white living room and tasteful neutrals, this may just be the design style for you. While there are many elements needed to pull off the vintage country farmhouse look, you definitely don’t want blank walls. Beautiful wall art can help you add the colors and textures you need to pull of a rustic theme.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or updating your current style, whether your project is big or small — these farmhouse wall decor ideas will give you all the inspiration you need to design the warm, rustic farmhouse of your dreams.

1. Pitcher Perfect

farmhouse table treats

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Glass pitchers and matching monogrammed flutes are a modern way to personalize your farmhouse kitchen. Combine them with a warm wooden table, cutting board and a white table runner and you’re ready for a family gathering.

2. From The Garden

Looking for country decor ideas? An old, rusty and crusty garden gate is a unique and unexpected piece of wall decor for your modern farmhouse. A simple, green huckleberry wreath adds a touch of class and helps pull the look together.

3. Wooden Wall Art

farmhouse rustic bedframe

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Nothing works as well with the modern farmhouse feel than your favorite family photo on the wall for all to see. If you’re looking for the perfect brown living room decor, have your memories made into a custom piece of rustic wooden wall art.

4. Home Sweet Home

farmhouse home sign

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Home is where the heart is. Hang this charming farmhouse wall sign in your entryway to welcome guests with a sweet farmhouse style. A boxwood wreath makes the letter “O” and brings in elements of warmth and whimsy.

5. Faux Fireplace

If your farmhouse doesn’t have a fireplace, why not build your own? This faux fireplace really brings a homey, cozy feeling to the room. A dark wood mantel adds to the rustic feel and serves as a shelf for farmhouse accessories like lanterns and potted plants.

6. Wall Of Memories

farmhouse hanging pictures

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Nothing says “home” like a display of your favorite family photographs. These hanging wire photo clips help you turn your memories into decorations on your modern farmhouse wall.

7. Tools Of The Trade

Tools are something often seen around a farm, so it makes sense to fashion your farmhouse wall decor with them. Barnwood makes up the base for this farmhouse compass made from a rusty tire iron.

8. Modern Mirror

If you’re looking for a unique piece of wall decor to hang on your white shiplap wall, look no further than this cedar plank sunburst mirror. The dark wood warms up the space and the round design brings a welcome modern element to the rustic decor.

9. Be Inspired

Do you have a favorite quote? This rustic round picture frame is the perfect way to display it. Add a farmhouse touch to your wall with a piece of wooden art that will inspire you every time you see it.

10. Warm It Up

farmhouse dresser top

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Plants and flowers are a wonderful way to warm up your farmhouse decor. A large glass vase is one option that will pair beautifully with mix-and-match wooden photo frames and a metal easel to display whatever inspires you.

11. Shabby To Chic

Signs and shiplap are very common elements in modern farmhouse decor. Here’s a way to combine them and display your favorite quote. This quote about marriage would be a wonderful addition to your farmhouse bedroom.

12. On A Wire

Your farmhouse decor should include some metal, wood and plants. What better way to bring all three elements into play than with these hanging wire baskets? With minimal effort and cost, you can infuse this farmhouse style into your home.

13. Repurpose With Purpose

You can repurpose a set of wire baskets into fabulous farmhouse wall decor. Simply attach glass jars to the inside and hang them on your shiplap wall. Finish with some faux fresh-cut white tulips.

14. A Mix Of Modern

farmhouse rustic wall photos

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A gallery wall lends itself wonderfully to farmhouse decor. Choose a mix of your favorite photographs, art and quotes in differing styles and sizes to bring a modern touch to a rustic brick wall.

15. Make A Memo

Here’s another fantastic wood pallet project for your farmhouse-style design. Pallet wood, a paint stick and copper pipe are combined with a roll of craft paper to create a fun and functional memo board. This would be a great addition to your farmhouse kitchen.

16. Time To DIY

Turn trash into treasure by making a stenciled, oversized clock from an old wooden fence. This striking round clock is made from wood planks and has a distressed two-tone finish that would fit seamlessly into your rustic living room.

17. Fixer Upper Inspired

This delightful DIY indoor plant decor project was inspired by everyone’s favorite farmhouse-style designer Joanna Gaines and a piece of wall decor seen on her show, Fixer Upper. A canvas army bag has been repurposed into a rustic wall planter.

18. Upcycled Utensils

You’d never believe this rustic wall decor was fashioned out of an old cheese grater. When attached to a weathered and chunky piece of wood, it is transformed into a chic holder for dried flowers. This would look fantastic in a gray living room.

19. Home Sweet Home

Is your entryway calling out for a farmhouse-style piece of artwork? This custom and incredibly easy to make weathered wooden plank sign is one way to welcome family and guests into your home.

20. Say It With Canvas

When it comes to your farmhouse wall decor, quotes and signs are a must-have design element. A simple white canvas painted with your favorite saying, quote or scripture will look right at home with a rustic wooden frame.

21. Pallet Project

There are so many great projects you can do with an old shipping pallet, like this cool coffee mug holder. The wood lends itself perfectly to a farmhouse style, especially when you combine it with white stenciling and metal hooks.

22. Picture Plaques

Here’s a quick and easy little project that is a fun, farmhouse-style alternative to a picture frame. Made to look worn and distressed, these plaques can hang anywhere to display your favorite photographs or a piece of homemade art.

23. Birds Of A Feather

Bringing in elements of nature is an important aspect of modern farmhouse decor. One way to bring the outdoors in is with a picture or custom shadow box filled with feathers. It’s a charming way to warm up a white shiplap wall.

24. Make A Statement

Bring the farmhouse aesthetic to your walls with this fun DIY Scrabble art project. The dark stained background and light tile letters will show your family pride and tie in perfectly with the rest of your home’s decor.

25. Step It Up

Don’t throw away that crusty old wooden ladder — turn it into a work of art that will fit seamlessly with your vintage farmhouse style. An old ladder hung on the wall can serve as a creative way to display your family photos or a set of decorative plates.

26. Farmhouse Hack

Here’s a simple project that will take this wire memo board from stale to stylish — so it fits in perfectly with your rustic motif. With just a few supplies and a little bit of elbow grease, you’ll finish with a fun and functional DIY photo display.

27. You Were Framed

Making wall decor out of vintage window frames is a great way to achieve the farmhouse look. Add texture and complete the look by hanging a classic preserved boxwood wreath over the window.

28. Chalk It Up

Perfect for a kitchen, this distressed black and white chalkboard lends itself to your rustic farmhouse style. If you’re not keen on using a chalkboard, it serves as a simple backdrop for a display of farm-fresh flowers.

29. Make It Your Own

The farmhouse style is in high demand and a common element is vintage street signs. They can be expensive, though, so why not make your own? A custom street sign — with a name that means something to you — is a surefire way to elevate your design and make it your own.

Farmhouse decor is warm, cozy and inviting. The best farmhouse elements are personalized to showcase you and your unique family. Use these wall decor ideas as inspiration to bring your personal farmhouse style to life.