Picking The Perfect RSVP Card Size For Your Wedding

When planning a wedding or an event, having an accurate headcount can help you and your vendors better prepare for the day. Sending out your wedding invitations on time with an RSVP card is also considered proper party and wedding etiquette. 

To help you choose the right card to go along with the rest of your event or wedding stationery suite, we put together this comprehensive guide on RSVP card sizes and types. Whether you’re looking for something compact or you want to use your various stationery to make a statement, you’re sure to find the perfect card.

What Is An RSVP Card?

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RSVP stands for “répondez, s’il vous plaît,” which means “please reply” in French. When you send these cards, you’re asking your guests to let you know whether or not they’ll be attending your event, so your RSVP card wording is very important.  

For a non-destination wedding, we recommend sending them out 12 weeks prior. This will give your guests a comfortable amount of time to prepare any travels and look for good deals on flights and hotels. For non-destination weddings, no later than eight weeks before your wedding is ideal. You still want to give your out-of-town guests plenty of time to make arrangements and save the date. 

It’s common to give your guests three to four weeks to respond to your RSVP. If you’d like your guests to mail the card back with their response, be sure to include a pre-addressed and stamped envelope to make things easy for them. Otherwise, include an email, phone number or URL they can use to respond.

RSVP Card And Envelope Sizes Chart

TypeSize (in)Envelope Size (in)Orientation(s)
Standard3 x 53 ⅝ x 5 ⅛Vertical, horizontal
Post Card3 ½ x 53 ⅝ x 5 ⅛Mainly horizontal
Large4 ¼ x 5 ½4 ⅜ x 5 ¾Mainly horizontal

RSVP Card Sizes And Trim Options

RSVP cards are typically printed in three different sizes unless you decide to go with a custom cut. Your stationery designer and printer can usually offer regular and rounded corner trims. For an added flair, bracket, ticket or scallop corners are great options and will make your RSVP card stand out from your invitation. 

rsvp card sizes chart.

Standard RSVP Cards And Envelopes

The standard RSVP card size is 3×5 inches. This size is perfect for when you need something compact to go along with your invitations. You can slip it in an envelope inside your invitation or ask your stationery designer to create a pocket in your invite for a more practical option.

Postcard RSVP Card And Envelopes

For a traditional wedding, RSVP cards are generally printed in a postcard size. Postcards can be printed both vertically or horizontally so be sure to speak to your designer about what looks best against the rest of your stationery. Most postcards are 3.5 x 5 inches but are never more than 4.25 x 6 inches. 

Large RSVP Cards And Envelopes

Large RSVP cards are great for when you need to get more information from your guests to make your arrangements. For this reason, a 4.25 x 5.5 inch card tends to be the perfect option for destination weddings as you can ask your guests about any necessary travel and room and board. 

How To Pick Your Wedding RSVP Card

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Wedding Size

The easiest way to go about choosing your RSVP card size is by looking at the size of your wedding. For a small wedding, small stationery is probably best. Invitations, save the date cards and RSVP cards are the first glimpses your guests will have of your event so use your stationery to help set the appropriate atmosphere. Choose compact and simple designs for an intimate wedding or large and embellished designs for a grand ballroom reception.

Wedding Invitation Size

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Scale your RSVP card size to the size of your invitation. Your RSVP card should not overpower any other stationery within your wedding invitation’s suite but it should stand out. You want your guests to respond so make sure you choose a complementary design and size to differentiate your RSVP. 

Wedding Theme And Budget

Similar to keeping your wedding’s size in mind, your wedding’s theme and budget can make it easier for you to choose the perfect RSVP card to go with your stationery. It’s common for backyard or rustic outdoor weddings to have simple and standard sized stationery. For more luxurious events, going for show-stopping details can really bring your theme to life.  

Budget-Friendly Options

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  • Merge with your invite. To save on envelopes and keep from printing on additional cardstock, think about leaving a space on your invitation to include a section for your RSVP. Whether you print it on the invite itself or have your designer make slits to insert a card, you’ll be able to save a small expense.
  • Go digital. Nowadays, a wedding website is a must. On your invitation, include the URL for your guests to later visit and submit their RSVP. If you won’t have a website, you can also include a number or email where your guests can respond. 
  • Make it a DIY. Because RSVP cards are pretty straight-forward, it’s easy to find a printable option online that you can print and cut at home. For a personal touch, design it yourself using your theme and color scheme as inspiration. 

Once you’ve chosen the right size and trim of your RSVP cards to go with your invites, you can move on to another task on your wedding checklist. Be sure to choose menus, party favor tags and thank you cards that match your invitation and RSVP card design for a cohesive look.