19 Best Wedding Websites Builders of 2020

If you’re recently engaged, you’re probably already feeling the excitement of the preparations and celebration. From creating mood boards of your favorite floral arrangements, to venue shopping, to crafting engagement announcements for all your friends and family– there’s a lot going on. You may also be feeling the pressure to keep friends and family updated constantly. If so, it’s a good idea to start creating your wedding website. These wedding specific websites will help you stay organized, keep loved ones informed, and most importantly– they’re fun to make. So get in the wedding mood and start creating. We’ve provided a guide of the best wedding websites to help get you started and guide you through the process. Check out our reviews, summaries, and favorite wedding websites below:

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What Is A Wedding Website?

A wedding website is a dedicated website for engaged couples to share wedding information with guests and plan out details. They’re typically built and hosted by an online wedding vender or hub. Most wedding websites have a unique or customized design for the engaged couple and include resources such as registry information, a guest list, wedding locations, and much more.

girl using a digital generated phone with wedding invitation online on the screen. This is a mock wedding websites example.

Why Should You Make A Wedding Website?

If you’re looking for a way to get your loved ones excited about your upcoming nuptials, a wedding website might be the perfect project for you. Wedding websites help you organize your guest list, understand your wedding checklist, seating arrangements, food and music selections, and more. They’re also great at helping you communicate with guests, inform them of pre-wedding events, share special photos or videos before and during the wedding. They can also link to your wedding registries so guests can easily find something special to give you and your fiancé as you start your new adventure. But most of all, they’re a great way to get you in the wedding mood for your big day.

Best Free Wedding Websites

The following websites are as affordable as they are fun to make. With such a wide variety of free wedding websites available, you’re sure to find something that’s just right for you. Check out our favorites below:

getting married wedding website screen shot

1. Getting Married

Cost: Free

About: Getting Married boasts the most popular wedding website across the UK, but its services have made a serious impact on customers worldwide. Brides love their wide variety of features, tools, and designs.


  • Plenty of tools, resources, and information for the couple and guests
  • Easy to build
  • Overall great resource to help you organize your wedding
  • Elegant designs


  • Some reviewers have reported occasional issues with photo uploads on the site
  • No HTML/CSS editor

the not wedding website screenshot

2. The Knot

Cost: Free (upgradable)

About: The Knot makes up one of the most popular wedding brands across the country, and its wedding website services stand up to its reputation. With plenty of designs and customization, you’ll have no problem making these sites exactly how you want them.


  • One of the most trusted wedding brands
  • Plenty of customization
  • Track RSVPs and message guests
  • All-in-one service


  • RSVP isn’t customizable
  • Mobile has limited editing options

zola wedding website screenshot

3. Zola

Cost: Free (upgradable)

About: Zola is well known for their high quality wedding registry, and you’re able to seamlessly integrate it into a Zola website. Along with a whole host of features that make these websites extremely helpful and customizable, you’re have plenty of well-designed templates at you fingertips.


  • Top notch guest list and features
  • Helps manage timelines
  • Secure and pretty powerful


  • Limited number of templates
  • Registry seamlessly integrates with their own, but others have to be added manually

wedding wire wedding website screenshot and example

4. WeddingWire

Cost: Free (upgradable)

About: WeddingWire has been around long enough to gain a great reputation for its wedding website services, and the breadth of tools, layouts, and resources prove that. If you like a classic look and feel to your website, without a lot of work, this service is for you.


  • Tons of layouts
  • Plenty of integratabtle wedding tools
  • Secure and more powerful than other options


  • While there are plenty of designs, they follow a similar template and layout style

wix wedding website screenshot and example

5. Wix

Cost: Free (upgradable)

About: While the free version of Wix may have a fairly intrusive banner, the upgraded version of the service boasts beautiful designs and an extremely customizable building tools. All of which makes it perfect for the bride who doesn’t mind putting a little more work into making her website stand out.


  • Beautiful and easy to use designs
  • Upgradable to a custom domain
  • Secure and easy tools


  • Free version has intrusive banner
  • No registry or wedding specific tools

Wedding Jojo wedding website screenshot and example.

6. Wedding Jojo

Cost: Free (upgradable)

About:  Wedding Jojo comes with an incredibly easy wedding registry tool and other custom features that make it stand out. However, its designs are often a little less professional when compared with other websites.


  • Compatible with multiple registries
  • Custom domain offered
  • RSVP system included


  • Limited designs
  • Features are fairly simple without a lot of customization
  • Quickly gets expensive if you want the features most other websites offer

eWedding wedding website screenshot and example.

7. eWedding

Cost: Free (Upgradable)

About: eWedding a simple, easy experience for the bride who wants a website that’s perfect for her guests to navigate and enjoy. As long as you’re not looking for too much variety in designs, this may be the perfect website for you.


  • Easy user experience when designing the website
  • Lots of interactive features
  • Plenty of guest-focused features
  • Clean and simple website


  • Simple website themes without much alteration
  • Can only show links to registries
  • You have to pay for features like custom URLs

Joy wedding website screenshot and example.

8. Joy

Cost: Free

About: Joy includes plenty of tools for you to organize your wedding, and it’s password protected so only your guests can access it. However, it’s not completely mobile friendly and lacks a lot of template variety.


  • Included guest management tool
  • Password protected
  • Great photo management tool


  • Lack of Template variety
  • Wedding tools and features aren’t well connected
  • Difficult to add registry
  • Not completely mobile friendly

Wedding Window wedding website screenshot and example.

9. Wedding Window

Cost: Free (Upgradable)

About: Wedding window gives you plenty of features and options to add tools to your site, but its service can get expensive quickly. Additionally, some of the designs could do well with a little updating.


  • Plenty of features, with the option to add in third party apps
  • Wedding planning tools like seating charts, a budget tracker, RSVPs, events, invitations, gifts, and more
  • Easily integrate video into your site


  • Upgrading is expensive
  • Designs are a little messy and need updating

LuvBirds wedding website screenshot and example.

10. Luvbirds

Cost: Free

About: Luvbirds puts the creation experience at the front of its mission, boasting a 60 second set up time. However, along with the extreme ease of use comes limited design and customization.


  • Quickest and easiest website builder on the market
  • Helps you manage your RSVPs
  • Easily showcases content and information for guests


  • Lack of design options and customization
  • Lack of tools and features many other sites have, such as a custom URL

My Wedding wedding website screenshot and example.

11. My Wedding

Cost: Free

About: My Wedding may not have the best designs and templates on market, or the most tools, but it does the job for those looking for an affordable website option. Its clean, simple design is paired with a central focus on RSVPs and guest management for a pretty comprehensive service.


  • Registry management for multiple registries
  • Matching invitations and online RSVP
  • Custom URL
  • Simple, clean design


  • Very limited design and layout options
  • Not as many tools as other websites

Wordpress.com wedding website screenshot and example.

12. WordPress.com

Cost: Free (Upgradable)

WordPress may not be a dedicated wedding website service, but it does have perhaps the most customization options. If you’re looking to build a site that no one else has, expect spending some serious time and effort.


  • Extremely customizable website builder with a lot of built in tools
  • Well known and reliable host
  • Great security
  • Perfect for those who want a unique wedding website


  • Takes time and trial and error to set up
  • Fewer dedicated wedding tools than most sites

Zank You wedding website screenshot and example.

13. Zank You

Cost: Free (Upgradable)

About: Zank you is the chosen wedding website for many couples who have guests from different countries. The site’s ability to translate into several languages made it successful internationally, but it tends to lack in design and features.


  • Lots of features including maps, guestbook messaging, playlist requests, photo and video sharing, hotel info and more
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Great for couples asking for cash gifts


  • Registry is cash gifts only
  • Not as customizable as some other website services
  • Free version of the website doesn’t have many features available

DestinationWeddings.com wedding website screenshot and example.

14. DestinationWeddings.com

Cost: Free

About: DesinationWedding.com’s dedicated wedding websites are more of a added asset for their current customers than a widely used service, but anyone can make one. However, the features are very limited, making it a good option for those who want very simple websites.


  • Built in service to DestinationWeddings.com’s packages
  • Tracks guest List
  • Provides information to guests


  • Very limited features
  • Not very customizable
  • Less professional looking designs

Top Wedding Websites (Paid)

These wedding websites give you plenty of bang for your buck. With upgraded and premium designs, dedicated wedding services, and much more, plenty of couples have found their dream wedding websites in the platforms below.

Appy Couple wedding website screenshot and example.

15. Appy Couple

Cost: Paid ($49/$149 bundles)

About: Appy Couple makes an excellent boutique service for couples wanting beautiful layouts and designs, wedding specific tools, and bundled extras. It’s one-of-a-kind service is something every couple should explore.


  • Beautiful designs
  • Tons of wedding specific features and tools
  • Options for sending messages and alerts


  • A little pricier than other options
  • Guests need to download the app to have full function

Riley & Grey wedding website screenshot and example.

16. Riley & Grey

Cost: Paid ($35/month)

About: If you’re looking for luxurious and elegant designs, Riley & Grey may be the wedding website for you. Although it can take a little more work that other websites, its features stand out from the pack as a top service.


  • Luxurious designs
  • Wedding specific tools
  • Extremely customizable


  • Pricier than other options
  • Lots of work to create and maintain

Wedding Woo wedding website screenshot and example.

17. Wedding Woo

Cost: Paid ($49/year)

About: Wedding Woo may have plenty of customization and tool options, but it also requires some work to put it all together. However, if you’re planning on hosting hundreds or thousands of photos, this may be the service for you.


  • Extremely customizable
  • Can add special tools and widgets
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Secure site


  • Designs aren’t as clean and professional as other sites
  • It takes work to make it
  • A little pricey

SquareSpace wedding website screenshot and example.

18. Squarespace

Cost: Paid ($12-$16/m)

About: Squarespace is another website that, while not wedding specific, offers a lot of choice when it comes to designs and customization. Just be prepared to put in some work to make it just right.


  • Extremely customizable
  • Beautiful layouts and design
  • Easy customizer
  • Secure


  • There’s no wedding specific features
  • You may be paying for more than you need

Glo wedding website screenshot and example.

19. Glo

Cost: Paid ($19.99-$34.99/month)

About: Glo is a relatively new service on the market, which boasts unique evites and special tools like downloadable documents. However, the tools doesn’t have the most up to date designs and the pages often load very slowly, which is odd for the price.


  • Very customizable
  • Plenty of tools to help you and your guest stay organized
  • Downloadable documents


  • Outdated design
  • Sites load slowly
  • Expensive

How To Create A Wedding Website

Check out our step by step list for how to build your wedding website below. Note that wedding websites are typically built shortly after an engagement.

  1. Decide on the features/functions you want your website to have.
  2. Agree on a price point with your fiancé.
  3. Pick a theme and photos to use for your website.
  4. Compare hosting and website building services before buying.
  5. Pick your favorite, begin building, and share with friends and family.
  6. Integrate planning tools such as seating plans, guests lists, and registry.
  7. Continue to update and maintain your website until the big day.

What To Include On Your Wedding Website

Features and planning tools may be responsible for the popularity of wedding websites. After all, it’s extremely convenient to have all your tools in one place. So if you’re looking for a robust set of features for your website, they may include:

  • Information sections (How to get to the ceremony, what time it starts, dress code, cash bar, parking, etc)
  • Registry Integration
  • Travel help for out-of-towners
  • Guest list and guest management
  • Messaging
  • Blog/Announcements
  • E-cards or matching wedding invitations
  • Music recommendations
  • Online RSVP system
  • Easy design templates and customization
  • Wedding Countdown
  • Wedding Hashtag Generator
  • Additional Services

Website Ideas And Themes

When you’re ready to start building your wedding website, you’ll want to have a theme in mind. Themes are reflected in the overall design, language, and photos featured on the site.They often also reflect the theme for your wedding day. Check out some of our favorite wedding website themes below, or check out our resource on additional wedding themes.

Seasonal Floral Arrangements

Adding floral elements to your wedding website adds elegance and beauty. And different floral arrangements work best for different seasons. While lilies and baby’s breath look beautiful for a winter wedding, colors of yellow and pink in floral arrangements work better in summer.


Gemstones make a perfect addition to a wedding website for the bride who wants a unique style. They add the right amount of glam and flair and pair great with an otherwise clean and sleek website.

Watercolor Illustration

Watercolors are soft, romantic, and a perfect background design for any wedding website. Your love story can easily pop against a subtle watercolor background, and your friends and family are sure to love it.

Wood Patterns

Wood patterns make perfect wedding website themes for those couples looking for a more rustic look and feel. They also work well as previews for weddings in the woods or outdoors.


Luxurious themes, full of purple, gold, and other deep tones make excellent wedding website themes for couples putting on an extravagant celebration. Guests are guaranteed to look forward the the ceremony and reception once visiting such the website.

Modern Wedding

Looking for a clean, sleek wedding website? Consider sticking to a modern wedding theme. Full of simple lines and uncrowded by unnecessary design elements, this theme perfectly highlights you and your fiancé throughout the whole website.

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