75+ Picture-Perfect Sibling Photo Ideas

They share the same home and even some of the same clothes and toys. And, if you’ve got kids, you know the unique unbreakable bond brothers and sisters share. There’s something unique about the relationships between siblings. So why not document that special relationship with sibling photos you can hang on your family photo wall or memorialize in a custom photo album?

Whether you’ll be behind the camera or plan to hire a professional to photograph your family, we’ve curated some of our favorite sibling photo ideas to inspire your photo shoot. From grown-up brothers and sisters to newborn photo ideas, from holiday photos for the Christmas card to vacation snapshots, these poses will certainly get your creative juices flowing. We’ve also included our top five tips and tricks to ensure you get the perfect shot.

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Tips for Great Sibling Photos

It doesn’t matter if you’re holding the camera or if you’ve hired a pro, here are a few tips for getting ready for a sibling photo shoot:

Know What You Want

mother and son laughing
It’s helpful to have an idea of what kind of photograph you want to capture ahead of time. Use the ideas below for inspiration and, if you’re hiring a photographer, share your posing ideas with him or her.

Enlist Some Help

It can be tricky to get everyone posed and smiling at the camera. So, if that’s the kind of photo you want, ask a friend or family member to help keep their attention focused, while you concentrate on posing and camera settings.

Let Them Be Themselves

brothers pillow fight
We all love a perfectly posed, beautifully styled, everyone-smiling-at-the-camera photo, but don’t be afraid to be silly and let loose, too. You may find that your favorite shots are the ones that allow each sibling’s personality to shine through.

Make Sure Everyone Feels Included

This is especially true if you’re photographing siblings of different ages. A newborn, for example, may need a lot more attention to get posed, so make sure the older siblings feel just as important as their new baby brother or sister.

Be Prepared

brother and sister hugging
Kids are unpredictable. When photographing little ones, especially, it’s important to be ready for anything. Bring toys, sing silly songs, do what you need to do to keep them happy, and have snacks and drinks handy, just in case.

Picture-Perfect Photo Ideas for Siblings

1. Sibling Secrets

sibling photo ideas whispering in ear

Source: Shutterfly

An industrial wall of brick and concrete makes an interesting backdrop for this brother and sister, especially in contrast to her frilly outfit. Add interest by snapping an un-posed shot of them telling secrets.

2. Darling Duo

Pose creatively color-coordinated brother and sister on a stoop for some sweet shots—but don’t forget to snap the magical moments between poses. This is when their personalities really shine.

3. Family Fun Time

sibling photo ideas parents kids on bed

Source: Shutterfly

Don’t worry about getting the perfect pose. Instead, let the camera capture a fun family moment, like this playful family jumping on the bed. What a great shot for a cute photo book.

4. When I Grow Up

When a parent wears a uniform, like a firefighter, doctor or police officer, kids often want to follow in their footsteps. Let them walk a day in your shoes—literally—by taking fun photos of them wearing the oversized uniforms.

5. Christmas Traditions

sibling photo ideas christmas lights

Source: Shutterfly

Here’s a great idea for your holiday cards. Memorialize a family tradition, like hanging the Christmas lights, with photos that document the event.

6. Classic Car

Need a creative photo idea for a group of five active kids? Bump up the cool factor and have them race alongside a photo-worthy classic car.

7. High-Key

Bring the focus on the family with a brilliant bright white background and an off-center pose. This type of photography, combined with a laid-back pose, can be stylish, carefree and cheerful.

8. Between Poses

sibling photo ideas family doorstep

Source: Shutterfly

The front stoop is a picture-perfect location for a family photo. But remember, you don’t always have to pose for the camera. Fun moments between posed shots are when the magic really happens.

9. Harvest Colors

All you need in order to capture a frame-worthy sibling photo is a pretty patch of grass and some casual, color-coordinated clothes. This is a great option for Thanksgiving cards or a holiday photo card in a warmer climate. Say cheese!

10. Holding Hands

sibling photo ideas family holding hands beach

Source: TG Newborns

Get siblings to pose together by having them hold hands. A pale, sandy beach and pastel sky lights up their smiles to capture a truly happy moment in time.

11. Piggyback Ride

Piggyback rides are a huge part of childhood — and they’re a totally cute idea for a portrait of a brother and sister, too. Show their fun side by encouraging them to try this fun pose.

12. A Family Series

sibling photo ideas dad playing with daughter

Source: Shutterfly

Take a series of photos at the park for your family photography project, like playful, candid shots of Dad playing with the kids. Let their individual personalities shine. Then, publish the entire series in a large photo album.

13. We All Fall Down

Don’t worry about everyone posing and smiling for the camera. Instead, have them play a game of Ring Around the Rosie and capture the hilarious moment when ‘they all fall down.’

14. Happy Family

sibling photo ideas beach sunset family

Source: Shutterfly

The beach at sunset is the perfect time and place for your frame-worthy family photos. Keep it candid by catching a kiss on camera.

15. Frame-Worthy

sibling photo ideas kids on fence

Source: R&J Studios

Here’s a really cute concept for your kids’ next photo. Highlight your beautiful children by framing them between the slats of a fence at the park.

16. Landscapes

sibling photo ideas hugging in field

Source: Shutterfly

How about this portrait of siblings sharing a hug in a grassy field? Taken with a wide-angle lens, it includes the soft mountains rising in the background.

17. Side By Side

Same-age siblings share a sweet moment. Take a photo of the kids in their room, being themselves, to give a casual look to your photo.

18. Let it Snow

Capture a little bit of friendly sibling rivalry — in the form of a snowball fight over freshly fallen flakes. This would make a wonderful photo for your holiday cards.

19. Silly Smiles

Who says a smiling, posed photo has to be boring? Don’t just embrace those big toothy grins—encourage them! Paired with a lush green background, this is a photo you’ll want to hang on the wall.

20. Family Circle

sibling photo ideas family in backyard

Source: Shutterfly

The family that plays together, stays together. Forego the traditional family photo and try holding hands and dancing on the lawn instead. You’ll make lasting memories.

21. First Day of School

Capture the kids headed back on the first day of school. Wearing their backpacks and ready to meet the school bus, they share a quick hug and a smile for the camera.

22. 3 Kids and a Baby

A pretty posed picture of four kids is made more perfect with matching outfits, soft smiles and a simply gorgeous all-natural backdrop would be a wonderful addition to your family photo album. Could this be any sweeter?

23. Temper Tantrum

It’s hard being the youngest—at least for this tiny guy. Little does he know his fit makes for an adorable family photo that the whole family will look back at with a smile.

24. Story Time

sibling photo ideas mother reading to children

Source: Shutterfly

Capture your family’s “happily ever after” with a photo of Mom and kids spending time doing their favorite things, like hanging out and reading books together.

25. Vintage Inspired

Bring everybody to the beach for the perfect family photo. These girls are dressed in vintage-inspired tiny florals and kid brother is dashing in his suspenders and cap.

26. On The Run

This family photo is far from traditional. Get right in the middle of the action! Photographing kids running toward the camera captures the innocence of sunny play days.

27. Rainy Days

Don’t let a few raindrops cloud your family photo. It’s a perfect opportunity for the kids to don their umbrellas and rain boots and go for a stroll. What’s more, an overcast sky makes for lovely, soft and even light.

28. Break the Rules

Capture their playful and naughty sides. Family photo shoots are reason enough to break rules, like jumping on the bed. They’ll have a blast and you’ll have a frame-worthy photo.

29. All Grown Up

This is a super cute and creative portrait idea for grown up siblings. They’re all holding photos of themselves as babies. You’ll look back and remember how much they’ve grown. A photo like this would be perfect for a small photo album.

30. Making Mischief

sibling photo ideas having fun table

Source: Shutterfly

Don’t worry if your toddler gets a bit rambunctious for picture time, let kids be kids. You never know, these may end up being some of your favorite shots.

31. Free Spirited

When it comes to picking a location for your photos, the beach never fails. Try taking your photo from unusual angles to add interest. The kids’ pastel, soft and flowy outfits complete the free-spirited look.

32. Keep it Silly

sibling photo ideas family laughing

Source: Shutterfly

Mix up your posed photos by adding in some of the fun moments between, too. A tickle session makes for some memorable family photos.

33. Games We Play

Who says family photos have to be traditional? Photograph the kids playing a simple game of chess for a unique and fun photo idea.

34. Keep it Casual

sibling photo ideas family kissing cheek

Source: Shutterfly

Dress the family in jeans to keep your photos light and casual. Then, photograph the real moments that happen between poses, like this big brother stealing a kiss.

Sibling Photo with Baby

35. Capture a Kiss

sibling photo ideas head kiss baby

Source: Aaron Taylor

Casual coordinating clothes, a simple rustic background, a hug and a gentle kiss on the head from a boy to his kid brother, this photo says, “I’ll protect you.”

36. Bird’s Eye Baby

Shot from above, with soft, low-key lighting and a monotone color palette gives this portrait of big sister and her baby sibling a timeless photo they’ll both treasure forever.

37. I’m a Big Brother

sibling photo ideas big brother

Source: Elsie Rogers

The joy of being a big brother is captured perfectly with this playful picture. Shot overhead, off-center and mid-giggle, you can’t help but smile when you see it.

38. Newborn Hugs

You can feel how much pride this older sibling has while hugging the new baby. Taken on a soft white background and edited in black and white makes this photo a timeless classic.

39. Expressions

Here’s a cute idea for posing an older sibling with a new baby. Try a serious expression but don’t forget to snap when big sis starts giggling, too.

40. Keep it Light

These kids, wearing light and white outfits photographed amidst a bed of all-white linens is a sure way to make sure you keep the focus is on the most important thing — their sweet faces.

41. Pile of Love

Here’s a sweet posing idea for four kids including a newborn baby. Don’t forget to dress them all in coordinating colors and big floral headbands to tie the whole look together.

42. A Moment in Time

sibling photo ideas mother two sons

Source: Shutterfly

Let them be themselves. All you need is a field of lush grass and the love of a family, and you’ll be sure to capture a special moment, like this son’s sweet kiss.

43. All Eyes on Baby

sibling photo ideas family with newborn

Source: Shutterfly

Don’t worry about the pose, just let the camera capture a special moment between siblings and their newest family member. Magic happens when all eyes are on baby and baby looks at the lens.

44. Pop of Color

sibling photo ideas rainboots umbrellas

Source: Shutterfly

A colorful rug on the floor, paired with white walls and light clothing, makes a wonderful backdrop for a photo of these sisters and their newest family member.

45. Focus on Family

sibling photo ideas sisters with newborn

Source: Shutterfly

This family photo idea really gives a sense of the love they share. Capture this sweet moment by having the family members focus on each other instead of the camera.

46. Four’s Company

sibling photo ideas brothers with newborn

Source: Shutterfly

Here’s a sweet newborn photo idea. White linens mixed with the kids’ colorful toys and a cozy snuggle shows the new baby girl is already one of the gang.

47. Brotherly Love

sibling photo ideas boys kissing baby

Source: Shutterfly

Kid brothers, holding their newest sibling close, is a sweet photo idea that just beams with family pride and brotherly love.

48. Baby on Board

sibling photo ideas holding moms belly

Source: Shutterfly

This sibling duo is about to be a trio! A close up of the girls already loving their sibling-to-be is an adorable photo idea for your baby announcements.

49. Big Sister

sibling photo ideas baby big sister

Source: TG Newborns

There aren’t many things sweeter than a sleeping baby. Except when she’s being hugged by her equally adorable big sister. Dressed in matching pink and big headbands to pull the look together.

Sibling Photos With Sisterly Love

50. Pinwheel

sibling photo ideas pin wheel kids

Source: Shutterfly

A pinwheel is a fun, colorful visually interesting prop to include with your family photos. It also keeps kids entertained between poses.

51. Make a Scene

sibling photo ideas spaghetti girls

Source: Jason Lee

Have siblings reenact a scene from their favorite movie. Like this hilarious photo of sisters sharing a plate of spaghetti just like Lady and the Tramp.

52. Cool and Casual

Here’s a wonderful idea for older sibling photos. Dressed casually, in denim and matching monochromatic tops, the focus falls on the three sisters and the connection they share.

53. Picnic Time

sibling photo ideas girls picnic

Source: Shutterfly

Grab some snacks and a cozy blanket and find a pretty park. These sisters sharing a cuddle at a picnic makes for an adorably sweet sibling photo.

54. Fairytale Forest

A serene forest and shallow depth of field makes a gorgeous backdrop for this dreamy fairytale-like portrait. Don’t forget the simple, sweet matching dresses.

55. Golden Hour

Capture some real sister fun with an impromptu splash in the lake. Take your photos about an hour before sunset and they’ll be bathed in that gorgeous, soft, golden light.

56. Funny Faces

Let the kids be kids! Have them play and make funny faces to the camera while you’re shooting. They’ll look back on this photo and remember how much fun it was to be a kid.

57. Best Friends

sibling photo ideas sisters matching white

Source: R&J Studios

If you need an idea for posing three siblings, here’s a classic. Dressed in matching outfits, their smiles do all the talking.

58. Flower Girls

A field of flowers creates a sweet and feminine backdrop for a trio of posing sisters. Dress them in coordinated and colorful florals, dots and stripes to complete this cute look.

59. Interesting Angles

This photo proves that all you really need is a patch of grass and a bit of creativity to take a shot of siblings that you’ll cherish. Don’t forget the coordinating dresses to complete the look.

60. Sisterhood

Some bonds can never be broken — like the bond between sisters. Capture the joy of sisterhood forever with a bird’s eye shot like this one.

61. Leading Lines

The leading lines of a chain link fence draw your eye right to the subject of the photo — these sweet sisters having a stroll. Too-cute cowboy boots and matching dresses make it fun and casual.

62. Pretty in Pink

Capturing a loving hug between sisters makes for a so-sweet family photo you’ll want to hang on your wall. Matching pink tops and an adorable headband tie the look together.

63. Sparkling Personalities

Glittery, color-coordinating outfits are in contrast with the simple, almost primitive wood in the background, allowing the girls’ sparkling personalities to shine through.

64. Patriotic Party

Beautifully lit by gorgeous golden light, these sisters are having a blast frolicking in their matching red, white and blues. A lovely tribute to innocence and America.

65. Beach Babies

A cloudy day at the beach is the perfect backdrop for a family photo. Two sisters, adorably dressed alike and sharing a sweet snuggle in the sand is sure to bring a smile to your face.

66. Older Sisters

You never outgrow the desire to play dress up. Three older sisters are dressed to impress, while casually sharing a blanket in the grass and showing that some bonds are never broken.

Beloved Brother Sibling Photo Ideas

67. Fun With Dad

sibling photo ideas fun with dad

Source: Shutterfly

Here’s a lively family photo idea. Play a game of airplane and have the kids smile for the camera in mid-flight.

68. Classic Black & White

Dressed alike, in black and white, this is a classic posed shot — but with a twist. The brothers are looking at each other instead of the camera.

69. Holiday Wagon

Here’s an adorable Christmas photo idea. Big brother pulls a tiny tot and their fresh-picked Christmas tree along the beach. Too cute!

70. Brotherly Love

The front steps are a fun spot to capture a group of young siblings. Have them sit and hug each other and then snap away when they start giggling.

71. Fresh Cut

sibling photo ideas brothers truck bed

Source: Maine Tinker

Here’s another Christmas photo idea. Have the kids pose with a classic pickup truck that’s hauling a tree, freshly cut from the Christmas tree farm. Don’t forget to dress them in holiday colors.

72. Quadruplets

Could this four-pack of golden-locked lads be any cuter? If you’re photographing four siblings, try having them hold hands facing away from the camera and then tell them to say “cheese!”

73. Beach Blonde

With their rosy cheeks and colorful matching clothes, the blonde-haired brothers couldn’t be cuter. Arms around each other, they’re best buddies hanging out at the beach.

74. Cute Kiss

A rustic wall and a wooden floor are a great background for kid brothers. The only thing cuter than their matching crisp white shirts and kid brother’s bowtie is when big brother steals a kiss.

75. Let’s Get Candid

Smartly dressed boys leaning on a brick wall, edited in black and white, this photo is a classic — with a twist. Catch a candid moment, like mid-giggle or a finger in the nose. You’ll look back and laugh.

Whether you prefer a classic pose with them dressed in their Sunday best or a candid shot of kids at play, the right photograph can capture the unique relationship between siblings. Save some shots for next year’s Christmas card or showcase some in a seasonal photo book. You’ll get your best shots when you embrace every moment and let their individual personalities shine.