Large Photo Album Ideas For Your Favorite Memories

Photo albums are the perfect way to commemorate important life events and honor the people you love most. They allow you to turn your favorite memories into something artistic that all of your friends and family can admire.

Are you precious pictures sitting on a hard drive? Do you have your child’s large format artwork piled up at home? Do you have hundreds of photos filling up your phone? Rather than letting them be forgotten, turn them into a lovely photo book for you to enjoy for years to come.

large photo book to display photos of kids drawingsIf you are not sure how to make a photo book, don’t worry we’ll help guide you. Our templates will prompt you to add photos, embellishments and text where needed. Take your photo book to the next level by upgrading to a premium cover in crushed silk, leather and acrylic. You can even add a stunning gold foil print to any leather cover.  We have simple tips, tricks and large photo album ideas to help you create a unique album.

Why a Large Photo Album Is a Good Idea

best large photo book for professional photographersHaving your digital photos on your computer is great, but it’s even better to be able to display or gift them to a loved one.  A photo book is something tangible and eye-catching that can add a decorative touch to any bookshelf or coffee table.

There are many benefits of creating a large photo album, especially if you have multiple hi res images that show off great detail. Not only will they be visually dazzling in a book, but a larger book allows you to add more elements for a customized look. Choose from a variety of styles like watercolors, travel, theme park, wedding and family. Arrange, resize and add borders to your pictures.

Include your favorite quotes and embellishments for a personalized touch. Add captions with dates to describe your latest adventures or family gatherings.

Large Photo Album Sizes

stacked large photo books with custom designLarge photo albums provide you with the extra space to show off your creativity. The extra surface area allows for more photos and can help to convey an overall theme to your book. They also make for great gifts on Christmas, anniversary, baby’s first year and can even be used to store your child’s artwork.  

Photo albums can come in all shapes and sizes. Select your photo book size based on how many pictures you wish to include or by how much space you have on a certain bookshelf. Take into consideration the sizes of the photos you want to put in your album as well.

Choosing a book size that mimics the size of your photos will make for a seamless design. Standard large photo book sizes are 10×10, 11×14 and 12×12.

Large Photo Album Ideas

large photo album ideas If you just recently took a wonderful family vacation, solo trip, photography excursion or a just a weekend getaway, make a photo book and reminisce on the fun you had. There are many creative photo book ideas and occasions, here are a few:

  • Baby’s First Year: recall every month of your baby along with description of milestones and accomplishments such as “first smile” or “first solid food”.
  • Family Vacation: share that road trip, theme park visit or first family flight together. You can compile several vacations or separate each album by theme.
  • Milestone Birthday: celebrate your 30th, 40th, 50th and beyond! Or create a memorable book for your child’s sweet sixteen or 21st birthday.
  • Graduation: lots of school memories were built throughout the years. Make sure to store them in a durable book for years to come.
  • Anniversary: anniversary albums are great gifts for spouses and sweethearts. Gather all your memories and wrap it up along with a sweet card.
  • Studying Abroad: whether studying abroad or taking a solo travel adventure, compile some of your favorite spots in on place.
  • Holidays: holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and New Years are the rare occasions where all family members are gathered in one spot. Don’t miss the opportunity to treasure these memories for generations to come.
  • Long Distance Relationship: because you don’t see each other every day, make a keepsake that one can look back on, especially when they miss you the most.
  • Mother’s Day/Father’s Day: show mom and dad the moments that were most special to you throughout the years. Add favorite quotes and sayings that they taught you to make their book extra special.
  • Wedding: making a wedding album that includes the wedding party, family members and of course special pictures of your and your sweetheart on your special day. From dress fittings to cake tastings, there will be plenty of memories to be captured and cherished.
  • Photo Projects: make a portfolio with all of your work or simply display your favorite photo projects. This can come in handy when looking for a job or prospecting new clients.
  • Child’s artwork: school projects are an important part of a child’s imagination. Scan and store all of their artwork in one place. This will be perfect for sharing with the entire family.

As you can see, large photo albums are perfect for displaying important milestones in your life. Especially when you want to pictures to be detailed and vivid.

How to Create a Photo Album

how to create a large photo album or large photo bookCreating a great photo book is easier than you think. You have the option of making your own design via all of our Shutterfly templates or have one of our designers create one for you using our Make My Book services. Simply choose your size and upload as many photos as you can. You’ll have a fantastic book design to review in just a few days.

When designing your photo book, decide where in your home you will like to place it so that you can choose the correct layout style. Large photo books are best displayed on a coffee table, a wall shelf or in your home office along with a desktop plaque

Now that you’ve taken all of your photos and have a clear concept in mind, it’s time to turn those memories into a keepsake you and your loved ones will enjoy for years to come. Create your custom photo book by following the simple instructions and relive your favorite moments.