37 Unforgettable Wedding Party Photo Ideas

You and your closest friends have prepped and planned for months to make it to this big day. Now it’s time to let loose and show off your one-of-of-kind friendships in front of the camera. Explore these 37 wedding party photo ideas, ranging from glamorous and elegant to energized and playful.

Before meeting with your wedding photographer one last time, make a list of your favorite ideas to add to the shot list. Remember to consider your venue’s layout and architecture, the surrounding town and members outside the wedding party such as flower girls, ring bearers and ushers.

Most importantly, choose the wedding party photo ideas that showcase you and your loved ones’ unique personalities in the most exciting way. These photos will be the ones you look at for many years to come in your wedding photo book.

Scroll through all the wedding party photo ideas or quickly jump to a section:

silly wedding party photo

Show the fun and energetic side of you and your friends with a non-traditional wedding photo on your big day. Strike a funny pose and capture those moments of authentic laughter. A silly wedding party photo will be one you’ll look back on with a smile.

Groomsmen Proposal

Mirror a bridal party photo classic with your best guys. Let them borrow the bouquets to present to their favorite groom.

Comedic Kids

Not everyone thinks all your lovey-dovey mushy stuff is romantic. Work your little ones into the wedding photos for a unique and silly shot with the ring bearers and flower girls.

Adorable Bouquet Peek

Fun wedding photos showcase your beauty with a touch of playfulness. Line up with your ladies and peek out above your stunning bouquets.

Cheers to the Bride

Once you’re all dolled up, it’s time to raise a toast to a beautiful day ahead. Capture this moment with your ladies as you drink your beer or glass of champagne to celebrate as a group before the day takes off.

Role Reversal

Now’s your chance to let loose and get silly. Imitate each other’s typical poses in this funny wedding party photo idea.

Crazy Sock Show Off

Just because you have to get all dressed up on your wedding day, doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun accessorizing. Show off those fancy socks in this one-of-a-kind photo idea.

Bouncy Castle Bride

Bouncy castles absolutely never lose their appeal. Send each other soaring into the air in your wedding dresses. Letting loose will feel great after all the wedding planning is over.

Keep Things Light

Combine your photographer’s stellar lighting skills with your ridiculous personalities. Strike a wild pose to keep things light and relaxed on this big day.

Ready for the Snap

Wedding party on football field

Source: Studio 29

Gather all your favorite football fans from both the bride and groom’s party to your old high school field. Get ready to “snap” this fun photo idea with the bride as the quarterback.

Confetti All Around

It’s time to celebrate! Set up this festive wedding party photo by handing out hand-held, exploding confetti sticks. Capture the moment as they all go off.

Goofy Groom Pick Up

Your groomsmen have supported you throughout the whole wedding planning process, so why stop now? Pick one of them up for this silly wedding photo idea.

Group Hug

With little warning, tackle the groom for a giant group hug. Make sure the photographer knows the signal so he/she can capture this perfect moment of friendship and surprise.

creative wedding party photos

Get creative on your wedding day with a photo that shows your personality and style. Plan this photo ahead to ensure you have the right props and the venue will allow for it. This shot is one that your wedding party will likely frame themselves to display what a fun day it was.

Playground Adventure

Does your venue have a playground or park nearby? Unleash that childhood energy and artfully arrange a great wedding party photo at the same time, taking advantage of different levels and angles.

Spell it Out

Perfect for those wedding thank you cards, this bridal party idea uses giant wooden letters to spell out the wedding phrase of your choice.

Bridal Reflection

Everyone in the bridal suite is excited about the big wedding dress reveal. Capture this fantastic moment by framing the bride in a full-length mirror surrounded by her best girls.

A Touch of History

Tying the knot at a historic venue? With permission, explore the historic displays for picture opportunities. This is particularly successful in vintage-style weddings.

Scenery Match

Sometimes nature sets up the photo for you. Work with the natural layout of your backdrop, breaking up into groups to balance with the surrounding landscape.

Passing Elevators

Getting hitched in a large, beautiful resort or hotel? Take advantage of unique elevators to play elevator tag with the bride and groom’s party.

Wedding Party Jump Rope

Photograph a memorable throwback moment to childhood as both parties hang onto a jump rope for the newlyweds. This fun and unique wedding photo idea will get everyone moving and laughing.

Show Off Those Boots

Celebrate your southern style by capturing your fabulous cowboy boots on this big day. Both the bride and her bridal party can show off their favorite pair.

Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay

If you’re saying your “I Do’s” by a sparkling body of water, it’s essential to catch a shot of your wedding party on the dock. Just be careful in those heels.

Parachute Picture

Remember this birthday-party favorite from childhood? Reveal the kissing couple beneath a large parachute for a fun and playful wedding shot.

Including Pets

Your dogs are a part of the family too. Dress them up in their best K-9 formal gear and focus in on their cuteness for this super-adorable wedding photo idea.

traditional wedding party ideas

Traditional photos are ones that capture all the little details of your beautiful day. From the bridesmaid’s dresses to the groomsmen’s bow ties, capture every moment that you’ve worked so hard to plan. These photos will likely end up on the cover of your wedding photo book.

Candid Moments of Love

Many photographers shine at capturing unplanned, candid moments. For truly unique bridal party photo ideas, act natural. The beauty will naturally shine through as you prep for the day.

Staircase Shot

bridal party is positioned on stairs

Source: Emilia Jane

Whether sitting or standing, utilize beautiful staircases and couches to create levels in your bridal party photos. This shows off the each dress and frames the bride in a unique way each time.

Accented by Architecture

There’s nothing like elegant, exposed brick to frame your wedding party for a fabulous photo. Gather your group in an alleyway or against a unique piece of architecture to pick up suit and dress colors.

Shoe Showcase

Show off those fabulous shoes you spent so much time searching for. This arrangement makes for a fashionable and fun bridal party photo idea, especially when the bride shares the same shoe color as her party.

Take in the Scenery

Explore the outdoors to seek out those pastel and soft natural tones in the property around you. Wedding photos should blend your wedding design with all the lovely details the venue has to offer.

Surrounded in Support

wedding party with city in background

Source: Gina Zeidler

Keep classic shots unique by surrounding the bride and groom in natural ways. When the couple is supported by their best pals, organic wedding party photo ideas develop without poses or direction.

Girlfriend Time

Catch the personal moments of that quality pre-wedding girl time in this unique bridal party photo idea. Cuddle up together in matching robes for a fun yet natural shot.

The Celebratory Cigar

As a gift to your best men, break out those fancy cigars only fit for a celebratory moment like this. Make sure your photographer catches this momentous toast with the whole groom’s party.

The Big Kiss

Take your places as if you’re in the ceremony itself, just before the big kiss. This formation fits well on stunning staircases or throughout the grounds of your venue. Cheer on the couple for their “first kiss.”

Classic Drama

Highlight the elegance of this big day by taking inspiration from classic models and timeless poses. By changing up the focus of each bridesmaid, the camera naturally focuses in on a bride looking toward the photographer.

Ready to Party

Simple, fun and natural, break up the formal shots by heading toward your photographer, ready to join the party. You have a night of celebration ahead, catch those moments of energy and excitement.

Best Buds

As you get older, it’s harder to all find time to be together. Encourage candid shots when simply hanging out and relaxing before the wedding. The camera will pick up your friendship without effort.

Frame the Scene

How often does your venue’s neighborhood feature super-cool historic finds? Showcase them for a unique wedding party backdrop idea.

Bright Elegance

Give a timeless elegance to wedding photos by taking them outdoors. Keep poses simple to showcase the full landscape around the group.

Celebrating your big day is all the more special with your tribe by your side. Make sure to say thanks for making your wedding day extra special with wedding gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

wedding party photos infographic