31 Unique Wedding Send Off Ideas

The vows have been said and the cake has been cut, you’re nearing the end of your special day. You’ve danced, cried and laughed your heart out and it’s time to start this new journey of married life. One last detail, the wedding send off, will ensure that this turning point is not forgotten.

Make sure your wedding send off is just as memorable as the ceremony with these 31 unique wedding send off ideas. Whether you want to keep it traditional with a rice toss or pursue a creative route with Chinese lanterns, we’ve come up with inspiration to match your style. Your exit will be sure to leave smiles on the faces of you and your guests. This final moment of joy will also create the perfect photograph to conclude your wedding photo book.

1. Fiesta Chic

Embrace both culture and color with these festive maracas. Place maracas at each table setting so guests can shake them to cheer you on as you exit as seen in. Your friends and family will enjoy the fiesta just as much as you.

2. Cheerful Confetti

Carry on the black and white color scheme of the traditional bride and groom with black and white confetti. Your guests will enjoy showering you with the pieces of paper and the photographer can capture the motion of it falling.

3. Autumn Leaves

For the fall-themed outdoor wedding, embrace your environment by tossing autumn leaves. Depending on the colors you’ve chosen, you can throw brown, golden or even red leaves. These natural color choices will make for a beautiful photograph.

4. Rose Petals

A beautiful classic, shower the bride and groom with red or white rose petals for their wedding send off. The enchanting petals will float down on them as they make their way out of the chapel. Roses come in various colors, so they can easily match your wedding colors.

5. Glow Sticks

Light up the night with a glow stick send off. Longer glow sticks in a multitude of colors are perfect for guests to wave around in celebration. Keep the dance floor energy going with neon ones that will make your exit glow as brightly as your smile.

6. Dried flowers

A bohemian-styled wedding is sure to benefit from a dried flower toss. Choose your favorite flower and provide your guests with the dried petals. This is perfect for outdoor weddings because no clean up is necessary.

7. Sparkly Pom Poms

Another fun wedding send off idea is pom poms. Give your guests handfuls of sparkly pom poms to toss when you are ready to exit. Notice how the poms match the grooms tie. Combining little details like this will make for a cohesive and beautiful exit photo.

8. White Balloons

Have your wedding planner assist you in creating an aisle of guests holding balloons to send you off. The balloons can be multicolored or just one tone. When you get in the car to drive off, your guests can release the balloons. This makes for an elegant photo and the guests will delight to be included.

9. Paper Airplanes

Double your programs as paper airplanes. Print them on colorful paper that matches your wedding colors and fold them into airplanes. Leave one on each seat at the ceremony and your family and friends can follow along and participate in the send off as well. This unique send off idea will be a sure fire hit.

10. Traditional Rice

A symbol of prosperity and good luck, the wedding send-off tradition all began with throwing rice. Keep it simple by passing around baskets of rice that your friends and family can toss. If you have an indoor wedding, check with the venue first to make sure they allow it.

11. Decorative Tamborines

Music enthusiasts will love this send off. Tie festive ribbons to tambourines so that the ribbons move with the rhythm when shaken. Instead of a toss, walk out to the music your guests are making.

12. Bubbles

Hand out bubbles and wands so your guests can actively participate in your send off. Personalize the bottles with custom stickers so your guests remember the day every time they use the bubbles in the future. The cloud of bubbles will make for a magical photo and these translucent suds will make for a clean getaway.

13. Firework Magic

Go out with a bang with a firework show. This wedding send off will be memorable whether you stick with a golden color scheme or add some color. Commemorating your love with a sky full of sparks will create a fairytale ending to a beautiful day.

14. Confetti Slingshot

confetti slingshot sits on plate

Source: Going Lovely

Make it rain gold confetti to end the celebration. The guests can shoot shimmery star-shaped paper into the sky with this artistic slingshot. Glide out of the venue under a golden shower of shooting stars.

15. Snowflakes

Whether your wedding is in a snowy location or just has a winter theme, create a snowy scene with a fake snow send off. Give your guests fake snow that they can toss in the air and let fall on your way out.

16. Wild Flowers

Create these stylish bouquets of wildflowers that your guests can throw. Roll up sheet music in a cone shape and fill with your prefered flower. These unique floral scores will shower down on you for a romantic exit.

17. Colorful Sprinkles

Show your sweet side by using colorful sprinkles for your wedding toss. The fun colors will let your personality show through and add some bright accents to your framed prints. This sugary send off is a unique version of the wedding exit.

18. Coffee beans

Calling all coffee fiends. Exit the venue being showered with the thing you love most; coffee. For this to work without leaving you with bean sized bruises, choose a brand that has small, light beans. If you’re more of a tea fan, try tea leaves instead.

19. Lantern Release

Light up the sky with a Chinese lantern send off. Give each family a lantern and tell them to write a wish for the newlyweds. Add in a personalized lighter for your guests to keep after the lanterns and wishes are released into the atmosphere.

20. Fun Flags

A modern wedding send off, these brightly-decorated flags can be waved to cheer on the bride and groom. Try including blank flags at the tables that guests can decorate. Your friends and family will appreciate being included in the moment.

21. Glitter Showers

Married couple showered with glitter

Source: Dixie Pixel

Float out of the venue under a shower of glitter. Provide your guests with tubes of glitter that they can throw into the sky for a sparkly wedding photo. The memory will be captured and last long after the glitter is washed away.

22. Palm Leaf Fans

palm leaves sit on table setting

Source: EPlove

For the tropical or beach themed weddings, try including a palm leaf in the table setting. At the end of the night the guests can use these to create an aisle of fans. They will be able to show you what big fans they are and how much they support you.

23. Handkerchief

Add some energy and movement into your first steps as a married couple. Waive handkerchiefs in the air and play music while sending off the newlyweds. Personalize the cloths with stitching that has your names so your guests can take home the memory.

24. Antique Bells

Ring in this new period of life with antique wedding bells. Try attaching your custom wedding place cards to the bells so that every family gets one. Encourage your guests to ring their bells for a unique wedding exit.

25. Popcorn

In celebration of him popping the question, give your guests popcorn to send you off with. Fill goodie bags with the popped kernels (don’t add butter or salt to prevent your clothes from being ruined) and hand them out to your family and friends.

26. Colorful Streamers

Add streaks of color to your exit photo. Provide your guests with colorful streamers that they can throw across the aisle. The pattern of pigments and movement will all be captured in your final wedding photograph.

27. Natural Elements

Gardeners and cooks will appreciate this wedding exit idea. Create bags that have variations of herbs and natural leaves in them so your guests can choose what they want to bless you with. Whether it be mint virtue, basil wishes or palm leaf promises, the herbs represent a fresh and healthy start.

28. Butterflies

By the end of the wedding, you can take a breath and finally let go of all the butterflies leading up to the big day (literally!). A butterfly send off requires time and planning, but has a beautiful result.

29. Gold Confetti

Exit the ceremony to your favorite song and gold confetti falling from the sky. The photographs of walking through showers of tinsel will turn out beautifully. The atmosphere it creates will also generate genuine smiles.

30. Lavender

This calming petal not only smells good, but will ensure you begin your new journey with a calm and peaceful mindset. Provide guests with lavender petals to toss in the air. If you want to add some variation in color, mix in some herbs to create a blend.

31. Color Bombs

A dramatic effect, colored smoke bombs are a creative way to end the ceremony. Choose a color that matches your floral arrangements and make sure you are in an outdoor environment. Rather than being close to them, let them erupt in the background so no person or item of clothing is harmed.

A wedding send off doesn’t need to be complex to be beautiful. All of these unique ideas uncover a fun way to include your guests and let them take part in the festivities. Don’t forget to thank your family and friends for attending your special day with custom thank you cards that display your send off photo.