When to Send Party Invitations?

When it comes to throwing a party, the most important part of getting the ball rolling is sending out your party invitations in the mail. Depending on what kind of celebration you’re hosting—holiday party, Christmas party, birthday party, anniversary party—you’ll need to plan out your invitation timeline accordingly. Use our guide below on when to send party invitations for the different occasions in your life.

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When to Send Out Party Invitations?

Answer: It is best to send party invitations three weeks before your party date for birthday parties or general celebrations. However, you can send invitations out as early as six weeks before the party or up to two weeks before the party. Try to avoid sending party invitations out less than two weeks before your party so you can give guests enough time to RSVP. If you’re planning a holiday party, be sure to send out your Christmas invitations far enough in advance for people to plan out their party circuit, which we’ll cover more below.

When to Send Invitations for a Formal Party?

Answer: Send invitations for a formal party three to five weeks in advance as common courtesy. Formal affairs require more organization and work. Therefore, do your best to send invitations in advance so you can allow time to collect RSVPs, arrange seating preferences, and buy place cards. You’ll also want to specify dress code on your invitations and give attendees enough time to plan out what they want to wear. This is particularly relevant for a themed party or holiday party.

When to Send Invitations for a Dinner or Cocktail Party?

Answer: Send invitations for a dinner party or cocktail party three to four weeks in advance. In order to avoid over-buying or under-buying food and beverages, send your invitations early so you can set aside an appropriate budget and save money. How you set your table will also depend on how many RSVPs you get.

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When to Send Invitations for an Engagement Party?

Answer: Send invitations for an engagement party within three to four months of getting engaged. Once you get engaged, you don’t have to throw a party instantly. You can wait a few months to host your engagement party. However, your engagement party plans shouldn’t exceed month four as most people won’t consider your engagement news after month 4.

When to Send Graduation Party Invitations?

Answer: Send graduation party invitations four to six weeks in advance of graduation day so you can account for attendees that are traveling. Since some family members may be traveling from afar, you should give them enough time to make their travel plans and find lodging. Graduation ceremonies and parties only come around every so often so most loved ones will appreciate your early announcement. Use our guide on how to address graduation invitations before sending off your invites.

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When to Send Holiday Party Invitations?

Answer: Send holiday party invitations out two to three weeks in advance. In order to account for all of the parties that family and friends will get invited to during the holiday season, send your holiday party invitations in advance so guests can lock your party into their holiday schedule. If you’re sending out Christmas party invitations, send your invites out during the first full week of December.

Sending out invitations can seem stressful if you wait until the last minute. However, if you stay ahead of the curve and send out invitations at the right time, you’ll be able to move onto your next party project with little to no hesitation. Make your party planning job easier with all the right materials, including postage stamps, address labels, and high-quality invitations.