55+ Precious Baby Gifts For Girls

Congratulations! It’s time to welcome a new little princess into your family circle or group of friends. To help celebrate, we’ve put together 56 ideas for baby gifts for girls—and they’re not all pink. From DIY baby shower gift baskets to homemade blankets and dresses, there are thoughtful gifts for every season and style. After all, a beautiful gift tells the parents that you care for and support them—whether it’s their first child or their third.

If you’re looking for a personalized gift that will become a keepsake, consider a personalized story book for their nursery. When it’s a gift that’s made just for them, they’ll feel extra special and appreciated.

1. Photo Blanket

baby gifts girls photo blanket

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Warm hearts and little bodies with a custom blanket. Gather photos from the baby’s birth or first few days with her parents and print them on a baby blanket. Include the baby’s name and birth date for a truly personal gift.

2. Chic Baby Dresser

A white dresser with gold touches makes for a timeless furniture piece. Find a used or second-hand dresser, then paint it white. Replace the knobs with new pulls for an updated look that matches many modern nurseries.

3. Custom Pillow

baby gifts girls name pillow

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Complement the nursery or playroom with a personalized pillow for the little one. Choose favorite photos, names or quotes. This comfy addition gives any space a loving touch.

4. Crochet Toy

baby gifts girls crochet toy sheep

Source: Yarnhild

Follow a simple crochet pattern to create comfy animal friends, like a puppy or lamb. With a single crochet and bobble stitch technique, you can whip up this beautiful, small gift in just one evening.

5. Photo Night Light

baby gifts girls photo night light

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Make it easy for the parents to see as they walk out of the room after putting baby down to sleep. Choose a customized night light with photos from baby’s birth or mama’s pregnancy to illuminate the room—and their hearts.

6. Bunny Teether

Babies are often teething for months on end, and parents will do anything to give them some relief. Make a wooden teething ring with rabbit ears that’s both cute and super functional. You may even consider making a couple of these, so the parents have one for their diaper bag, nursery and living room.

7. Teddy Bear

baby gifts girls teddy bear

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Add a cozy friend to baby’s nursery with a custom teddy bear. Choose an inspirational phrase, photo or custom message to put on the bear’s shirt. She’ll love snuggling with her new friend and maybe even invite the bear to future tea parties.

8. DIY Swaddle

baby gifts girls swaddle blanket

Source: Simply Edged

Babies love to feel safe and secure when they go down to sleep. Sew a wearable blanket that can be wrapped around baby during her first months of life. Add a pom-pom trim for extra pizzazz.

9. Art Print

baby gifts girls adventure awaits

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Looking for new mom gifts? Consider an art print with an inspiring phrase or quote, like “adventure awaits” or “be curious.” The artwork can be hung in the nursery above the crib or changing table for everyone to enjoy.

10. Top Knot Baby Hat

No matter when the baby is due, keep them snuggly and warm with a thin knit hat. Choose a patterned fabric like one with giraffes or florals, then include a top knot as an adorable accent.

11. Personalized Story Book

baby gifts girls white wall shelves books

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Bedtime stories will be even more fun when you make the little one the main character. Design a personalized book that will put baby girl right into the story.

12. Washi Tape Window Valance

baby gifts girls washi tape window

Source: Whimziville

Join together pieces of washi tape to form vertical strips. Hang each strip with hooks on a curtain rod. Consider adding accents like beading at the bottom for a fun, colorful valance that will reflect soft colorful light into baby’s room.

13. Personalized Bean Bag

baby gifts girls personalized beanie

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Even though she won’t be sitting up for a few months, a custom bean bag makes a cute and functional addition to the nursery. The parents can lounge in it while baby plays or cuddle her while they read stories together.

14. Crochet Mittens

Help keep the little one’s hands warm in the cooler months with crocheted mittens. Add a row of a second color for a stylish accent to these classic yarn accessories.

15. Personalized Towel

baby gifts girls name towel

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Give baby another reason to love bathtime: a personalized towel. Print their name or a family photo on the front. Bonus points if you choose a design that matches their nursery theme, like safari animals or pastel flowers.

16. Monogram Art Print

Print wall decor that’s easily framed and hung in the nursery. Choose a floral design, then spell out her name, a monogram or just an initial.

17. Name Plaque

baby gifts girls name plaque

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Looking for gifts for newborns? A one-of-a-kind name plaque helps to personalize the nursery. It can hang on the nursery door or above the crib—places the parents will enjoy seeing it every day.

18. Geode Crib Mobile

baby gifts girls geometric mobile

Source: Lia Griffith

DIY gifts can be both simple and adorable. This geode mobile made with an embroidery hoop, colored paper and twine is a gorgeous addition to baby’s room. When the parents put her down for bedtime and naptime, they’ll delight in this beautiful, handmade gift.

19. Photo Book

baby gifts girls baby photo book

Source: Shutterfly

Fill a photo book with beautiful moments, like baby girl meeting her grandparents for the first time. From candids to portraits, this will touch the parents’ hearts and become a keepsake for many years to come.

20. Pom-Pom Hat

Crochet a fun and festive hat out of acrylic yarn. Secure a pom-pom to the top for personality and style. The new parents will appreciate having this to keep baby warm and snuggly during the cooler months.

21. Summer Dress

Sew a dress that’s comfy for warm summer days, whether that includes playing in the park or lounging on the patio. Include hooks or snaps on the back to make this an easy outfit to pull on and off.

22. Chunky Headband

A simple crochet headband dresses up any outfit and keeps their ears warm in the cooler months. Consider making a second one in mama’s size for matching bands that are great for outings and photo shoots.

23. Glider Chair

A glider chair for the nursery makes nursing, snuggling and reading stories more comfortable for everyone. Find a second-hand glider then recover it with fresh fabric. This practical gift will see plenty of use and many special moments.

24. DIY Wooden Blocks

Paint wooden blocks of all shapes and sizes for a fun, interactive gift. Include blocks with letters and numbers to make these pieces even more educational.

25. Knee Patch Baby Pants

baby gifts girls baby pants knee pads

Source: Sew Much Ado

Add durability to a pair of baby pants by sewing on oval pieces of fabric near the knees. Once she’s crawling and exploring the world, these special pants will be the first thing the parents want to put on.

26. DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging

Brighten the nursery with a rainbow wall hanging. You can represent the clouds with felt balls, and use ribbons of various colors to form the rainbow streaks. The parents can hang this joyful piece above the crib or bookshelf.

27. Chevron Headband

Design a two-toned headband for baby girl out of soft yarn. Add an elastic band to the back so it fits snug on baby’s head, no matter her size.

28. Handmade Baby Blankets

Give baby a super comfortable place to play and roam by sewing a patterned fleece blanket. Choose designs for baby girl that are fun and uplifting, like foxes or castles.

29. Floral Hat

baby gifts girls crochet floral hat

Source: Kiku Corner

Crochet a hat that’s great for many seasons, including spring and summer. Try a cotton-merino blend to give the hat structure. Include a floral design on the front for a feminine touch.

30. Ruffled Dress

Compile various fabric pieces to design a colorful ruffled dress. The little one can wear this custom dress to a wedding, summer barbeque or birthday party.

31. Name Garland

Want a small, but personal gift to show how much you care? Design a custom banner for the new baby girl with her name. The parents can hang it from her bassinet or above her changing table in the nursery.

32. Decorative Onesie

Customize a solid-colored onesie with colorful buttons. Secure them in the pattern of a heart or flower for an adorable outfit that pairs easily with jeans, shorts or leggings.

33. Rainbow Romper

Add texture and playfulness to a neutral-colored romper with a rainbow design. Use wool balls to represent the clouds and embroider colorful thread below. The best part: any color of accessory will match!

34. Crochet Headband

Looking for cute baby gift ideas for girls? Crochet a headband that also doubles as an ear warmer. The simple pattern for this design is great for beginners but doesn’t skimp on the cuteness.

35. Ruffled Bottoms

Add flair to her little tush with a pair of ruffled bottoms. Sew layers of different fabrics to form the ruffles. These bottoms are super cute for placing over diapers in the summertime.

36. Matching Wall Art

Create a themed gallery wall for the nursery. Choose a color scheme that will spread across four or more art prints for a cohesive look. These can be hung in unison above the crib or bookshelf for an extra cute aura.

37. Baby Pants

baby gifts girls baby pants

Source: Ohoh Deco

Babies tend to go through many pants (and shirts) in a day. Add to the parents’ collection with a comfy pair of patterned pants. With elastic around the waist and ankles, these won’t fall down no matter how much playing and crawling they do.

38. Cloud Pillow

Cut white fabric into the shape of a cumulus cloud. Attach ribbons in various colors to represent the rainbow, then fill the cloud with padding before sewing it shut. This cuddly gift can become a toy or be hung on the nursery wall for cheerful decor.

39. Floral DIY Wall Hanging

baby gifts girls floral wall hanging

Source: Decor Hint

Will the nursery have a dainty, feminine feel to it? Add to the decor with a macrame hanging featuring faux flowers. This timeless piece isn’t too baby-centric and can adorn her walls for years to come.

40. Sun Dress

Make a cute summer dress in under 20 minutes with cotton fabric and ribbon. Choose a patterned fabric like one with rainbows or butterflies for a playful touch. The best part: this dress is easy to slip on—and makes diaper changes a breeze.

41. Festive Bodysuit

baby gifts girls floral onesie

Source: I Love DIY

Add embellishments to a single-colored baby bodysuit. Sew patterned fabric to the cuffs and collar. The classic look of this outfit will be great for photos and snuggly mornings.

42. Stitched Artwork

baby gifts girls stitched artwork

Source: Solipandi

Looking for adorable gifts for newborns? Create stitched art for their nursery using an embroidery hoop as the frame. Choose an animal to match a woodland or zoo theme, or go for something simple like a heart or rainbow.

43. Rainbow Wall Decor

Brighten up the nursery or playroom with this rainbow statement piece. Made of braided cotton rope and ribbon, this festive wall decor will bring a cheery vibe to clothing changes, feedings and playtime.

44. Cute Cat Pillow

Handmade pillows bring comfort and joy to nurseries, playrooms and living rooms. Design one to resemble a cat, complete with whiskers and ears.

45. DIY Pacifier Clip

It’s all too common for pacifiers to fall out of baby’s mouth and drop to the floor. Make life easier for the parents by creating a pacifier strap out of wooden beads and string.

46. Fleece Booties

Although she won’t be ready for sledding just yet, make sure she stays cozy when she’s outside in the winter. Opt for a fun color like orange or purple to add flair to any outfit.

47. Hooded Towel

Make bathtime more playful with a hooded animal towel. Choose a design like a bunny or bear, and be sure to add accents like ears and a tail for extra fun.

48. Quote Wall Art

Inspire the little one for years to come. Choose an uplifting phrase or quote to print and frame. The piece can hang above the crib, dresser or bookshelf.

49. Flannel Baby Blanket

Families can never have too many blankets. From playing in the living room to being wrapped up in the car, this flannel geometric blanket is extra cozy and absorbent with its chenille backing.

50. Baby Booties

There’s nothing quite as adorable as a pair of baby booties. Sew these DIY shoes out of knit fabric. Add elastic and a snap around the ankle to ensure they never fall off those precious little feet.

51. Baby Doll Stroller

Create a place for her baby dolls and stuffed animals by building a baby doll stroller. When she’s old enough to walk, she’ll enjoy moving her toys and playing with them in this handy, but playful cart.

52. Inspirational Sign

Repurpose a fence picket to make a wooden sign for the little one’s nursery. Pencil an uplifting phrase or quote onto the wood before painting over it. Add hearts, moons or stars to finish the design.

53. Personalized Pillow

Bring a personal touch to the nursery with a custom name pillow. Use felt letters to spell the baby’s first or last name on a pillow cover. The best part: she can enjoy this comfy gift for years to come.

54. Drawstring Toy Bag

Make organizing and packing toys for a road trip easier for the parents. Sew a drawstring bag that can house everything from baby dolls to blocks.

55. Framed Art Print

baby gifts girls adventure wall print

Source: Fox + Hazel

On the lookout for unique gifts for baby girls? Frame an art print with an uplifting phrase or word, like “be curious” or “adventure.” The piece can hang above the crib, changing table or dresser.

56. Heart Baby Blanket

Put extra love into your gift with a crocheted baby blanket featuring a giant heart. The pattern incorporates a graphing technique, which is unique from other baby blanket patterns. The parents will love rolling this blanket out for playtime, tummy time and lounging together.

Whether you’re planning a baby shower gift or a welcome basket for when you meet the new babe, a gift from the heart is what matters most. You can even design a framed print with a family photo to include the newest member.