36 New Mom Gift Ideas: What She Actually Needs

When a friend, sister or coworker adds a bundle of joy to her family, it’s important to show love and encouragement. One of the easiest ways to support her is to visit and bring an item she’ll need or appreciate, even if it’s a small gift.

The best gifts for new moms are either cute, practical or both. That’s what gave us inspiration to compile 36 new mom gift ideas. From hand sewn burp cloths to adorable nursery signs, you’ll find plenty in this collection to brighten her day.

Remember that the thought behind your gift is what matters most. Include photos of the new mom and her baby on a canvas print or a set of ceramic coasters.

1. Swaddle Blanket

Help your friend keep her little one snug at night with a lightweight swaddle blanket. Swaddles emulate the way the baby was tucked in the uterus—making them feel secure at sleeptime when they’re tightly wrapped. Design a few swaddles in different colors and patterns so the baby has variety for their sleepwear.

2. Crib Mobile

Add a charming touch to the nursery with a DIY crib mobile. Made with an embroidery hoop and ribbons, this charming piece of decor hovers above a bassinet or crib to keep the baby happy and relaxed. Be sure to choose ribbon colors that match the nursery theme.

3. Crocheted Headband

Are the cooler months approaching? Crochet a headband out of yarn for a cute and functional accessory. The baby will stay warm while being plenty fashionable.

4. Zucchini Bread

new mom gift ideas zuchini bread

Source: Jenna Helwig

Few items are more appreciated by new parents than fresh, homemade food. Whip up a batch of zucchini or banana bread to bring on your visit. The family will enjoy slicing it for a morning snack or a midnight nursing recharge.

5. Customized Serving Tray

new mom gift ideas customized serving tray

Source: Shutterfly

As a new mother, she’ll be spending lots of time taking care of baby. Make it easier for her partner and others helpers to bring her refreshments and hydration on a beautiful serving tray.

6. Contoured Burp Cloth

Our newborn baby checklist suggests that moms have six to ten burp cloths in stock. Yes, babies go through several a day and more are always appreciated—especially if they’re handmade. The contoured shape rests nicely on the shoulder, so go ahead and make your own using terrycloth.

7. Personalized Charms

new mom gift ideas personalized charms

Source: Shutterfly

The best gifts for new moms are ones that carry special meaning. Design beautiful charms with photos of her, the baby and the baby’s initials. She’ll enjoy wearing this sentimental gift on her wrist for years to come.

8. Knee Patch Baby Pants

new mom gift ideas knee patch baby pants

Source: Sew Much Ado

Babies love to crawl and explore the world around them. That’s what makes a pair of pants with knee patches an ideal style for those under 16 months. Choose vibrant colored fabrics or stick with a neutral tone.

9. Reusable Breast Pads

If your friend is nursing her babe, make custom breast pads that are washable and reusable. Rather than going through dozens of disposables, this style is environmentally-friendly and comfy. Make her several sets so she has enough to last her between laundry cycles.

10. Glass Flower Vase

new mom gift ideas glass flower vase

Source: Shutterfly

Energize and relax the new mom by giving her a spot for fresh flowers. Choose a delightful vase that fits long or short stem flowers. Bonus if you include fresh cuts in your gift, like lillies or zinnias.

11. A Hearty Dinner

Make suppertime a breeze for your coworker or best friend. With enough to take care of during the day, she’ll thoroughly appreciate having a home-cooked dinner like dumpling soup, lasagna or grilled chicken breasts. Bring the meal over in advance so all she has to do is heat it up.

12. Wooden Pacifier Clip

Babies always seem to be dropping pacifiers out of their mouths. Rather than letting them hit the floor, create a clip that attaches to the baby’s shirt or onesie. The wooden beads in this design are stylish and baby-proof.

13. Natural Foot Scrub

Help mama relax—she deserves it! Blend the ingredients—including Himalayan pink salt and coconut oil—to make an exfoliating foot scrub that offers a calming scent.

14. Hooded Towel

Cozy, fluffy towels are always necessary for washing little babes, but why not make it extra fun? Sew a hood on the towel that resembles a dinosaur or animal. Your mama friend will thank you for making bath time easier!

15. Summer Baby Dress

Transform comfy cotton fabric into an adorable summer dress. This simple sewing project results in a cute, easy-to-wear outfit in less than 30 minutes. You can adjust the pattern size to fit the baby just right.

16. Photo Coasters

new mom gift ideas photo coasters

Source: Shutterfly

Touch the new mama’s sentimental side with coasters that feature family or newborn photos. She can set these in her living room or bedroom, and even use them as a jewelry tray.

17. Cute Bibs

Looking for ideal gifts for first time moms? Bibs are incredibly practical (they go through several a day) but also add style to the baby’s ensemble. Sew several bibs with different patterns so she has some adorable options.

18. Button Artwork

Decorate the walls of the nursery with handmade artwork. Collect buttons then form them in the shape of an animal, flower or heart on a blank canvas. Bonus points for matching the theme of the new mama’s nursery.

19. DIY Photo Album

new mom gift ideas diy photo album

Source: Shutterfly

Commemorate the incredible journey of starting a family. Compile favorite photos from the baby’s first months and thread them together for a timeless memory book.

20. Velvet Pillow

Whether mom is nursing or snuggling with her little one, pillows go a long way in helping her to stay comfortable. Choose fabric colors that match her home decor and you’ll have a gift she’ll use every day.

21. Nursery Sign

Paint an inspiring phrase or quote on a piece of wood for a custom nursery sign. Mama can hang it above the door, crib or bookshelf. Every time she glances at it, she’ll think of you.

22. A Fresh, Home-Cooked Meal

Put a huge smile on the new mama’s face with a gourmet pasta salad. Include fresh vegetables like tomatoes and spinach so she gets all of her nutrients in one easy meal.

23. Painted Wine Bottle Vases

New mom gift ideas don’t have to be extravagant. Brighten her living room, kitchen or nursery with painted wine bottles that double as flower vases. Add fresh blooms such as spray roses or anemones for extra color.

24. Custom Tea Towels

new mom gift ideas custom tea towels

Source: Shutterfly

Personalized tea towels make for beautiful new mother gifts. She can use them to keep her dishes dry, line a serving tray or keep her greens fresh. Add a photo of her and the new baby to make it extra meaningful.

25. DIY Silicone Teething Necklace

Give baby something to chew on when he or she is close to mama. The organic silicone beads in this design are squishy and completely baby-safe. The necklace also adds color and personality to mom’s outfit.

26. Classy Keychain

new mom gift ideas classy keychain

Source: Shutterfly

Have your eye on Christmas gifts for new moms? Consider customizing a keychain with photos of the family or newborn for a personalized accessory she’ll use every day.

27. DIY Reed Diffuser

Aromatherapy brings a sense of serenity and peace to both mom and baby. Create a diffuser that lifts calming scents into the air. All you need is a small glass bottle, essential oils and a handful of reed diffuser sticks.

28. Nursery Window Valance

new mom gift ideas nursery window valance

Source: WhimziVille

Repurpose wrapping paper as a valance for the nursery. Slice the paper into strips that can hang at the top of the window. Opt for a cute design like one with ducks or farm animals.

29. Fabric Headband

Isn’t this floral headband charming? It’s made of jersey fabric so it’s super soft for baby. The top knot allows mama to adjust the size as baby grows.

30. Adorable Animal Bib

The more bibs the merrier—especially ones with cute designs and precious animals. Find a bib pattern you like and add your own personal touches.

31. Personalized Burp Cloth

new mom gift ideas personalized burp cloth

Source: Sew Woodsy

Stencil or press a stamp onto a cloth diaper with craft paint to create a custom design. These one-of-a-kind burp clothes can feature the baby’s name and an image that matches their nursery theme—whether that’s nautical or woodland.

32. Gemstone Body Oil

new mom gift ideas gemstone body oil

Source: Bliss Makes

Treat mama to a spa-like experience. Blend jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and essential oils together to form a body oil she can roll on her skin for a natural, refreshing vibe.

33. Monogrammed Flower Pot

new mom gift ideas monogrammed flower pot

Source: Shutterfly

Bring extra green into her home with a potted plant. Personalize the pot with her initial or a special message. She can place this on a shelf in her bedroom, kitchen or living room. Be sure to keep this idea in mind for creative Mother’s Day gifts, too.

34. Crocheted Animal Dolls

In the market for adorable new mom gift ideas? Try these crocheted animal dolls using a step-by-step pattern. Made with super soft yarn, these are baby-friendly and bound to become a family favorite.

35. Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Mama might not have much time to shower or take a bath, but when she does, give her 5-star treatment. Whip up a couple of jars of sugar scrub to soothe her body and soul. A jar of this magical scrub also makes for thoughtful best friend gifts.

36. Adventure Mobile

new mom gift mobile

Source: Shuttercly

Create festive, adventure-themed decor to hang above the baby’s crib. Sew pieces of felt into shapes like mountains and animals, and fill them with cotton balls. Hang the soft mobile pieces from wooden dowels using string.

Starting a family impacts everything from her sleep schedule to the time she has by herself. Being there for a new mama will mean the world. Choose a practical but sentimental gift like this custom stainless steel travel mug. Whether she’s nursing or running errands, she can sip her tea and coffee without having to worry about spilling.