DIY Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas with Story Book

The following guest post was created by Jeanine from Six Time Mommy.

Baby showers are something everyone looks forward to! This exciting time of helping friends and family celebrate an impending arrival of their beautiful bundle of joy is always an occasion you don’t want to miss. You also want to make sure you arrive armed with a personalized gift that will be useful and also appreciated. At least for me, I feel gifts that are more thoughtful than practical are the way to go when it comes to baby showers.

Using a Personalized Story Book as a Baby Shower Card

Using a personalized story book as a baby shower card is a great and unique way to bring a lasting memory to a baby shower. Especially, if this baby shower is for a baby that already has a sibling. This book I’ve chosen for my baby shower card, welcomes a new addition to a family and helps younger siblings not only prepare for baby but get excited about their arrival. Let’s face it although everyone is always excited for a new addition to join a family, sometimes it can be hard for siblings to adapt to the change. It’s also common for many guests to use the title pages of baby books as a space to write their special baby shower wishes and messages. But if you’re not sure what to write, make sure to visit Shutterfly’s resource on what to write in a baby shower card.

Using a personalized story book as a baby shower card.

Of course to go with a personalized story book, we have to personalize a gift that will be thoughtful and useful. Everyone gets diapers, wipes, and all the latest gadgets at their baby shower, which are helpful. However, I often wonder why we don’t go a little extra mile and make our baby shower gifts a little bit more thoughtful. Giving a personalized story book as a card with the ultimate personalized gift for mom. For example, this gift basket and these Wood Slice Photo Gift Tags are not only thoughtful, they are homemade and a keepsake mom can enjoy long after her pregnancy has ended.

Shower Wood Slice Photo Gift Tags & Basket Ideas

These DIY Baby Shower Wood Slice Photo Gift Tags are so easy to make! They take little time and little effort but produce an amazing, thoughtful, keepsake as a result.

Cute DIY baby shower gift basket tags.

What You’ll Need:

  • Ultrasound photos (printed on normal printer paper, or premium cardstock for a clearer image)
  • Mod Podge
  • Wood Slices
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Paint Brush

Cute DIY baby shower gift basket tags and supplies.

How to Make the Baby Shower Gift Basket Tags

  1. Print out an ultrasound photo mom has shared or you’ve gotten from the mom-to-be. Cute DIY baby shower gift basket tags.
  2. Lay your wood slices on the paper and either trace or cut out around the wood slice so the photo will fit perfectly on the slice. Cute DIY baby shower gift basket tags.
  3. Squirt a dollop of Mod Podge onto your wood slice and cover evenly with your paint brush. You don’t want big clumps, but you need to make sure you put enough on to hold the photo in place.Cute DIY baby shower gift basket tags.
  4. Lay your photo on top of the Mod Podge, photo side up. Squirt another dollop of Mod Podge on top and again using your paint brush evenly spread the Mod Podge over your photo. Cute DIY baby shower gift basket tags.
  5. Let your photos dry for 1 hour and then repeat step 4 again, letting dry for another hour or two. Cute DIY baby shower gift basket tags.
  6. Once you’ve assembled your gift for mom, use these gift tags to tie off the cellophane and present it to mom at her shower! Cute DIY baby shower gift basket tags.

Note: You can buy your wood slices that come with holes ready for these type of tags or you can use a small drill and make holes yourself. Ultrasound photos are such a treasure during pregnancy. Although mom can feel baby moving and growing, being able to see that little bundle is such a gift. Using Mod Podge will ensure they last a long time and can be kept hanging on a wall or in a keepsake box for years to come. Alternatively, you can also made customized gift tags using luggage tags.

Additional ideas for your baby shower gift

Pair these baby shower gift tags with a homemade gift basket. This gift basket includes baby gifts as well as gifts for Mom. Giving the mother gifts for herself at her baby shower will be slightly unexpected. However, it’s likely a very welcome gift to a Mom who will more than likely be getting baby-only gifts at her shower.

Baby shower gift basket ideas with toys and card

To re-create this basket, you’ll need:

  • Personalized Story Book. This will be used for the baby book card, or as a gift for the anxious sibling.
  • Engraved Bar Necklace. These necklaces are easy to wear and cherish and come in a variety of designs and options.
  • Stemless Wine Glass. This, of course, is for after baby arrives.
  • Personalized Mug. This one is customized with an ultrasound photo, ready for Mom when she wants to enjoy some yummy tea.
  • Chocolate. This is to satisfy any cravings the Mom-to-be may have.
  • Personalized Thank You Cards. While unexpected, these gifts are so mom can send thank you’s after the shower or even after the birth.
  • Goodnight Blend Tea. It’s delicious, and it’ll help the Mom-to-be sleep.
  • Stuffed Animal. Like these custom teddy bears, stuffed animals are a key baby gift, and perfect for baby to cuddle with.

Cute DIY baby shower gift basket tags with a personalized story book.

With all the different gift options Shutterfly has to offer, you can fill any baby shower basket with items any Mom would be thrilled to have. Giving gifts for Mom not only makes her feel special, and celebrated but it also lets her know others are thinking of both her and the baby on the way!

Cute DIY baby shower gift basket tags.

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