50 Personalized Prizes For Your Baby Shower Games

Games are a classic part of a baby shower. There are all sorts of shower games that you can play, from baby bingo to baby word scrambles to guess the baby food. And while these games are fun on their own, if you want to get your guests really excited about them, hand out some prizes to the winners! If you’re not sure what baby shower prizes to give away, we have some great ideas for you.

While you plan your upcoming shower, don’t forget to pick out a baby shower invitation that celebrates the parents to be, along with baby shower thank you cards to show your appreciation after the day is over. We’ve collected 50 baby shower prize ideas that are guaranteed to be a hit at your shower. From DIY creations to tasty desserts, there’s something here for every baby shower theme.

1. Mom Life Mugs

Handcraft stylish floral mugs. Print a design onto adhesive vinyl and delicately cut with an Exacto knife. Secure onto a brightly colored mug and wrap up as a baby shower prize.

2. Colorful Coasters

Brighten up a coffee table with these vibrant handmade pom-pom coasters. Line a square of thick burlap with colorful thread and pom-poms and wrap up in a gift set for your baby shower game winner.

3. Beaded Bobby Pins

These simple, homemade hair accents are great small gifts or shower prizes for the clever winners of your game. Simply glue your favorite pearl or gemstone on the end of a gold or silver bobby pin.

4. DIY Dish Towels

Send your guests home with a witty dish towel with this easy DIY project. Iron on letters of your choice and glue a simple embroidery and pom-pom pattern to the base. Pair in a set with matching phrases.

5. Gold Foil Coffee Coasters

Create a multitude of designs with adhesive gold and silver tape, making a cozy coffee coaster set by lining the edge of a marble square. Mix and match your patterns and colors and wrap up in a set with a new mug.

6. Silk Bow Scrunchies

curly made 1

Source: Curly Made

Scrunchies are back and easy to DIY! Wrap a piece of silk fabric around a loop of elastic and add a festive bow on one side. Pair together in a gift package or give out as a small prize for a team game. Great for a nautical themed baby shower!

7. Garden Tattoo Mugs

sarah hearts

Source: Sarah Hearts

Temporary tattoos make excellent crafting tools. Print vibrant floral patterns on the side of white ceramic mugs, mixing and matching the pattern on each. Gift on their own for your prize winners or pair them up with tea or bags of coffee beans.

8. Edible Terrarium

Are you planning a garden party baby shower? Design ready-to-eat terrariums in a jar with brown sugar, jelly beans and chocolate rocks. Top the whole thing off with a DIY succulent wine stopper.

9. Homemade Cookie Bag

If you love to bake, why not send your guests home with home-baked prizes? Package up your favorite cookies in a cellophane bag and print out these colorful tags with a note. This is a great way to make your shower food table the life of the party.

10. Playful Planters

Repurpose glass yogurt containers with paint, fabric or twine to create a set of small succulent holders. These make excellent prizes for winning the baby trivia or diaper game.

11. Plant Of Love

Gift a bit of greenery to your guests by planting a small plant in a cozy coffee mug. If you’re throwing your shower around the holidays, pick out a festive mug design with a loving message.

12. Coconut Rainbow Soap

Up your soap-making game by layering a collection of bright colors from a series of hand-dyed bars. Use a coconut glycerine soap base for a natural approach and choose your stripe colors based on your baby shower theme.

13. Tasty Mug Cakes

Recipes in a jar always make quick and easy gifts or favors. Layer the ingredients in a mason jar and include an attached card with the baking instructions. Match your recipe to the season or time of year.

14. Mini Fall Bouquets

No need to be a professional florist to wrap up these miniature gift bouquets. Buy a pre-arranged bouquet and break it up into small pairs before wrapping with butcher paper. Pair the blooms with DIY vases!

15. Bunny Sugar Scrubs

Gift homemade sugar scrubs in a unique new way by molding them into small bunny shapes. Use a silicone mold to combine and set your ingredients, then wrap them up in a cellophane gift bag or mason jar.

16. Leather Bracelet Set

curly made 2

Source: Curly Made

Give the gift of grown-up friendship bracelets to the first-place winner of your baby shower competition. Braid the leather cords just like you did when you were younger and glue a metal clasp on the end of each side to secure.

17. Spring Seed Bombs

sheri silver 2

Source: Sheri Silver

Plant something new with the arrival of your little one. Wrap a handful of wildflower seeds with natural clay and include instructions for planting in the ground. Wrap them up in small envelopes with a note on how and when to plant in your guests’ gardens.

18. Calming Sugar Scrub

Send the winner of your baby shower game home with a jar of invigorating handmade sugar scrub. Combine coconut and jojoba oil with raw sugar and a mix of calming essential oils. Package it in a large jar and label by hand.

19. Beaded Wine Bags

Looking for a fun way to send your winning guests home with a great bottle of rosé? Write a handwritten message on a burlap bag with a marker and then line it with hot-glued sequins. Pop in your favorite bottle of wine or champagne to complete.

20. Baby Bookmarks

Great for a book-themed baby shower, sew this simple bookmark from a swatch of patterned fabric. Instead of tucking in between pages, these little markers hug the corners of the book—perfect for children’s stories as well!

21. Personalized Twine Vases

Glass vases turn into unique home accents with just some twine and a small charm. Choose one that reads “friend,” “mom” or “love” and fill the vase with flowers. These prizes can also double as centerpieces during the party.

22. Unicorn Candle

casa moncada

Source: Casa Moncada

Need a new idea for your DIY candle maker? Stack three colors of wax and glitter and package up in a unicorn-themed candle set. Display your prizes throughout the party to grow excitement around the upcoming games.

23. Hand Designed Tea Towels

shutterfly 2

Source: Shutterfly

Commemorate this celebratory day by giving away a personalized tea towel. Adorn your towel with a photograph, message or the date of your shower and give to your lucky winner.

24. Chevron Cloud Throw Pillow


Source: Soldaeira

Small accent pillows can liven up a chair or bedroom. Hand sew this simple pattern with playful chevron fabric and stuff with polyfill. Make the pillows in an assortment of colors and let the winners choose their favorite to take home.

25. Calming Herbal Sachets

Handy with an embroidery needle? Display your creations in a simple sachet filled with dried lavender. Include instructions about where to keep these potent pouches such as in the winner’s car, clothing drawer or bathroom.

26. Confetti Candle

Get festive by making these festive candles with rainbow sprinkles. These not only make excellent baby shower prizes but also add a bit of color to your room decor. Wrap them up with a fabric bow to match your color scheme.

27. Wine Tote Bags

Give your wine-loving guests something they’ll love—a practical tote, flowers and a bottle of their favorite wine. Pair it with a custom wine glass for a truly special party favor.

28. Festive DIY Lip Balm


Source: Tikkido

If you’re celebrating your baby in the winter months, tailor your shower prizes to the season. Combine beeswax, cocoa butter, cranberry flavor and baking shimmer dust into a small lip gloss container. Make your own labels with the date of your shower.

29. Baby Cacti

Double up on baby shower decor and prizes by giving away these adorable succulents and cacti. These are ideal for cactus or plant-themed themed parties as well. Paint the planters with simple patterns to add your own touch.

30. Metallic Toasting Glasses


Source: Isoscella

Send your winning guests home with hand-painted champagne flutes. Tape off the tops of the glasses and add a color block of gold or silver spray paint. These small gifts look great at a shower with a metallic color palette.

31. Unicorn Soap

These sparkle-filled soap bars are an exciting addition to any bathroom. Use silicone unicorn molds to create the shape and add a sparkling topping to finish it off. These prizes are perfect for a unicorn-themed gathering.

32. Photo Frame Paperweight

shutterfly 3

Source: Shutterfly

Explore endless possibilities and combinations with these photo paperweights. Include a picture of your friends, a celebratory message or even a thank you note. Choose from a selection of shapes and sizes to add variety.

33. Leather Drop Earrings

These little pops of color are both stylish and easy to make. Use a Cricut machine or cut a piece of leather by hand. Roll around an earring hook and secure with hot glue. Make a pair in every color and let your winner choose their favorite!

34. Summer Days Tote Bag

Send your lucky winners home with these summer-themed tote bags adorned with colorful ice cream cones. Fill them with other DIY prizes like candles and home goods. These also double as excellent baby shower favor bags.

35. Rosy Coasters

Create an elegant set of coasters for your guests by backing a square of cork with colorful felt. Use an Exacto knife to carve out the petals and leaves of your traced rose pattern. Pair up in a gift set with ribbon and a note.

36. Rubik’s Cube Challenge

This prize doubles as the game itself! Before mixing up the squares, write a series of baby-themed messages. Whoever can solve the puzzle gets the take the game home.

37. Gourmet Cookie Box

Package up your favorite local gourmet cookies in a sliding wooden gift box. This classic presentation is a stylish way to give a set of edible gifts to your guests. Wrap a matching bow around the box to complement your room design.

38. Cupcake In A Jar

Send your guests home with a colorful cupcake kept safe in a small mason jar. The cupcake sits on the bottom of the jar lid, making it easy for them to remove and eat. Add a piece of twine and a thank you note around the lid.

39. Colorful Cloth Napkins

Perfect if you love to sew, design a set of patterned cloth napkins and bundle in a set for a great shower game prize. Choose baby birds, plants or other playful patterns to match a woodland baby shower theme.

40. Chalkboard Paint Mugs

These versatile DIY mugs can change as much as the owner desires. Add a strip of chalkboard paint to the front on a plain ceramic mug and include a chalkboard marker in a bright color. Be sure to include instructions for washing and writing a new message.

41. Baby Owl Bath Melts

Bath melts transform bath time into a spa for your skin. Combine a collection of natural oils and let it set in a mold that reflects your baby shower theme. Bundle a set in a gift bag and give to your game winners at your owl themed baby shower.

42. Hand-Wrapped Chocolates

Spruce up a simple chocolate bar by printing your own floral wrappers. Find your favorite photo of a beautiful bouquet and print different variations of the image to create a unique wrapper every time. Keep the bar’s original foil and tape the new wrapper around the bar.

43. Glitter-Dipped Mug Set

Transform a basic mug into celebratory tea time by adding a layer of glitter along the base. Fill the mug with confetti, coffee pods or tea bags to reward the winners for their talents.

44. Baby-Theme Sugar Scrubs

What better way to celebrate your new baby than to use what you already have in your home? Mix sugar, baby wash and baby oil into an exfoliating scrub. Ask your guests to guess what’s in the recipe and let the winners take them home.

45. Lavender Gift Sets

sheri silver 1

Source: Sheri Silver

Edible lavender and simple syrup make excellent additions to cocktails, coffee drinks or even baking recipes. Decant your calming simple syrup into a mason jar, then wrap up with a sprig of fresh lavender and a card of recipe ideas.

46. Custom Charm Bracelets

shutterfly 1

Source: Shutterfly

Choose from a selection of metals and eye-catching charms to personalize this elegant baby shower prize idea. Add a birthstone, photo or initial on the charm itself and allow winners to pick out their favorites.

47. Brightly Beaded Keychain

Paint a collection of small wooden beads with bright colors to look just like baby blocks. String them onto a keychain and attach a matching leather charm to tie it all together.

48. DIY Coffee Sleeve

Take-home coffee mugs need a reusable sleeve of their own. If you’re hosting a bunch of coffee lovers, create these easy felt covers and add geometric shapes in a series of bright colors. Pair with a reusable mug as a full gift set.

49. Baby Bubbly

Just because you can’t drink, doesn’t mean your guests can’t pop a celebratory cork in your honor. Send game winners home with small champagne bottles and include a dated gift tag.

50. Bird Jars

Repurpose glass mason jars for around the home by securing a ceramic bird figure to the lid. Fill with colorful pom-poms or candies and include storage ideas for around the home.

Try your hand at these fun baby shower prizes to surprise all your guests with something a little extra special. If you get inspired, declare the whole party the winner and turn the “prizes” into your baby shower favors for all! Pair favors with custom greeting cards that show your loved ones how much you appreciate their generosity.