43 Baby Shower Food Ideas To Delight Your Guests

When planning a baby shower, there’s a long list of things to take into consideration. If you’re hoping to surprise the expectant mother with the shower, knowing what she needs, wants and already has will be helpful. It’s usually a good idea to enlist the aid of her family members and close friends for many of the decisions.

Baby shower food ideas are just one of the many items you may need help with. It’s a nice touch to serve foods and snacks that the mother-to-be will enjoy on her special day. To take a bit of the pressure off of you, we’ve compiled this list of 43 baby shower food ideas that everyone will enjoy. See which ones will fit in with your baby shower menu.

1. Sunny Sunflowers

It’s hard not to smile when you see a happy sunflower. These dreamy cupcake versions are no different. They are easier to make than they look and taste even better.

2. Darling Ducks

Rubber duckies are the theme of this darling baby shower. From iced cookies decorated like ducks to real rubber duckies floating in the punchbowl, it’s all about the quack.

3. Sweet Spring

Beautiful flowers are frozen in time in these lovely and quite tasty popsicles. Edible flowers are used to make a treat that adds a bit of floral fantasy to a spring baby shower.

4. Early Readers

Get the baby’s education started right away with lots of books. This darling cake is decorated with shapes and titles of several beloved baby and young reader books. It’s never too early to start reading.

5. Hearts Aflutter

baby shower food heart pie

Source: Brit & Co

Individually wrapped heart-shaped tarts are a lovely treat your shower guests can take home with them. The delicious treat is on a stick to make it even easier to enjoy.

6. Sweet Elegance

These delicate raspberry and vanilla baked donuts are a delight to look at and taste. The sweet notes of vanilla enhance the sharp raspberry. Because they are baked, they are a bit healthier than their fried counterparts.

7. Berry Brownies

Strawberry brownies add a dash of color and an explosion of taste to your dessert table. They are also fantastic enough to serve as baby shower prizes. Yum!

8. Popping Bottles

An elegant black and white theme illustrates the popping bottles metaphor. The monochromatic color scheme includes desserts and sweet snacks as well as other finger foods.

9. Ready To Pop

Baby shower themes are often hard to pin down. This cute “ready to pop” theme employs lots of balloons for decor as well as take-away edibles in the form of tasty iced sugar cookies.

10. Ice Ice Baby

Pink and white coconut ice is the perfect snack to serve for baby girl shower themes. The delicate colors of the tasty treat will fit beautifully with the decor and theme.

11. Cotton Candy Wishes

As pretty as they are tasty, cotton candy cupcakes are a perfect way to convey baby shower wishes. Good thoughts and lots of love go hand-in-hand with these pastel-tinted treats.

12. Tasty Twist

baby shower food watermelon sandwhich

Source: Brit & Co

Perfect for a baby shower brunch, these yummy watermelon grilled-cheese bites are a creative twist on the normal finger foods. This memorable snack will easily be a new favorite.

13. Pink Punch

No baby shower lunch is complete without a signature beverage. This pink sherbet punch is packed with color, flavor and is a perfect fit for the party.

14. Pudding Parfaits

Mini-desserts are a big hit when it comes to baby shower food ideas. They are simple to make and feed a large number of guests. This simple pudding parfait is a great example — but don’t be surprised if your guests come back for seconds.

15. Bevy of Beverages

Along with a variety of treats and finger foods, it’s recommended to have an assortment of drinks available. Juices, teas and infused waters are all popular choices, especially when they match a light menu.

16. Baby Shower Brunch

Fresh jam and toast as a great homemade gift.

Hosting a baby shower brunch is a popular way to celebrate the mother-to-be and her guests. Simple foods such as waffles with fruit, jam and toast, and other fixings make it easy to plan and prepare.

17. Cookie Treats

baby shower food heart ricecrispy

Source: Brit & Co

For a fun and easy baby shower food, try Rice Krispie treat cookies cut in the shape of a heart. Whether you dip them in pink, blue, yellow or green, you can easily customize them to your party.

18. Pink Pearls

A dash of elegance is added to any baby shower when these beautiful cupcakes are part of the decor and the menu. Pretty in pink and pearls, they are sure to be the star of the party.

19. Camper’s Comfort

There is nothing more comforting when camping than making s’mores. These yummy cupcakes bring that taste to the baby shower for mama and her little camper-to-be.

20. Confetti Oreos

The insanely popular Oreo cookie takes on yet another role as it becomes a fun and tasty way to host a gender reveal baby shower. Dip the vanilla cookies into blue or pink icing. Then sprinkle with confetti candy to help make the gender announcement.

21. Mellow Marshmallows

Marshmallows are a great choice for party treats as they are light and offer many ways to serve them. Covering them in icing and adding personalization is a popular method, as is offering a DIY bar where guests can create their own yummy morsel.

22. Festive Fruit

These festive fruit cups are as pretty as they are healthy. Served in a waffle cone, the tasty fruit provides a nice alternative to some of the other sugary snacks.

23. Woodland Picnic

This teddy bear’s woodland themed baby shower proves that rustic decor and filling baby shower appetizers work well together. Savory picnic fare pairs with sweet treats to provide an experience that won’t be soon forgotten.

24. Magical Unicorns

Lovely pastels are the color of choice when it comes to a unicorn-themed baby shower. The yummy cookies on a stick and cupcakes are decorated to look as sweet as they taste.

25. Little Lumberjack

It helps to know who to invite to a shower when you are choosing the foods. This lovely selection of salads and finger foods would satisfy any appetite or taste, including a big or little lumberjack.

26. Infinite Rainbows

baby shower food rainbow cake

Source: Studio DIY

There is no denying the beauty of rainbows and all of the hope and dreams that follow them. This cute and simple cake embodies that spirit and adds a slice of happiness to the day.

27. Outdoor Celebrations

baby shower food blue red drinks

Source: Brit & Co

The bright colors of these cool cocktails and cute blocks for stoppers are perfect for an outdoor baby shower. It would also be appropriate fare for a coed baby shower that is celebrating the family.

28. Farmgirls Rule

Baby shower food ideas don’t have to be limited to glamour and elegance. This adorable farmgirl and animal theme gets back to our roots with farm animal cake pops and other sweet treats such as chick sugar cookies and candy eggs.

29. It’s A Onesie

baby shower food baby jumper cake

Source: Erin Gardner

This little cake is a simple dessert that adds a lot of cute factor to the shower. It’s easy to make — no special pans needed — and can be decorated as fancy or basic as you like.

30. Heartfelt Food

This beautiful cupcake with a heart baked inside is as pretty as it is tasty. It would make a lovely treat and also be a great way to do a gender reveal at the shower.

31. Daisy Delight

With the bright white and yellow daisies at the center of the party, how could anyone not enjoy themselves? The lovely yellow cake and happy iced cookies add fun and cheer to the table.

32. Pinks and Blues

baby shower food blue pink puppychow

Source: Brit & Co

Let guests decide what they think the baby’s gender is going to be. These fun and pretty snacks are a great way to let partygoers in on the secret or keep them in suspense.

33. Faux Pie

It’s not surprising that these cute cupcakes are often mistaken for individual apple pies. The sweet treats are decorated to fool your eye but not your tastebuds.

34. Salty Sweet

Strawberry pretzel salad is a favorite at any time of the year. It is a go-to treat that is a welcome addition to any menu, especially a baby shower where cravings are rampant.

35. It’s A Boy

baby shower food rocket cake

Source: Studio DIY

For a fun way to celebrate the upcoming birth of a baby boy, this little blue rocketship cake is just the ticket. The darling design celebrates the infinite possibilities that are about to become reality.

36. Roll With It

These cinnamon roll muffins or cupcakes are bound to remain a favorite well after the baby shower is over. Be sure you have coffee ready to serve alongside these decadent dandies.

37. Fruity Dreamsicles

baby shower food pastel popsicles

Source: Studio DIY

A spring baby shower wouldn’t be complete without these colorful frozen treats. Tasty fruit and cream combine to create a lovely dessert that does double duty as decor.

38. Busy Bumblebees

Black, white and yellow are the perfect colors for a happy bumblebee-themed baby shower. The bright hues on these cute cupcakes will make anyone smile.

39. Button, Button

Vanilla cream cheese button cookies are a tasty treat that can also do double duty. There are many baby shower games where these easy cookies can add to the fun.

40. Garden Glam

No glamorous garden baby shower would be complete without touches of gold and crystal. This includes the glittering edible treats and snacks that also double as party decor.

41. Muddy Buddies

While that may sound like something for a boy, muddy buddies are a treat to be enjoyed by all. The beauty of this snack is that you can customize it for either gender by changing up the colors.

42. Gender Revealed

Easy baby shower food can be made to support a gender reveal party. These simple treats can be decorated and wrapped in either color to announce the baby’s gender in a fun and tasty way.

43. Fun Food

baby shower food cakepop

Source: Honey & Lime

Choosing finger food for baby showers can be a lot of fun. Finding something with a fun factor already built in just makes it even better. These DIY marshmallow pops fit the bill.

Are you ready to get started planning the perfect baby shower? Do you have all of your baby shower food ideas ready to go? If not, feel free to go back over this list. There are many ways you can tweak and customize most of these ideas to fit your party. When you have the menu decided, it’s time to think of party favors. We have lots of fun gift ideas that can be personalized to suit your needs. Don’t delay, that baby won’t wait.