How to Plan a Baby Shower Step by Step

There are a handful of things to consider when planning a baby shower. A baby shower serves as a special gathering to celebrate mom-to-be with her closest friends and family before her family grows by one. Most baby showers take place sometime during the end of a pregnancy which is certainly, a hectic time for the guest of honor who is busy getting ready for her newest addition. You can make the planning process simple by creating a baby shower checklist and staying organized before the special day. Be sure to include the best baby shower gifts as well as baby shower invitations to make your baby shower party the best.

cute pastel baby shower invitation

How to Plan a Baby Shower

Few celebrations are more exciting than a baby shower and if you’re in charge of hosting a shower, you’ll want to consider every detail. As the host, you’ll also want to make sure the celebration stays true to the honoree’s personal taste and style. Consider her favorite colors, decor style, and hobbies. You can also pull inspiration from her nursery ideas to guarantee she’ll love her baby shower theme.

Planning a successful baby shower starts with staying organized from the get-go and giving yourself enough time to make everything come to life. You’ll want to grab a notepad and start making your checklist to stay in track with your plans.

Baby Shower Checklist

From sending out baby shower invitations and buying decor to ordering the cake, our step by step guide and checklist will help walk you through the baby shower planning process with ease. If you’re searching for more detailed information regarding items on the checklist, make sure to visit our baby shower etiquette guide for baby shower tips and rules.

Nine to Ten Weeks Before:

  • Determine who will host the shower.
  • Select a date and time.
  • Determine a budget.
  • Select a venue.
  • Finalize the guest list.
  • Confirm the baby’s gender just in case mom-to-be wants a specific color palette.
  • Choose a theme for the baby shower. Find inspiration with our complete collection of baby shower themes and ideas!
  • Order your baby shower invitations and matching thank you cards.

You’ll not only want your invitations to go well with the theme of the baby shower, but you’ll also want to make sure you use the proper wording for all of your correspondence. Take a peek at our guides for baby shower invitation wording and baby shower thank you card wording to ensure you’re using proper format and style.

Six Weeks Before:

  • Prepare invitations for mailing. Whether you’re hosting a baby shower get-together on the smaller side or inviting 50 people to join in the festivities, sending an invitation is a must. You’ll want to assure you’re using appropriate titles and formats. Visit our guide on how to address baby shower invitations for more detailed instructions and address examples.
  • Mail Your Invitations. You should send your invitations anywhere between 4-6 weeks before the big day. You’ll want to give your guest ample time to RSVP and also give yourself enough time to add any guests you may have forgotten. See more mailing time frames and specific tips by checking out our guidelines for when to send baby shower invitations.
  • Start planning for decorations and ordering items that will take a while to arrive.
  • Begin menu planning or select a caterer.
  • Check in with the mother-to-be on the status of her gift registry. You’ll want the gift registry ready before the invitations arrive to guests. That way, guests can start their baby shower gift shopping as soon as they would like.

Four Weeks Before:

  • Order the baby shower cake or cupcakes.
  • Plan out baby shower games, order baby shower favors and baby shower game prizes.
  • Reserve party rental supplies if needed.
  • Assign someone to be the official photographer for the day.

Two Weeks Before:

  • Follow up with any guests who haven’t RSVP’d.
  • Put together the baby shower favors and game prizes.
  • Confirm your reservation.
  • Make sure the cake is ordered.
  • Designate someone to pick up the mother-to-be on the day of the shower.
  • Organize a day-of agenda and make sure you have extra hands to help you out.
  • Clean up around the house.

One Week Before:

  • Shop for any food items that can be bought in advance.
  • Designate who will record the gifts at the baby shower for the mother-to-be.

Two to Three Days Before:

  • Finish shopping for menu items and stock up on bar items.
  • Pick up food and serving supplies (utensils, napkins, cups, & plates).
  • Communicate with your co-hosts or other party planners to make sure that all the details are taken care of.

One Day Before:

  • Pick up the cake.
  • Set up the party space.

Day Of The Baby Shower:

  • Assemble food and drink.
  • Designate a place for the gifts.
  • Enjoy yourselves.

baby shower invitation in mint green and gold color scheme

Baby Shower Planning Tips

Along with your checklist and etiquette guidelines, there are a few tips you should keep in your back pocket when planning a baby shower celebration. All it takes is some strategy and a few personalized touches to create the day mom-to-be will cherish for a lifetime. Keep the following tips in mind when checking off all of the above items on your list:

  • Make sure any major baby shower planning decisions are made with the expectant mother in mind. Before you start planning, make a list of some of her favorite things to help you narrow down your design options.
  • Choose fun baby shower invitations that will give guests a look into what the big day is going to be all about.
  • Remember sometimes, the simplest decoration ideas end up making the biggest statement. Think flowers, greenery, balloons, confetti, and advice jars.
  • If you give away plants as baby shower favors, you can also use them as decorations during the party.
  • If you don’t have extra chairs sitting around you can use pillows for alternative seating and to fit all the shower guests into your living room.
  • If you make the gifts the centerpiece of the shower you can save money and time.
  • Take advantage of free baby shower printables if you’re looking for games, advice cards, and more.

The most important tip we can leave you with is to have fun and enjoy your time celebrating this next step in mom-to-be’s life. The fun is just beginning!