29 Coed Baby Shower Gift Ideas for New Parents

Coed baby showers are an incredible opportunity for family and friends to gather together and celebrate the parents-to-be. Full of food, drinks, games and laughter, couples baby showers tend to have a relaxed and happy vibe.

Shower the new mom and dad with support by bringing an item they’ll need once their new little one arrives. To offer inspiration, we’ve compiled 29 coed baby shower gift ideas — from soft blankets to adorable hats and festive onesies.

So whether you’re hosting the shower and sending out the invitations, or simply attending as a guest, choose a gift that’s both personal and practical, like photo travel mugs.

1. Quilted Playmat

Create a beautiful space for the baby to wiggle, play and practice tummy time. Cut round pieces of fabric and fill them with cotton batting to form a durable quilt. Choose a fabric that matches the nursery theme — whether it’s nautical or safari.

2. Baby Holiday Decor

Help mom and dad prepare for baby’s first holiday season. Sew a small felt stocking and add a cute animal like a mouse or kitten. The new parents can hang it from their Christmas tree, mantel or staircase.

3. Leather Diaper Clutch

Make on-the-go diaper changes as easy as possible with a trendy leather clutch. Ensure that it’s large enough to fit the essentials like wipes, diapers and a small tube of rash paste.

4. Custom Picture Frame

coed baby shower giftsfor dad

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Looking for cute couples baby shower ideas? Personalize a picture frame for the growing family so they can display photos of their little one’s first smiles and walks through the neighborhood.

5. Handmade Burp Cloth

Parents can never have too many burp cloths. Find playful patterns, like fabrics with florals or firetrucks, to match the parents’ personalities and hobbies.

6. Baby Kimono

coed baby shower baby kimono

Source: Sew in Love

A beautiful kimono wraps easily around a little one and adds plenty of style to their outfit. Choose a lightweight fabric that will keep the baby cool and comfortable.

7. Diaper Cake

Arrange rolled up diapers in layers to resemble a stacked cake. Add decorations to the ‘cake’ like stuffed animals, baby powder and rubber ducks.

8. Colorful Nursery Mobile

Brighten the baby’s nursery with a vibrant, playful crib mobile. Made with yarn, ribbon and macrame rings, this piece hovers above the bassinet or crib to keep the baby happy and relaxed.

9. Photo Key Ring

coed baby shower photo keychain

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Whether the new mama is on her way to a doctor’s appointment or family outing, she’ll take her keys with her. A custom photo keychain will touch her heart, especially if it includes maternity or family photos.

10. Ruffled Dress

Layer pieces of fabric to create a ruffled effect for a baby girl’s dress. She can wear it to a holiday party, summer gathering, wedding or photoshoot.

11. Crochet Headband

Is baby due during the cooler months? Crochet a headband out of yarn to keep their ears and head warm during walks in the park and other family outings.

12. Padded Crib Rail Cover

When baby grows to teething and climbing age, give them something softer and safer to chew on than the rail of their crib. Form a padded guard out of flannel fabric and cotton batting to protect them from nibbling on wood and paint.

13. Personalized Blanket

coed baby shower photo blanket

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Cozy blankets come in handy for playtime, picnics and snuggles. Imprint a family photo on a woven blanket for a special gift that will be cherished for years to come.

14. Custom Onesie

Decorate a onesie with vinyl adhesives or fabric paint. Include a clever saying or a baby-themed quote to make it extra special.

15. Animal Hat

Bring an adorable accessory that’s bound to get attention at a coed baby shower. Crochet or sew ears on a hat to resemble a cute animal like a bear or bunny.

16. Linen Dress

Repurpose an adult linen shirt into a casual dress for baby girl. This outfit is lightweight and stylish, plus it’s easy for parents to pull on and off.

17. Name Garland

If you’re helping to host the coed baby shower, create a garland with the baby’s first or last name. Hang it above the present or dessert table, then mom and dad can take it home for the nursery or bring it to the hospital.

18. First Christmas Ornament

coed baby shower christmas ornaments

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The first holiday season with their little one will be extra memorable. Design a custom ornament that includes a family photo or an inspiring phrase.

19. Diaper Snails

Check out these co ed baby shower gift ideas that are both fun and practical. Stack diapers into a pyramid then add a snail body with construction paper and rubber bands.

20. Festive Tote

The new mama will have plenty to pack once the little one arrives. Create a tote that’s just for her by adding a layered scallop design made with a variety of fabrics.

21. Decorative Onesie

Transform a neutral-colored onesie into a precious outfit. Arrange colorful buttons on the front in the shape of a flower, heart or star.

22. Family Magnets

coed baby shower photo magnets

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There’s no doubt that the parents will snap plenty of photos with their bundle of joy. Help them display their new favorite candids with custom magnets. Personalize them with their initials and special family photos.

23. Stuffed Animal

coed baby shower raccoon softie pattern

Source: Sew Mama Sew

Create a furry friend for the baby on the way. Try a fun animal pattern like a frog, lion, mouse or ladybug.

24. Patterned Headband

Made of super soft yarn and elastic, this chevron headband will dress up any outfit. Pair it with a heartfelt card for an unforgettable gift.

25. Photo Puzzle

coed baby shower photo puzzle

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Customize a puzzle for the growing family. Include vacation candids, family portraits and maternity photos for a baby shower gift that will touch their hearts.

26. Diaper Travel Pouch

Small and durable, this travel pouch fits into a purse, overnight bag or tote. Its magnetic snap makes it easy to access the diapers, wipes and other baby changing essentials.

27. Hat for Dad

Looking for baby shower gifts for men? Personalize a piece of clothing like a hat or t-shirt for the dad-to-be. Try a phrase like ‘rad dad’ or ‘super dad.’

28. Luggage Tag

coed baby shower photo luggage tag

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Whether the parents travel for work or love to visit new places, a luggage tag keeps their belongings safe and easy to spot on the airport conveyor belt. Select family photos that will remind them of their love — no matter where they are in the world.

29. Unique Diaper Display

coed baby shower diaper cake

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Are you hosting the couples baby shower? Construct decor that offers a practical purpose, like a festive display of diapers that the parents can take home after the party.

Whichever baby shower gift you decide on, the new parents will appreciate the time and love you put into it. Having your support will mean the world to them.

Throwing the coed baby shower? Don’t forget shower favors for all of your guests. Whether it’s a sweet treat or mini succulent, a small gift is a simple way to thank them for coming.