25 Homemade Gifts for Father’s Day

Make this Father’s Day one to remember with a gift for Dad that’s meaningful—and useful. After all dads do and teach us throughout the years, they deserve the very best. To help you find the perfect gift, we’ve compiled a list of DIY Father’s Day ideas along with handy tips and tutorials to create something he’ll love. Our gallery includes easy personalized gifts like coffee mugs, coasters, and home decor items. No matter Dad’s style, you can guarantee he’ll love whatever you give him because it’s coming from you. If you’re looking for more inspiration for your dad’s special day, check out our Father’s Day gift guide.

Roll up your sleeves and get crafty with these unique homemade Father’s Day gift ideas. Finding a gift on Father’s Day has never been more fun when you can create it on your own. You can personalize your gifts with your favorite photos and messages. Options like pilsner glasses, photo books, and wall art to showcase your favorite memories together are great choices to start your creation process.

1. Turn Kids Artwork into Father’s Day Gifts

kids artwork on canvas print for mothers day Create a handmade Father’s Day gift out of your little one’s artwork. Take their piece of art that they drew for Dad, scan it or take a photo of it, and turn it into custom wall art, photo books, coffee mugs, and more with Shutterfly. Follow our guide on turning kids artwork into gifts for full instructions and inspiration.

2. Design a Deck of Custom Playing Cards

custom playing cards Jazz up family games and Dad’s poker nights with his buddies with a customized deck of playing cards. Make them extra special by choosing photos from a recent trip or far away vacation. He won’t be able to keep his poker face when he sees your gift and will love to play with the cards that have his favorite memories printed on the entire deck.

3. Make a One-of-a-Kind Father’s Day Card

father's day card Stamp your heart, and a good laugh, right on the cover of this year’s Father’s Day gift with a special Father’s Day card. Think of memories that are extra special—like a day trip to the beach or a music festival you attended together. He’ll love that you personalized the card, rather than picking up a standard one from the store.

4. Highlight Special Memories in a Photo Book

father's day gifts and photo book There’s always that special memory with Dad that you wish could live on forever. From fun family trips to the Caribbean to sporting events to Sunday afternoons, compile your favorite photos with Dad and make a photo book he’ll love to look at in his free time. This gift will touch Dad’s heart and stand the test of time.

5. Upgrade His Mornings with a Custom Coffee Mug

father's day mugs What better way for Dad to start every morning than with a custom photo mug made just for him? This Father’s Day, design a coffee mug or travel mug with photos from your childhood. He’ll love looking back on all of the memories and the quality time you two have spent together.

6. Personalized Aprons are the Best DIY Father’s Day Gifts

father's day apron Summertime means grilling time. Get Dad ready by gifting him with an custom apron that’ll protect him from any spills or splatters. Browse through our templates and choose the one that best suits your dad for an easy Father’s Day gift.

7. Keep Him Cozy With a Photo Blanket

father's day blanket Warm Dad’s heart this Father’s Day with a custom photo blanket. Choose a portrait or favorite snapshot that shows your family’s love and happiness to make a great personalized gift for dads.

8. Customize a Pilsner Glass for Dad

pilsner glasses Dad can now kick back in style. With a custom pilsner glass, he’ll reach for this every time he’s craving beer, cider or his favorite soft drink.

9. Showcase His Favorite Photos on Photo Prints

father's day tabletop print Make your Father’s Day gift a keepsake with framed prints and tabletop prints that will last forever. He can display these in his office, on his bedside table, or favorite room at home to keep his favorite memories close. Select a he’ll love and choose photos that he’ll want to relive again and again with these sentimental DIY Father’s Day gifts.

10. Throw Pillows Perfect for Relaxing on the Couch

custom photo pillow When Dad’s grilling with friends or lounging after a long day, these photo pillows will remind him of the fun times you’ve shared together. Customize a pillow with a pattern he loves or add custom text and a photo so he’ll smile every time he uses it.

11. Make Dad a Custom iPhone Case

dad iphone case Let Dad show off his family by designing him a custom iPhone case. With options for different iPhone models, match this gift with Dad’s phone size and personal style. Have fun adding some of your favorite photos to Dad’s most used possession.

12. Photo Coasters Make Great DIY Father’s Day Gifts

father's day coasters Looking for Father’s Day gifts that’ll be used all the time? Create your own personalized coasters for Dad with memories from last year’s vacation or funny moments from childhood. He can put them in all corners of the house, like the den, living room, and even his office.

13. Design Photo Magnets for the Fridge

father's day magnets Commemorate great outdoor moments with Dad through custom refrigerator magnets. Place one photo per magnet or add multiple images per piece. These will brighten up his kitchen, office, or filing cabinet.

14. DIY a Custom Cutting Board

father's day cutting board For a dad that loves to BBQ or cook family meals, a custom cutting board is the perfect DIY Father’s Day gift for him. Customize his with a fun quote, his monogram, or his name so it’s personalized just for him.

15. Help Him Stay Organized With Desk Organizers

father's day desk organizer Create Dad his very own desk caddy to help him stay organized. He’ll always have this gift by his side, as it’s great for storing documents, small notepads, and pens. And, he’ll never have to worry about losing important files again when he can conveniently store it in his desk organizer. A pen and pencil holder is also a great option for a DIY Father’s Day gift he’ll get so much use out of.

16. Upgrade His Desk With a Personalized Mouse Pad

father's day mouse pads Whether he’s having a long work day or finishing the family budget at night, give Dad something to smile at. With a personalized mouse pad, add a photo that will brighten his day, like one from a recent fishing trip or day at the beach. Or, add an inspirational quote to keep him motivated throughout the work day.

17. Give a Dog Dad a Fun Pet Tag

custom pet tags Ideal for an animal-loving dad, these personalized pet tags make a man and man’s best friend feel truly special. Personalize your dog tag with a color and design that matches Dad’s style or a photo of man’s best friend.

18. Glass Picture Frames are Elegant Gifts for Dad

father's day glass picture frame Engraved with your own words, a glass photo frame makes a great gift for Dad and displaying on a coffee table, shelf, or nightstand. During his busy days, Dad will smile at the recent trip together or the moment he welcomed you into the world.

19. Wall Hook Organizers are Practical Gifts He’ll Appreciate

wall hook organizer What’s better than a practical gift for a practical guy? If your dad loves to keep the house organized, a wall hooker organizer is perfect for the entryway of the house.

20. Treat Him to a Thoughtful Custom Scented Candle

father's day candle Help Dad completely relax at the end of a long day. With a personalized scented candle, he can enjoy the smell of essential oils while he reads, watches TV or catches up on the news. Customize the look by choosing from a variety of patterns, colors and photo sizes.

21. Design Him His Own Custom Calendar

custom wall calendar Help dad stay on top of the family’s birthdays and special occasions with a custom calendar. Available in wall calendars and desk and easel options, our photo calendars can start at any month. He’ll smile each time he flips the page to a new month and sees more of his favorite family photos on display.

22. Customize Can Coolers for Dad’s Favorite Drinks

father's day barware Keep his drink cold with custom koozies you can design with his favorite pictures for a great last-minute Father’s Day gift idea. Shop our collection of custom barware like pint glasses, bottle openers, wine glasses, and more.

23. Design Custom T-Shirts & Hoodies

custom hoodies, t-shirts, and socks Celebrate the special occasion with custom apparel made just for your special guy. Add a photo of the kids he loves to a custom t-shirt or make a hoodie for your dad he can wear so his children are always with him.

24. Capture His Best Memories on a Photo Cube

photo cube Give Dad a photo cube to brighten his workspace with memories worth reliving. Choose a range of photos from childhood, recent outings together and formal family portraits.

25. Paperweights are Practical Father’s Day Gift Ideas

paperweights Gift your dad, stepdad, or grandpa these paperweights to keep life organized. Choose a photo that will remind him of the best times of his life, like his wedding day or a special photo of his kids. This is a gift for Dad he can use daily at work or at home. Find more great homemade Father’s Day gifts for the office here.

Handmade Father’s Day Gift Resources

Father’s Day is the perfect day to show your dad or father figure in your life how much you care and appreciate them. Creating a personalized Father’s Day gift is a great way to show how much you love them on their special day.

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