60 Homemade Gifts for Father’s Day

Make this Father’s Day one to remember with a gift for Dad that’s meaningful—and useful. After all dads do and teach us throughout the years, they deserve the very best. To help you find the perfect gift, we’ve compiled a list of homemade Father’s Day ideas along with handy tips and tutorials to create something he’ll love. Our gallery includes easy homemade options like beef jerky, cooking aprons, herb planters and custom bow ties. No matter Dad’s style, you can guarantee he’ll love whatever you give him because it’s coming from you. If you’re looking for additional gifts besides the ones you create on your own, check out our Father’s Day gift guide.

Roll up your sleeves and get crafty with these unique homemade Father’s Day ideas. Finding a gift on Father’s Day has never been more fun when you can create it right at your fingertips. You can personalize your gifts, too, with your favorite photos and messages. Options like pilsner glasses, photo books, and wall art to showcase your favorite memories together are great choices to start your creation process.

1. Dip-Dyed Bags

Red, white, and blue colored dip-dyed bags
Whether it’s to help Dad organize his workshop or store his headphones, these DIY drawstring bags are as handy as they are stylish. He’ll know where to find all of his small items—and will think of you in the process. Choose one or more of Dad’s favorite colors like his favorite baseball or football team to dye the bag with.

2. Customized Playing Cards

Stack of personalized playing cards that say "My Girls"
Jazz up family games and Dad’s poker nights with his buddies with a customized deck of playing cards. Make them extra special by choosing photos from a recent trip or far away vacation. He won’t be able to keep his poker face when he sees your gift and will love to play with the cards that have his favorite memories printed on the entire deck.

3. Watercolor Art

Watercolor artwork featuring two paintings of an orange and blue feather
You don’t have to be an artist to try this simple and fun watercolor project. Surprise Dad this Father’s Day with gorgeous artwork he can proudly hang at home or in his office. His wall decor will have extra meaning knowing it was made especially for him. Best of all, he can arrange the artwork however he pleases in a way that brings him joy.

4. Homemade Beef Jerky

Slices of beef jerky displayed on a cutting board

Beef up Father’s Day this year with scrumptious homemade jerky. Make beef jerky an even better snack when you make it coming from the heart. With a combination of teriyaki and Worcestershire flavors, you’ll have Dad savoring every single bite. Be sure to personalize him a cutting board too as an added bonus to his gift.

5. Custom Photo Card

Happy Father's Day card featuring two thank you cards displayed on a blue wooden background
Stamp your heart, and a good laugh, right on the cover of this year’s Father’s Day gift with a funny Father’s Day card. Think of memories that are extra special—like a day trip to the beach or a music festival you attended together. He’ll love that you personalized the card, rather than picking up a standard one from the store.

6. Manly Bar of Soap

Nine DIY artisan soap bars wrapped in twine

Dad can begin and end his days in complete relaxation and smelling clean, thanks to this homemade gift. These luxurious, artisan soap bars are made with freshly brewed coffee and walnuts, perfect for using right before a wedding, or special occasion.

7. Pops for Dad

Seven DIY chocolate pops that say the word "Dad" displayed on a red background
There’s nothing like chocolate to help put someone in a great mood. Put a spin on the normal cake pop with these superhero style ones for Dad. Make the cake in your dad’s favorite flavor, and decorate them with love. This sugary treat will be sure to give him an energy boost throughout the day and he can share a few with his family as well.

8. Personalized Photo Book

Custom Father's Day photo book featuring snapshots of a dad and his son
There’s always that special memory with Dad that you wish could live on forever. From fun family trips to the Caribbean to sporting events to Sunday afternoons, compile your favorite photos with Dad and make a photo book he’ll love to look at in his free time. This gift will touch Dad’s heart and stand the test of time.

9. Sriracha Seasoning

Glass mason jar with bowtie holding orange sriracha salt
Let’s spice up Father’s Day! Mix a batch of this homemade sriracha salt seasoning and pour it into a mason jar for a finishing touch. It’s perfect for bringing a little more flavor to Dad’s meals throughout the year and looks great as a decoration in his kitchen.

10. Unique Photo Mug

White, black, and gold ceramic mug that says "You're Our Favorite (don't tell Mom)"
What better way for Dad to start every morning than with a ceramic mug made just for him? This Father’s Day, design a mug with photos from your childhood. He’ll love looking back on all of the memories and the quality time you two have spent together.

11. Energy Snacks

Twelve DIY flaxseed, chocolate, and raisin energy balls
Mix up Dad’s normal snack routine with this flaxseed, chocolate, and raisin energy ball recipe. He’ll enjoy grabbing this extra healthy—and delicious—treat in the busy mornings and late afternoons.

12. Father’s Day Coupons

DIY Father's Day coupons featuring a gift bag, sandwiches, and soda bottles
Want a creative Father’s Day gift filled with stuff Dad loves? Get creative and make personalized coupons for special events like a homemade dinner, nine holes of golf or a bike ride together to get ice cream. The extra thought and time you put into Father’s Day this year makes this gift one-of-a-kind.

13. Mounted Wall Art

Gallery of four black and white framed canvas prints
Make your Father’s Day gift a keepsake with mounted wall art pieces that will last forever. He can hang these in his office, workshop, or favorite room at home and arrange them accordingly however he likes. Select a design with or without a frame, and choose photos that he’ll want to relive again and again.

14. Creative Outdoor Pillow

Personalized outdoor pillow that says "The Great Outdoors"
When Dad’s grilling with friends or lounging after a long day, these outdoor pillows will remind him of the fun times you’ve shared hiking in the woods or enjoying summer celebrations. He can even store these outside on the deck or patio, as they’re specially made to be weather resistant.

15. Remote Caddy

Custom desk caddy holding various desk accessories with a photo coaster displayed alongside it
Create Dad his very own remote caddy to help him stay organized. He’ll always have this gift by his side, as it’s great for storing remotes, small notepads, and pens. And, he’ll never have to worry about losing the remote wedged in between the couch again when he can conveniently store it in his desk caddy.

16. Personalized Mouse Pad

Two personalized mouse pads that say "World's Best Gramps," and "Dad You're the Best"
Whether he’s having a long work day or finishing the family budget at night, give Dad something to smile at. With a personalized mouse pad, add a photo that will brighten his day, like one from a recent fishing trip or day at the beach. Or, add an inspirational quote to keep him motivated throughout the work day.

17. Fun Pet Tag

Personalized bone shaped pet tags featuring a border collie
Ideal for an animal-loving dad, these personalized pet tags make a man and man’s best friend feel truly special. Personalize your dog tag with a color and design that matches Dad’s style or a photo of man’s best friend.

18. Custom Bow Tie

Two custom bow ties in a light green and blue polka dotted pattern
Deck Dad out in style this Father’s Day with a custom bow tie. For festive occasions like birthdays and holidays or for everyday wear, Dad can show off the gift that was made just for him.

19. Exquisite Glass Frame

Personalized glass frames featuring a bride and groom posing with their family on their wedding day
Engraved with your own words, a glass photo frame makes a great gift for Dad and displaying on a coffee table, shelf, or nightstand. During his busy days, Dad will smile at the recent trip together or the moment he welcomed you into the world.

20. Golf Cupcakes

Homemade DIY golf cupcakes with personalized flag toppers that say "Happy Father's Day!!"
Give a gift that many dads dream of: a hole in one! These golf-themed cupcakes are fit for any dad who loves to be out on the green. Be sure to add your own style and flair to the decoration.

21. DIY Coat Rack

DIY wall hook organizer mounted on botanical wallpaper
What’s better than a practical gift for a practical guy? This DIY coat rack is useful and stylish, especially for a farmhouse, cottage or country style house. Put your crafty skills to use with this custom wood coat rack for Dad.

22. Custom Smartphone Case

Personalized phone cases featuring a father and his two daughters
Let Dad show off his family by designing him a custom smartphone case. With options for iPhones and Androids, match this gift with Dad’s phone size and personal style. Have fun adding some of your favorite photos to Dad’s most used possession.

23. Personalized Apron

Personalized cooking apron that says "Caution Extremely Hot."
Summertime means grilling time. Get Dad ready by gifting him with an apron that’ll protect him from any spills or splatters. Using stencils or an iron-on pattern, you can personalize it just for him.

24. Cord Organizer

cord organizer
Does Dad have a mess of cords and own a lot of electronics? Design a cord organizer box to make Dad’s life simpler. Select colors that match his style and be sure to label the box for easy searching.

25. Planet Lantern

planet lantern
Add some personality to any room this Father’s Day with a lantern made of tissue paper, glue and balloons. Create one that looks like the sun, earth or other planet.

26. Photo Coasters

photo coasters
Looking for Father’s Day gifts that’ll be used all the time? Create your own personalized coasters for Dad with memories from last year’s vacation or funny moments from childhood. He can put them in all corners of the house, like the den, living room, and even his office.

27. Garden Markers

garden markers
For those sunny days when Dad’s working away in the garden, give him homemade garden markers, representing bugs, fruits, veggies or herbs.

28. Paper Mache Bowls

paper mache bowls
Father’s Day is the perfect time to get crafty. Try these paper mache bowls for a simple start. Or design a tray to hold Dad’s wallet, keys and other favorite items—so he remembers how much he’s loved every time he walks in the door.

29. Hanging Planter

hanging planter
Bring nature’s fresh energy and aura to Dad’s home this year with a hanging planter made of old t-shirts. Add a succulent or herb plant to the pot before gifting to Dad this June.

30. Custom Photo Magnets

custom photo magnets
Commemorate great outdoor moments with Dad through custom photo magnets. Place one photo per magnet or add multiple images per piece. These will brighten up his kitchen, office or filing cabinet.

31. String Art

string art
Create a unique gift that will make Dad feel special at home or in the office. Design your DIY string art in the shape of Dad’s home state, sports team or favorite musical note.

32. Fun Fruit Snack

fun fruit snack
Get the kids involved and add a healthy snack to Dad’s special day with a fun creation. Choose any fruit—like apples or kiwis—to design a face that’ll bring a smile.

33. Cozy Photo Blanket

cozy photo blanket
Warm Dad’s heart this Father’s Day with a custom photo blanket. Choose a portrait or favorite snapshot that shows your family’s love and happiness.

34. Homemade Shaving Cream

homemade shaving cream
Imagine Dad starting his day with all-natural, homemade shaving cream made just for him. This DIY shaving cream is easy on the skin and smells divine.

35. Trendy Toolbox Stand

trendy toolbox stand
Add this nifty stand to Dad’s workshop or porch collection. He’ll have plenty of room for planted pots of succulents, herbs or spices.

36. Fun Photo Cup

fun photo cup
Put your creativity to use by designing a custom photo cup for Dad. Add photos, phrases and colors that will perk him up up even during those early mornings. Extra bonus points awarded if you can make him laugh every time he pulls this from the cabinet.

37. Gone Fishin’

gone fishin'
Catch a big smile on Dad’s face when he sees these unique fishing-themed cupcakes. Choose white cake, chocolate or confetti mix, and decorate with their own fishing poles.

38. Summer Birdhouse

summer birdhouse
Give Dad a colorful summer birdhouse, and he’ll enjoy the extra nature and beauty in his daily life. Create a personalized design of your own using your imagination.

39. Pilsner Glass

pilsner glass
Dad can now kick back in style. With a custom pilsner glass, he’ll reach for this every time he’s craving beer, cider or his favorite soft drink.

40. Easy Dill Pickles

easy dill pickles
Yum! These crunchy dill pickles are fresh and full of flavor.

41. Stand-up Herb Garden

stand-up herb garden
For a Father’s Day gift that’ll last, choose something that can be used all year round. This herb garden can hold parsley, rosemary, sage and more. It’ll help make Dad’s cooking fresher for the whole year.

42. Gourmet Pancakes

gourmet pancakes
Start Father’s Day off right with a gourmet breakfast. Use a German pancake recipe or whip up some waffles if that’s what Dad prefers. Serve it with some bacon and syrup, and he’ll have a great beginning to his day.

43. Elegant Glass Candle

elegant glass candle
Help Dad completely relax at the end of a long day. With a personalized scented candle, he can enjoy the smell of essential oils while he reads, watches TV or catches up on the news. Customize the look by choosing from a variety of patterns, colors and photo sizes.

44. Photo Cube

photo cube
Give Dad a photo cube to brighten his workspace with memories worth reliving. Choose a range of photos from childhood, recent outings together and formal family portraits.

45. Etch-A-Sketch iPad Cozy

etch-a-sketch ipad cozy
Keep Dad’s iPad safe from scratches with this customized iPad cozy.

46. Photo Metal Wall Art

photo metal wall art
Different than a canvas print, metal wall art offers a modern look with unique finishing options. Customize one for Dad today by choosing a photo that represents a favorite place you share with your family, like a campground, hiking trail or sports stadium.

47. Clay Gemstone Wine Toppers

clay gemstone wine toppers
Jazz up Dad’s next dinner party with these unique gemstone wine toppers made with simple supplies. Add a bottle of Dad’s favorite red or white wine, and his Father’s Day gift will be complete.

48. Panoramic Acrylic Print

panoramic acrylic print
This Father’s Day, bring the scene from Dad’s favorite trip to life with a panoramic acrylic print. It may even inspire more vacations in the future.

49. Monogram Mason Jar

monogram mason jar
If you want a gift he’ll use all year long, look no further. This monogram mason jar holds warm and cold beverages, and can be customized just how you want for a thoughtful gift for Dad.

49. Festive Tie Cookies

festive tie cookies
Head into the kitchen with this fun Father’s Day idea. Bake a sugar cookie recipe and decorate the ties with royal icing. If they last long enough—which we doubt—these cookies can be frozen for Dad to enjoy anytime throughout the year.

51. Homemade Extracts

homemade extracts
Does Dad love to cook and bake with fresh flavors? Make him these extracts using vanilla, mint or lemon. He can add them to cookies, cakes or tiramisu.

52. Quirky Father’s Day Card

quirky father's day card
Make a play on words this Father’s Day with a creative card like this one. Not only will Dad have an extra laugh, he’ll feel special you took the time to make him something from scratch.

53. Catch All Tray

catch all tray
Help Dad organize his busy days with a custom catch all tray. He’ll never have to wonder where his keys, jewelry or watch are again. Make it a keepsake by adding a favorite photo of you and Dad spending quality time together.

54. Salted Caramel Popcorn

salted caramel popcorn
Perfect for an afternoon snack or munchy in the office, Dad will be impressed with the delicious flavor combo of homemade salted caramel popcorn.

55. Father’s Day Questionnaire Game

father's day questionnaire game
Mix in some family fun this Father’s Day with a questionnaire for Dad and Grandpa. Kids and grandkids often come up with the funniest answers and questions.

56. Wood Photo Frame

wood photo frame
Simple moments with Dad, like a walk in the park or stroll through the neighborhood, are the ones we often remember. Capture life’s precious moments by customizing a frame, and adding in a special photo of you and Dad.

57. DIY Wooden Lounge Chair

diy wooden lounge chair
Ahh yes! Dad can rest easy this summer near the campfire, sandy beach or backyard.

58. Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

essential oil reed diffuser
Give Dad the gift of pure relaxation with an essential oil reed diffuser. Round out the gift by adding a handful of essential oil scents, like lavender, peppermint and white fir.

59. Custom Poster Calendar

custom poster calendar
Want a personalized gift that’s super easy to make? Design a photo poster for Dad, and include the calendar feature. Choose photos from every season of the past year and select a poster background color to match.

60. Mustache Cozy

mustache cozy
Whether Dad loves coffee, tea or hot cocoa to start his day, pack in a punch of extra fun. A crochet mustache cozy makes Dad’s favorite morning beverage even better.