Canvas Photo Prints Online To Decorate Your Home

Turn your favorite memories into stunning wall art with canvas photo prints. From family portraits to vacation snapshots, your home will be filled with love and happy moments. Photo canvases range in style and templates so you can customize each piece to your space—whether for a bedroom, living room, or office. In this guide, we offer inspiration for the canvas photo prints no matter the size of your home.

If you’ve never designed photo wall art before, canvas prints are an easy way to get started. Select photos then choose a template for your art to look personalized and professional. Play with each design until you feel you have it just right. Once your artwork is delivered, hang your canvas prints on your walls using the tips we share below. You’ll love them as personalized home decor and can invite guests over to share in the beautiful space you’ve created.

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Types of Canvas Prints

When you design a canvas print, your photos get inked onto the canvas and stretched. The quality of canvas wall art is vivid and professional. You can leave it unframed or choose a frame that matches your other decor. There are also pre-designed canvas sets, so you can find canvases that look great together on a photo gallery wall.

Gallery wall of various canvas and framed art prints

Canvas prints range from single photos to collages and panoramic views. Learn about the various canvas print styles to decide which ones are right for your home. You can choose one style for your bedroom and another for your living room.


A wide-angle view of a mountain range or cityscape makes for stunning artwork. Panoramic canvas prints come in 10×24 and 12×36 sizes to fill your walls.

Gallery Of Three

Choose three related photos, such as vacation candids or family portraits to create a multi-photo display or fun photo collage.

Canvas print of family collage of three photos


Design custom color canvas prints with style using a striped backdrop for your photos, like in a gallery collage.

Wood Frame

A classic or modern wood frame adds depth and character to a canvas print. The frame can also tie the print into furniture or other home decor.

Black And White

A collage-style display of monochromatic photos adds timeless elegance and makes a visual impact. Choose coordinating black frames for a bold look, or opt for white to keep it chic.

Black and white wedding photo print of young couple

Photo Spread

Who says your photo has to stick to one canvas? A photo spread splits your favorite shot across two or more canvases for a striking effect.

Mismatched Frames

Create a gallery wall of eclectic décor and prints to bring depth and character to your room. You can swap the photos out at any time for a whole new look.

Square Display

A perfectly symmetrical display of square canvas prints adds a sleek aesthetic to any space, like a 9-piece canvas print set. Hang them in two rows or asymmetrically for a modern look.

Family Gallery

Collect your favorite family photos to design a display of the happiest moments. Set your photo books nearby for guests to see more special memories.

Wedding Photos

Relive the joy of your special day with wedding collages or a favorite shot as of you newlyweds, like a Mr. and Mrs. Canvas Print. Wedding photos also make for great photo gifts for parents and grandparents.

Family Rules

Instead of only photos, personalize a canvas that displays your family guidelines in a stylish way. Hang it in the kitchen or hallway for your little ones to reference each week.

Canvas Art

Turn a favorite photo into a work of art by customizing your canvas with a word, phrase, or quote. A hand-lettered love print is one example of customized art for your baby nursery.

Newborn Photos

Put your little cutie on display with moments from their first days of life. A newborn collage is perfect wall decor for a nursery or playroom.

Newborn photo prints in nursery with colorful decor

Gallery Of Nine

Include an array of photos with a gallery, like a display of nine shots. Be sure to plan the layout with your prints beforehand so you know how they will look once hung up on the wall.

Large Photo Cityscape

A stunning skyline makes for timeless art. You can print large photos or small ones in your favorite city, like a shot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Double Border

Add depth to your wall decor with a double border. This adds dimension to the original photo and serves as a modern art piece you can work into any other decor.

Our Travels List

Commemorate all the places you’ve been with a list of where you’ve traveled. Or, you can print your favorite vacation shots to transport you back to that white sandy beach.

Nature Photos

Flowers, trees, lakes, and animals make for beautiful artwork when imprinted on canvas. Nature prints look gorgeous hung up anywhere in the home—from your entryway to above your bed.

Family Pet

Your cat or dog feels like part of the family, so design a pet canvas that highlights their personality.

If you have trouble deciding on one canvas print, consider creating a coffee table photo book with the additional shots. Good photos should never go to waste!

Canvas Photo Print Sizes

Canvas sizes range from small to large, with the most popular sizes being 8×10, 16×20, and 12×12. Determine the size of your photo prints based on your wall size and home decor. Aim to fill your walls but not overwhelm the space. A few photo canvas prints can create a gallery, while one large format canvas print might be perfect for above your couch or mantel. A variety of sizes for different rooms and design purposes are available.

Photo canvases of young family and kids hanging on wall

As you select the canvases and layout you want, remember to opt for a variety of sizes and types. Consider mixing family candids with favorite landscapes and photos of your pets. A diverse spread across your home shows off unique character and personality.

Large Canvas Prints

Large canvas prints are great for living rooms and bedrooms. They can be hung above the bed, mantel or couch, or on a blank wall. Here are common sizes of canvas prints.

  • 16×16: A square canvas print is great for everything from family portraits to nature shots. The 16×16 size is a little over a foot long on each side. You can place two or three of these canvases next to each other for a beautiful, symmetrical spread.
  • 16×20: This rectangle canvas wall art gives shape and character to your home decor. Fill the canvas with a wedding photo or a candid of you and your dog in the park.
  • 20×30: A large rectangle canvas print brings character and color to any wall. Opt for a single canvas or pair it with varying other sizes for a diverse photo spread.

Extra Large Canvas Prints

Extra-large canvas prints bring your photos to life. They stand out because of their size and high-quality photography. Here are the common sizes of extra large canvas prints.

  • 24×36: This two-feet by three-feet canvas print is sizeable without being overbearing. You can hang it by itself on an average-sized wall or pair it with other decor and photos on a larger wall or above the mantel, couch or bed.
  • 30×40: This extra-large canvas print is the largest rectangular print you can purchase. It fills an average size wall and complements smaller prints for a gallery.
  • 36×36: This three-foot by three-foot canvas print is life-sized. Enlarge a cityscape or landscape for a stunning piece of art or opt for a family candid that you adore.

How To Hang Canvas Prints

Make the most of your personalized canvas prints by knowing how and where to hang them. Follow these tips for hanging canvas prints in your home.

Decorate Your Space But Don’t Overdo It

Plan a full arrangement of artwork without overwhelming the space. Opt for a larger canvas or choose a gallery of smaller prints. Your eyes should travel easily from one piece to the other.

Focus On High-Traffic Areas

Is your family room or dining room the most popular spot in your home? Consider custom prints in the places you and your guests will enjoy the most.

Place Your Prints At Eye-Level

Ensure your favorite photos aren’t too high or low on the wall by opting for eye-level. Make adjustments based on your furniture and the height of your walls, but no one should have to strain to look at your photos.

Woman hanging an art print up on the wall

Design A Gallery Wall

A series of photos adds depth and character to your space. A gallery wall, for instance, can include photos and quote art. Mix and match photos with art prints and framed quotes for an eye-catching spread.

Plan Your Design In Advance

Cut pieces of newspaper or scrap paper into the shapes and sizes of your canvas prints. Arrange them on the wall until you have the layout you like the best. Mark the spots where you’ll hang your prints with a pencil.

Secure Your Prints

Want to know how to hang canvas art? Make sure it’s supported with nails, brackets, or adhesive strips.

Gallery Wall Layout Ideas

Design a wall that’s full of life and happy moments with a gallery wall. Pairing multiple photos together, create a spread that’s visually appealing and brings you joy. Below we share 12 ideas for creating a gallery wall for any space in your home.

Choose Your Layout

Design a vertical, horizontal, square or asymmetrical layout. If you prefer classic, sleek lines, consider a horizontal or square approach. If you like something more modern, try a vertical or asymmetrical design.

Pair With Other Types Of Prints And Art

Your wall doesn’t need to be covered with just photos (unless you want it to). Incorporate other pieces like artwork, monograms, and heirlooms for a diverse spread.

Consider A Theme

Opting for a theme can help tie your canvas prints together. Themes can be anything from vacation spots to photos with a certain color scheme.

Try Asymmetrical

Your prints don’t need to be lined up. Create an asymmetrical design, like a gallery wall that features photos at varying heights.

Yellow gallery wall with different size prints of young kids

Complement Your Home Decor

Build cohesion by having your wall decor complement your furniture, rugs and other pieces. Consider similar color tones and styles, such as wooden frames that match your coffee table or rustic art prints that fit your farmhouse vibe.

Include A Variety Of Shots And Angles

Choose some photos that are up-close and others that are far away. Select a photo of you looking out over the ocean alongside a portrait of you and your partner.

Consider Black And White

By changing your photos to black and white, you’ll have a classic, timeless gallery.

Mix And Match Your Frames

You don’t have to be matchy-matchy. Consider white and black frames next to wooden ones for an eclectic spread.

Make A Shape

Arrange your prints in the shape of a heart or oval for extra personality. This is a great option for displaying sentimental photos, like your engagement or wedding shots.

Rest It On A Shelf Or Mantle

Artwork doesn’t need to be hung up. Consider arranging your pieces on a mantle or shelf. Pair your framed art with small potted plants or unique decor.

Involve Your Monogram

The first letter of your first or last name can act as a symbol within your artwork. Consider painting a wooden monogram letter to add in the mix.

Vary Photo Sizes

Your canvases and art prints don’t have to be the same size. In fact, mixing it up adds more visual dimension.

Final Thoughts

Remember that you can always tweak your design as you go and add more canvases to your walls over the years. Making a house feel like your home takes time, but the biggest step is beginning. Choose canvas prints with custom prints that will make stunning conversation starters.

Seeing photos of your favorite people and places will bring you joy. When your home is designed to represent you, you feel more at ease and more confident to have guests over. Canvas prints are a simple, affordable way to personalize your home. You can also make canvas photo gifts for special family members and friends.