Creative Calendar Design Ideas for 2024

Personalized calendars bridge the worlds of sentiment, function, and decor, allowing us to celebrate moments past while embracing all that waits around the corner. From minimal and sleek to more classic appeal, you’ll be sure to find design options you or your lucky recipient will love. Follow along below for some of our favorite and most creative photo calendar ideas for each month so you can begin building your very own unique calendar.

Which Photo Calendar Is Right For You?

Photos play an important role in all of our lives. They connect us to great memories of the past, the people we love, and the way they make us feel. With our custom calendars, you can bring your favorite photos to life by personalizing your big-picture planning for the year! Creating a calendar as a personalized gift is also a thoughtful way to share some love with your recipient.

Our collection of personalized calendars caters to a variety of aesthetics – giving you a range of options to gift or bring home for yourself. Follow along as we highlight features of each type of calendar below.

Wall Calendars

Personalize your big-picture planning with our popular wall calendars! Custom wall calendars have editable text boxes to mark the dates that matter to you, plus lots of space below days to write in important notes or ideas, the customization options are endless. Its classic design and simple construction puts focus on the people and dates that matter most.


Desk Calendars

As the name implies, these calendars are great for desks in the office – whether at work or at home. You can leave desk calendars out on your desk for easy access when you’re going about your daily tasks. Their convenient size helps you plan and stay organized while adding flair and style to your workspace.


Easel Calendars

This statement piece was designed to stand alone with bamboo wood that feels sturdy and premium to the touch. And similar to all of our other calendars, easel calendars are easy to create and can be brought to life with only a handful of photos — making it a beautifully unique desk display.


Calendar Posters

Start the New Year off right with a chic and modern calendar poster you can personalize to match your unique sense of style. This full year calendar for 2024 was made to stand out in any space. It’s a personalized and unique display that breathes new life into the room.

calendar poster

Monthly Planners

You won’t have to worry about forgetting appointments, meetings or special days again when you use our personalized monthly planners! Schedule your days and weeks with a distinctive and personalized planner that looks great at the office or in your home. We offer a great selection of monthly planner designs that will stand out from the crowd, so you’ll have a planner that’s unique to you.

Mouse Pad Calendars

A mouse pad is a very handy place to have a calendar. Add a practical, personal touch to your desk with a personalized calendar mouse pad for 2021. This calendar mouse pad has a full year calendar, that can be easily customized with your favorite moments.

calendar mouse pad

Calendar Magnet

Add joy to your refrigerator, dishwasher, file cabinets and more with our personalized calendar magnets. These calendar magnets make great employee appreciation gifts or giveaways for your business. Add your logo, a team photo, or give to loved ones so they never forget important dates.

calendar magnet

How To Make A Custom Calendar

Looking to create your own 2024 calendar? Just like photo books and canvas prints, it couldn’t be easier to transform your favorite photos into a personalized calendar. You can also start your calendar in any month so you don’t have to worry about wasting months (or money) on pages you won’t get to enjoy. Once you’ve picked your style from those above, it’s time to get started. Just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Choose your theme: From colorful to classic, whimsical to watercolor and everything in between, there are so many design styles to choose from when making your custom calendars.
  2. Upload your photos: Whether your photos exist on your phone, on your computer, or on social media, it’s easy to upload all of your photos with just a couple of clicks. Once you have the images ready to upload, place them into our easy-to-use calendar templates.
  3. Customize each month’s page: There are 12 months to edit and you can customize the photo layout on each page to feature one or multiple images. We encourage you to include special days for each month too – be creative! Aside from the standard holidays, include things such as relatives’ birthdays, important game days for a sports lover, or the upcoming wedding of someone you care about.
  4. Choose your background: With just a click, you can choose from any number of background designs and colors—or no background at all—until you find the perfect one.
  5. Choose your embellishments: Each theme has its own unique set of embellishments—from illustrated stickers that match the theme to stickers for important dates like birthdays and anniversaries. You can add visual interest to your photos with ribbons, flourishes, and decorative frames.
  6. Add extras and customize: Once you’ve got your calendar designed exactly how you want it, add it to your cart and you’ll have an option to add extras. If your calendar is a photo gift, you may want to add a stylish gift sleeve to present it in. Or, add a sheet of over 200 planning stickers to help track important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, travel dates, and more.

Unique Personalized Calendar Ideas

Creating a custom photo calendar allows you to cherish special moments from the past, all while looking forward to what’s ahead. We created a list of our favorite and most creative DIY calendar ideas. May they help you think outside the box (and plan inside the year).

easel calendar for father's day

Year In Review Calendar

In the midst of swiftly changing seasons, we rarely slow down to reflect on the meaningful moments of yesteryear — and a custom calendar is a simple way to preserve the best of them. Just choose images from the same month of the previous year for a standing reminder of the progress, growth, and challenges that have presented themselves over the past twelve months.

custom wall calendar for 2024

Collaboration Calendar

Keeping in touch as a group of friends starts with keeping each other in your thoughts, year round. That’s where collaborative photo projects come in handy. Creating a wall calendar or desktop calendar with close-knit friends can help remember the good times spent together — even when miles apart. Build it together and order one for everyone in the group. (Don’t forget to mark everybody’s birthdays!)

Family Milestones Calendar

Design a personalized easel calendar themed on what is happening in your family’s life. Put those photos of exciting trips, a baby’s first steps, or moving into a new home to use! They are all memories that your family and friends will love helping you celebrate throughout the coming year.

Nature’s Beauty Calendar

Snowy scenes in January, seaside photos in august and falling leaves in October – let the wild places that fill you up become reminders of the many adventures still to come. Take inspiration from the natural world and use photos of nature throughout the year.

Little One’s Artwork Calendar

It might seem a little obvious, but no list of DIY calendar ideas would be complete without a nod to our furry friends. And whether you’re the parent of a single fur child or on the verge of starting a small zoo, you’re sure to have no shortage of pet photos sitting in your camera roll.

Inspirational Quotes Calendar

Who says custom calendars are strictly for photos? Leave the rules at the door by bringing your favorite quotes from your favorite people into the mix, creating desktop inspiration that can give you the spark you need for the task at hand.

Furry Friends Calendar

It might seem a little obvious, but no list of DIY calendar ideas would be complete without a nod to our furry friends. And whether you’re the parent of a single fur child or on the verge of starting a small zoo, you’re sure to have no shortage of pet photos sitting in your camera roll.

dog calendar

Throwback Travel Calendar

Turn that desk calendar into a return ticket to the days and destinations that left their marks. Relive a different trip each month or create a whole calendar of a single vacation that you’d gladly go back to.

Wrapping Up

Because there are few things better than seeing the photos you love on a daily basis, we created a line of personalized calendars to serve as a standing reminder of what truly matters. Whether you’re shopping for your family, your partner, your friends, or yourself, a gift made from favorite photos together is something to treasure forever. Get a head start on the holidays and spread cheer with our personalized keepsakes below: